Panhai Holdings January 28 closed report 1.81 yuan rose 2.84%

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Panhai Holdings January 28 closed report 1.81 yuan rose 2.84%

2022-01-29 00:11:40 50 ℃

Feng Weixun News On January 28, 2022, Panhai Holdings closed at 1.81 yuan (RMB, the same) closed, compared to 2.84% compared to the last trading day. The opening price of the Panhai Holdings was 1.78 yuan, the highest price and the lowest price were 1.85 yuan and 1.76 yuan, and the total volume totaled 326,400, the total market value was 9.45 billion yuan.

According to the financial report data, the financial revenue of the financial report in the third quarter of the stock is 6.306 billion yuan, the net profit is -181 million yuan, and the earnings per share are -0.34 yuan, gross profit of 1.2.04 times.

In terms of institutional rating, there is currently no organization to make "sell, reduce, hold, rehabilitate, buy" suggestions.

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Panhai Holdings: Minsheng Securities no longer incorporates the completion of the consolidated financial statements

On January 27, according to the Shenzhen Constitution, Panhai Holdings Co., Ltd. issued major assets and no longer incorporates the implementation of the consolidated scope.

According to this document, on January 26th, the second temporary shareholder meeting of listed companies in 2022 reviewed this restructuring program, and Panhai Holdings Co., Ltd. no longer incorporates people's livelihood securities into the company's financial statements, this restructuring is completed . Detailed >>

Panhai Holding: Faced with a stage of cash flow issues, 1.2 billion yuan bond payment is still communicating

On January 20, the Panhai Holdings ( released an announcement on the "20 extensive 01" 2022 payment.

According to the announcement, Panhai Holdings Co., Ltd. issued "Panhai Holding Co., Ltd.," Panhai Holding Co., Ltd., issued "Panhai Holding Co., Ltd., issued" Panhai Holding Co., Ltd., issued "Panhai Holdings Co., Ltd., issued" Panhai Holding Co., Ltd., "Panhai Holdings Co., Ltd.", with a total release of 1.2 billion yuan. The period of this bond is 3 years, with the redeem of the selection of the issuer in the second year, adjustment of the ticket rate option and investor sales options. Detailed >>

China Panhai: In 2021, it has been seized, seized or freezed about 23.56 billion yuan.

Feng Weixun reported on January 14th, China Panhai Holding Group Co., Ltd. announced that in 2021, the company's assets added were seized, seized or frozen, involving the creditor's net assets accounted for more than 30% of the company's last year.

The announcement shows that in 2021, the company led to the newly sentenced, seizure or frozen claims of approximately 23.56 billion yuan, accounting for 39.66% of the net assets at the end of 2020. At present, the company is actively coordinating solutions with the creditors involved in the above. Detailed >>