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The chief financial officer finally confirmed in writing Company Annual Report and One Season.

Author | Gao Yuanshan

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Source | Mustang Finance

Following the financial director Cheng Jing left a paper statement directly pointed out that the company's major shareholders intervened in operation, refused to confirm the company's annual report and first quarter report, and lost contact for a few days later. On May 12, Fucheng (600965.SH) issued an announcement Jing has agreed to make up the written confirmation of the company's regular reports.

Cheng Jing is 54 years old and has a college degree. From January 2006 to February 2011, he served as the manager of the Finance Department of Fucheng Shares. From March 2011 to the present, he has been the company's chief financial officer. Calculated, she performed at least 16 years in the company's finance department.

Fucheng was listed in 2004. It is mainly engaged in beef cattle breeding slaughter, food processing and funeral. It is known as the "first share of Chinese cattle". The boss behind is 75 -year -old "Yanjiao's richest man" Li Fucheng.

Why didn't the company signed a regular report for 16 years? In just a few days, why did the attitude 180 degrees reversed?

Why did the financial officer out of contact?

At 7 pm on April 27th, after running out of the office, Deng Chonghui, the director of Forte, returned to the office, found that there was a paper document signed on the table. The four main contents were listed above:

1. major shareholders interfere with the management and management of listed companies, affect financial independence;

2. It is impossible to fulfill the duties of the chief financial director normally, and cannot be diligently responsible. Some businesses cannot determine the authenticity;

3. It is impossible to guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, and integrity of the financial data in the report, and cannot bear the legal responsibility of individual and connected ;

4. Refuse to sign to confirm the annual report of 2021 and the first quarter of the 2022.

Source: Fucheng Announcement

According to the announcement, in order to confirm the authenticity of the document and the specific reasons, Fucheng tried to contact the financial director Cheng Jing. But she lost contact after leaving this paper document. The company issued WeChat and called back, and did not respond to his family address. In desperation, Fucheng reported the police on April 29.

However, after multiple contacts, the company contacted Cheng Jing again and learned that the specific reasons for his refusal to sign, there are two main points:

1. The company's purchase materials for the company's cost of about 160 million yuan are not complete. Cheng Jing pointed out that in 2021, most of the personnel responsible for the purchase of live cow procurement of listed companies were temporarily borrowed from the major shareholder Fucheng Group. It was relatively strong. The accountants of the listed company had to pay first before asking the purchaser to make up the procurement materials and original vouchers.

Last year, the cumulative capital expenditure of live cattle procurement exceeded 160 million yuan. Before the company did not verify the procurement materials and original vouchers, there was a risk of unreal procurement price and high cost of biological assets. Essence However, the Fortune Finance Department has repeatedly urged the purchasers to make up for the purchase of cattle. Until April 27 (2 days before the annual report disclosure), the above information has not been made up.

2. The company's actual controller Li Fucheng did not participate in the company's financial management and other business activities in accordance with the company's governance and management procedures. Starting from September 8, 2021, the company's major shareholder Fucheng Group directly arranged for the group personnel to participate in the payment approval of the procurement business of the listed company. For words, the group personnel approved the fund center of the listed company to pay;

On March 10, 2022, Li Fucheng requested the payment of the four branches of meat products, fast food, slaughter, and cattle raising from the company's financial management system capital center. The company's unified capital management system. Two branches have been peeled. However, the above -mentioned business decision -making has not been listed Company Management Procedures.

On April 21, 2022, at the conference room on the second floor of the company's meat product branch, all the heads, accounting, and cashier meetings of Fucheng Group Corporation must be approved by the general manager of the Finance Department of Fucheng Group. It is only responsible for the merger statement, and also requires the company's accounting and cashiers to issue a guarantee of compliance with the rules: if there is no designated payment signed by the group personnel, the payment is processed by corruption public funds.

Cheng Jing believes that the above practices do not meet the requirements of the financial independence of listed companies, so they have not signed regular reports of the company.

Source: Fucheng Announcement

This is not over. After the market on April 28, Fucheng released the 2021 annual report and first quarter report. The financial report shows that the operating income of 2021 was 1.267 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 16.77%; net profit was 150 million yuan, a year -on -year increase of 24.49%.

On April 29, Fucheng received a letter of supervision of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, pointing out that the 2021 annual report and first quarter report submitted. To verify the situation, fully disclose relevant information.

After the regulatory intervention, the company also changed quickly. After contacting Cheng Jing to understand the specific reasons, the purchasing staff who bought cows from all over the country made up for the voucher. The actual controller Li Fucheng also personally issued the "Promise on Regulating the Operation of Hebei Focheng Food Co., Ltd. as actual controllers", promising to regulate the operation of listed companies as actual controller as the company.

According to the announcement, Cheng Jing has agreed to signed a timely report and written confirmation opinion. Source: Fucheng Announcement

In 2018, the CSRC released the new version of the "Guidelines for the Governance of the Listed Companies". Article 68 of the second chapter 2 stipulates that the independence of the listed company is required to be required. , Separate assets, finance, independence of institutions and business, each independent accounting, independent responsibility and risk.

Some people in the industry have pointed out that the relevant laws and regulations are clear that there is no so -called superior relationship between the controlling shareholders, the actual controller and its internal agencies and the listed company and their internal institutions. The independence of listed companies also requires a listed company to have a sound internal management agency, which can exercise management power independently, and the controlling shareholder, actual controller and its affiliated parties shall not interfere with the operation and management of listed companies in violation of regulations.

The major shareholders mentioned in the statement of Cheng Jing referred to the listed company Fucheng shares as the "son", and all the payment of the listed company needs to be signed through the personnel assigned by the major shareholders. If it is true, it is obviously not in compliance with relevant regulations of.

"The richest man in Yanjiao" illegal crime

In the statement, Cheng Jing mentioned the actual controller of Focheng's shares, that is, Li Fusheng, known as the "richest man in Yanjiao". The Hurun Rich List shows that in 2017, Li Fucheng's family net worth was 6.7 billion yuan, and in 2021, the number shrinks to 3.6 billion yuan.

In September 1946, Li Fucheng was born in Xinglongzhuang Village, Sanhe City, Hebei Province.

In 1983, Li Fucheng chose to do business. From the sesame oil business to the breeding of beef cattle, Li Fucheng's entrepreneurial scale gradually expanded. He successively founded Sanhe Xinglongzhuang Bull Farm and Hebei Sanhe Focheng Cow Group Corporation. As of the end of 1996, its fixed assets reached 50 million yuan, with 32,000 beef beef. During this period, Li Fusheng was also awarded the title of "National Bulls in Nights" by the Ministry of Agriculture.

In July 2004, Fusheng, who was born from the reborn, was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the "first share of Chinese cattle". In the subsequent period of time, Fucheng shares expanded to the catering, funeral cemetery and other industries through mergers and mergers and mergers, and gradually formed a dual -main business pattern of "central kitchen" food processing and funeral cemetery life culture. And due to the concept of "A -share First Funeral Stock", it was once sought after by capital.

While actively expanding the territory of the listed company, the real estate company of Fucheng Group is gradually moving forward. As a native of Sanhe, Li Fucheng had become the earliest batch of gold rushing people in Yanjiao's real estate industry with its congenital location advantage.

In 2003, Li Fucheng proposed that as long as he had "North Drift", he kept building a house. Subsequently, Fucheng Real Estate has successively developed and constructed Fucheng Apartment, Phase I (Phase II, Third Phase II), Fucheng Shangcheng, Fucheng Youth Community, Fucheng ideal new city, and Fucheng Fairview Huaying.

Through the Special the plan for the house to build a house, not only did the Forte Group occupy almost half of the suburbs of Yanjiao, but also helped Li Fudong to complete the huge amount of funds accumulation. Among them, the most direct performance is that in the 2016 Hurun Rich List, the Li Fucheng family ranked first in Sanhe City with a net worth of 6.6 billion yuan, becoming the "richest man in Yanjiao".

In the brilliant historical process, the "second -generation transfer" of Fucheng Co., Ltd. was successfully completed. In August 2014, Li Fucheng announced that he resigned all the positions of Fucheng Co., Ltd., Fortune, and was taken over by the second -generation Li Gaosheng.

However, after entering the second generation of power, the development of Fucheng Group encountered difficulties.

Since 2015, Hebei Province has begun to strictly investigate the nature of land use changes. From 2016 to 2018, Yanjiao has not transferred residential land for nearly three years. In addition, according to the information disclosure of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, from 2015 to 2017, a number of real estate companies under Fucheng Group had been punished by local tax departments.

What is even more regrettable is that in December 12, 2016 Day , the chairman of Dingrun Investment Company and the grandson of Li Fucheng Li Xu died at the age of 26. The place where the accident occurred was the Fucheng Road of Yanjiao, Hebei.

After a series of changes, in 2018, 72 -year -old Li Fucheng announced again. According to the "Huaxia Times" report, Li Fucheng said in an interview that maybe you may not do it for a few years. He returned to the old bank and only raised cattle and all kinds of vegetables.

However, nowadays, Li Fusheng's "return" path seems to have gone smoothly. The announcement disclosed at the end of January 2022 showed that Li Fucheng was convicted of bribery, virtual invoicing, and bribery of the unit. He was punished and punished. Li Fucheng was also fined 500,000 yuan, his retired illegal income was 30 million yuan, and the bribes were 6 million yuan.

On March 28, 2021, Li Gaosheng, the former chairman of Fucheng Co., Ltd., announced his resignation. The third -generation successor Li Liang took the stick and officially began to take power.

What do you think about the former "first shares of cattle raising"?