Huang Xiaoming, Baby official, divorced, 7 years of endorsement from the completion endorsement without business

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Huang Xiaoming, Baby official, divorced, 7 years of endorsement from the completion endorsement without business

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In the first open melon.

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The new year, eat melon kept.

In the last Friday before the New Year, Huang Xiaoming and angelababy (formerly known as Ying Yang, later baby, angelababy are all the same person) at midday today officially announced the official divorce, there are users comments, each seeking something in this marriage of after the two sides got what they wanted from each other chose to break up a peaceful, dignified and said, "the future is still a family."

Figure source: Weibo

Fit to declare the official endorsement from divorce

From luxury cars engagement, wedding of the century, to the success of children, relationship with Huang Xiaoming angelababy always in the public eye.

October 8, 2015, Huang Xiaoming angelababy along with all kinds of controversy held a wedding of the century, invited many stars, tycoons, media participate, January 17, 2017, two children "little sponges" was born, to January 2022 28, the couple divorced.

Both tokens of love to luxury cars, in February 2014, angelababy held in Hong Kong Tai Hang grain Japanese restaurant birthday party, Huang Xiaoming send sports car angelababy birthday, they hand the first time publicly, officially open the affair. It is reported that gave angelababy of luxury cars worth 200 million yuan.

In addition to luxury cars, as well as luxury. After 2015, married, angelababy in microblogging drying out of the corner of the mansion, outside the living room floor to ceiling windows is the Pearl of the Orient, there are media reports, here is the prime locations in Shanghai's Lujiazui Four Seasons, located in 21 Century Tower 42-55 layers Jinmao Tower, Shanghai World financial Center, Oriental Pearl Tower, Huangpu River panoramic view, Hong Kong media reports, this is for when Huang Xiaoming Yang Ying of marriage, flat area 650, the average price in case of 18 square meters, worth billions of dollars.

Figure source: angelababy microblogging

After 2017 children, the Hong Kong media exposed again, in the name of Huang Xiaoming Huang mother bought a mansion in Hong Kong, spent 120 million yuan to reward angelababy.

In addition to the purchase of luxury cars, mansions outside, during the marriage, both husband and wife received a lot of endorsements, including Li Bai, Royal Caribbean, Arowana sun sunflower oil, which Royal Caribbean is a veteran listed company, founded in the year 1969, is one of the world's largest line-up, service the best cruise company, is the world's leading luxury cruise brand, which owns Royal Caribbean international, Celebrity Cruises, Azamara Cruises will, Pullman Cruises, CDF and the TUI AG TUI Cruises joint venture of six major cruise famous brand, US stocks landed in 1993.

With the addition of various types of endorsements and loving news, divorce rumors continue to emerge.

August 2019, CCTV Mid-Autumn evening in announcing the list of stars in attendance to talk about two, Huang Xiaoming baby for the first couple, and later changed to Huang Xiaoming Yang Ying, while the other packages such as Bell, Bowen Jing, Lin Chi-ling is still followed the couple words. The move is also widely regarded as "the CCTV stamp." At that time, the media have to verify Huang Xiaoming Fang, Fang Huang Xiaoming staff said "not really" "I hope not to the media and friends of the wild speculation."

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In early 2021, "the wind and waves sister 2" hit, Huang Xiaoming and former girlfriend Lee Mayfair century sparked heated debate with the box, the relationship between Huang Xiaoming, angelababy, Lee Mayfair trio reignited speculation that has been cold-processed angelababy suddenly on the three relations He responded, saying that "the burden is too heavy, not too would like someone else carried it up the pot." and "Mr. Wong" proportionality.

The alienation between the lines, making the divorce rumors abounded once again, the two social media have long been each other's name no longer appears.

To today, the two formally declared official, the marriage relationship to one another draw period. After the divorce, the year of the wedding of the century was again dug friends, the wedding of star couple one by one ended in divorce.

Figure source: Weibo

In addition to the existence of the marital relationship is no longer business relationship no longer exists. According to the investigation show love enterprises, Huang Xiaoming Korean homes have clothes under the name of total e-commerce Group Co., Ltd., the music as the Motion Picture (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Xinyi Yi Yan studios and other film culture over 40 companies. Currently in Shanghai co-Yau studio film culture, film culture Yau Chi Hengdian Dongyang Studio 8 companies as the legal representative.

angelababy affiliates a total of three, including Xuzhou Huan Ying Culture Media Center (limited partnership), Tianjin Ying Culture Media Center (limited partnership), light Ying Shanghai Culture Communication studio (limited partnership), Yang Ying are shareholders, all stake 99%.

Figure source: love level check

From two related companies, both sides no longer directly associated with the business. But in fact, since the two sides established relationship to divorce, the intersection in the capital territory has always been small, the only similarity is that each of the parties the ability to create rich are not to be underestimated.

Huang Xiaoming: From actor to invest Gangster

Huang Xiaoming was born in 1977 in Qingdao, in 2000 graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, later becoming the well-known mainland Chinese actor, for 10 consecutive years since 2005 appeared in the "Forbes China celebrity list."

After the contract of Huang Xiaoming and Huayi Brothers in 2010, he set up a studio to open an investment career. Its investment sector leapfilled film, real estate, red wine, nail, snack, live, constellation culture, tea, retail, technology Hardware, photography approach, fitness and other industries. Counting these companies can be roughly divided into three categories:

A class is a film and television company, Huang Xiaoming is a full-owned shareholding. For example, Beijing Yimei Film, Shanghai Ji Film, Dongyang Hengdi Qiyou Film, etc.

There is also a business consulting firm established by him and his mother Zhang Suixia, such as Shanghai Congxia Business Consulting Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Yusheng Business Consulting Co., Ltd. These company Huang Xiaoming has reached 99% of the shares, and the registered capital is large, with 125 million yuan, 8.5 million yuan.

The third category is to carry out equity investment, which is most representative is a venture capital institution STAR VC, Mingjia Capital.

In 2014, Huang Xiaoming, Ren Quan, Li Bingbing has established Star VC, and the three are 30% of their shareholders. Later, Zhang Ziyi, Huang Wei also became a partner of the agency. At present, Star VC has a total of 5 funds, open investment projects, including ideal cars, handle 1 to 1, Shang Dynasty technology, Han Du clothing, puppies, etc., including cultural entertainment, e-commerce, internet Multiple industries such as finance, intelligent hardware. However, STAR VC is more in formal form, and the shares are small.

Wild horse finance

Then, Huang Xiaoming chose a single flight in 2015, and established an investment management company Mingjia Capital with Zhang Xiaotian, who at the time in Star VC. Love to investigate that the body of Mingjia Capital-Beijing Mingjia Investment Management Co., Ltd. has 10 million registered funds, Huang Xiaoming accounts for 80% of China. Mingjia Capital Focus on the field of consumption upgrade, film and television and entertainment, invested in the hot and fitness, wild horse scene, fire technology (nut), Barbie hot mother, the first car loan, find, and technology. . Later, it became an important carrier in Huang Xiaoming's capital market.

Among them, "The Uncle" is also one of the investment projects of Mingjia Capital. In 2016, Uncle Uncle sold the listed company a beautiful culture ( with 300 million valuation. Cai Yuedong, the original ambassador Cai Yuedong, has been 118 million yuan through this transaction, and Mingjia investment as an investment agency also has a departure of 6 million yuan.

In Huang Xiaoming's investment career, Huayi brothers must be a strong colorful, and when the Huayi brothers have been increasing, Huang Xiaoming purchased 1.8 million original stocks in 3 yuan / share, and then reached 3.6 million shares. In 2009, Huayi Brothers listed on the GEM, and finally closed at 70.81 yuan / share, Huang Xiaoming became billionaires overnight.

For investment, Huang Xiaoming has publicly said that "I am not responsible for earning, but really spend time and energy to invest, I also carefully handled my own investment products."

But invested this matter, no one can win, Huang Xiaoming is no exception.

In 2018, a stock of shares that was fined from 179 billion yuan together, sensationalized the entire stock market and entertainment circles, and Huang Xiaoming took Huang Xiaoming into the pit. The punishment of Gao Yong used 16 securities accounts to implement stock share prices to the essence pharmaceutical (, on January 12 to July 22, 2015, concentrated funds, with continuous transactions, larger blockers, Violation of profit is nearly 900 million yuan, one of which is controlled by Huang Xiaoming.

The Securities Regulatory Commission disclosed that "Huang Mou Ming account opened, by his mother Zhang Mixia management. Enthusiastic

Although Huang Xiaoming studio clarified the declaration on the next day, the second day opened by the Secret Committee, Huang Xiaoming did not know Gao Yong, and did not investigate or punish any stock issues. However, according to Choice shows that the list of new shareholders "Huang Xiaoming" has a new shareholder "Huang Xiaoming" in the list of shareholders, and the shareholder is 0.73%, and Huang Xiaoming's mother is named Zhang Suixia.

In addition, after the end of the semen, in November 2017, the Changsheng Biology (002680.SZ, has been returned) due to problem vaccine events into public opinion crisis. In the above 16 accounts, the media has exposed the six accounts including "Huang Xiaoming", have entered the top ten circulation shareholders who entered the longevity organisms. Huang Xiaoming once again pushed the tips of the public opinion.

In the three quarter of 2014, the top 10 circulation shareholders and the account name disclosed by the Securities Regulatory Commission were highly similar, "During the Year of the Rain" trust, Huang Xiaoming, Wu Baojiang, Cui Kexin in the column. Among them, Huang Xiaoming holds 7224 million shares, and is the second largest shareholder of Changsheng creatures.

Source: Choice Data

According to annual report information, July - September 2014, it is the above-mentioned associated account to build a warehouse time. Beginning on July 1, the longevity creature rose from 6.25 yuan / share, roughly estimated, Huang Xiaoming's reduction of 720,000 shares, the cost of building a position is 4.5 million yuan, according to the highest price, profit of 1.38 million yuan. At the end of 2014, Huang Xiaoming took out the shareholder seat.

Yang Ying business layout

Compared with Huang Xiaoming's complex capital operation, Yang Ying is less about in the mall. Before the marriage, Angelababy mainly engaged in advertising plane models in Hong Kong, and gradually transferred the center of gravity to the mainland after in love with Huang Xiaoming, and began to participate in movies, TV series. In 2015, Huang Xiaoming established Mingjia Capital. Yang Ying also established the venture capital fund AB Capital, the investment cooperation project included cross-border e-commerce Ocean terminal, and the fruit and vegetable juice brand Hey Juice and overseas short Renting a brand to live in a hundred houses.

However, in addition to the official Xuan Xuan, the fund has no movement.

From the perspective of business information, Yang Ying has only three companies, but its studio has been registered by Dong Wenying. It has shown that Dong Wenying has 18 companies. In 14 enterprises, he serves a legal representative, including Yang Ying Times. The film and television culture disseminates the new studio, Yang Ying Century Film and Television and Television Communicates Xinyi Studio, Yang Ying Film and Television Culture Communicates Xinyi Studio, etc.

Image source: love

Among them, Dong Wenying, Zhejiang Dongyang, Zhejiang, is established on October 21, 2015. On October 22nd, October 22nd, Huayi Brothers released an announcement, intended to be a $ 756 million equity The transfer price acquires 70% of the Dongyang Haohao, Zhejiang.

In addition to the 2.35% of Dong Wenying, this company also has an artist Li Chen, Feng Wei (Feng Shaofeng), Zheng Qi, Du Fu, Chen He hold 2.35%. So far, Huayi Brothers has dropped to 65.8%, and Iqi is 5%.

The transaction is said that the transaction price is 12 times the net profit of the audited tax by the target company in 2015 (approximately RMB 1.08 billion) in accordance with the Target Company promised by the star shareholder (approximately RMB 1.08 billion).

Also in this year, let an Angelababy's "Run Bar Brothers", as the only female MC, Yang Ying's exposure and business value also rose high, endorsement, advertising, film and television invitation, 2017 starring Angelababy "Solitude is not self-exclaimed" broadcast, then exposed to an angelababy film reward for 80 million yuan, 2017 Bobes China Celebrity List, Forbes estimated Angelababy's annual income of 200 million yuan, higher than Huang Xiaoming's 170 million yuan.

By 2018, there was a media exposed Angelababy's first season in the first season of 18 million yuan. In an interview in 2020, Yang Ying said in the style of the high price, "I value this price".

By participating in variety, TV series, Angelababy also achieves its own wealth freedom in the entertainment industry, and Huang Xiaoming will also be discussed on this one. "Do you think you can do your family after divorce?", For this How to see? Welcome to the next message discussion.

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