"Six -star broadband" is here!Fujian Unicom determines the broadband upgrade

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"Six -star broadband" is here!Fujian Unicom determines the broadband upgrade

2022-05-13 18:18:09 26 ℃

With the approaching of 517 Telecom Day, all major operators have shown their palms and began to move. It is understood that this time Fujian Unicom will further explore the difficulty of pain points in the field of wide bands in the family, and upgrade the "six -star broadband" for multi -dimensional dimensions of networks, products, and services.

Fujian Unicom stated that the six -star broadband will officially meet the public on May 16. At the same time, the company will also launch a smart community service platform at the press conference. The platform will be based on the "large connection" of Gigabit networks to provide a safe, convenient and low -carbon smart service for the community to meet more community residents high high. Quality and diversified needs.

With the acceleration of digitalization and intelligent process extension to family applications, the smart family industry has released huge development potential. According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the total number of Gigabit users in my country has reached 45.96 million, and the broadband network has accelerated into the "Gigabit" era. China Unicom has also released a new smart home business brand "Unicom Intellectual", upgrading the "platform+network+x" smart home business system, and upgraded China Unicom's smart home business from connected and product -level to platform -level and ecological grades. Construct a system of intelligent ecological capabilities in China Unicom's whole house.

As the main force of the China Smart Society Construction of the Internet, Fujian Unicom actively deploy the construction of Gigabit Optical Network. It is planned to achieve full light coverage of administrative villages during the 14th Five -Year Plan period. Being able to enter the building by 10Mbers, the community gigabit households and realize the Gigabit entry through the FTTR, bring the "three gigabits" of Gigabit 5G, Gigabit Broadband, and Gigabit WIFI to ordinary people's homes.

Broadband network is the base and foundation of smart families. Many people in the industry are looking forward to the comprehensive upgrade of Fujian Unicom's network, products, and services. Some experts believe that the upgrade of Fujian Unicom's six -star broadband service standards not only enhances the core competitiveness and brand influence of Fujian Unicom's service, but also refreshes the industry's external service benchmark again, which is conducive to promoting the construction of first -class business environment and promoting the operator industry Highly competition of ecology.

Now there are 3 days before the Fujian Unicom Six -Star Broadband Conference. What surprises can Fujian Unicom bring us around the family ecological application? It is worth looking forward to!