That's horrible!Tesla's diarrhea, Musk plummeted, evaporated at $ 21 billion in three days

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That's horrible!Tesla's diarrhea, Musk plummeted, evaporated at $ 21 billion in three days

2022-05-14 18:10:47 15 ℃

At the beginning of April this year, Tesla CEO Musk reached the top of Forbes Global Billionaires. At that time, who could have thought that under the impact of the continued plunge in U.S. stocks, he became the worst losses this year.

According to the Bloomberg billionaire index, as of Wednesday, on Wednesday, May 11 closed, Musk's personal asset value was US $ 216 billion, which evaporated $ 15.6 billion in a day. The total losses of the other nine wealthy daily losses were 4.4 times the one -day asset loss of Amazon, which ranked second only to Musk.

The following screenshots of Pengbo Billionaire Index are seen that among the top 12 rich people, only the CEO Bernard ARNAULT of LVMH, the LVMH parent company LVMH, and Carlos Slim, the richest man in Mexico. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, fourth place in Bessos and US $ 3.53 billion and $ 1.02 billion in wealth, respectively. However, Musk's current net worth is far more than other rich, 67%higher than Belush's net asset value.

Tesla fell 15% of Musk for three days "blood loss" tens of billions of dollars

As we all know, Musk's personal wealth mainly comes from Tesla. Two weeks ago, Musk sold more than 9.6 million Tesla shares within three days after accepting his acquisition of Twitter. About 163 million shares, nearly 16%of the company's total shares.

Musk said at the time that there was no plan to further sell Tesla's stock. Based on the estimation of 163 million shares, Tesla closed 8.25%on Wednesday, and Musk's Tesla's stock market value shrinks by about 10.75 billion US dollars. This is Musk's Tesla's position on the second day of this week evaporates tens of billions of dollars.

On Monday, Tesla closed 9.07%, and Musk's position value shrinkage of about $ 12.8 billion a day. On Tuesday, with Tesla's closure of 1.64%, the position was $ 2.1 billion a day. As of Wednesday's close, Tesla's stock price fell 15.2%on three days, and Musk's positions have shrunk by more than $ 21.4 billion in three days.

U.S. stocks have endlessly ended Musk's "big bleeding"

Tesla's stock price has fallen by nearly 30%since Musk became the richest man in the world in early April. In other words, in Tesla's position alone, Musk's personal net worth should shrink 30 %. Since the beginning of this year, Tesla's stock price has fallen by about 40%, and Bloomberg billionaire index shows that Musk's assets have evaporated $ 54.1 billion this year. Based on this, in just one month, Musk's assets decreased by nearly $ 40 billion.

But until this Thursday, the decline in U.S. stocks has not ended. Tesla fell more than 7%when the daily settlement was set aside on Thursday. Since then, the decline has narrowed to 3%. More than 15%last week.

Moreover, Wall Street's mood is getting stronger and stronger. If the trend of the plunge has not reversed, Musk's assets will inevitably shrink significantly.

Goldman Sachs has downgraded the S & P 500 index twice this year. The agency is currently expected to be 4,700 points for the S & P 500, which means that the return on US stocks in 2022 is slightly negative, but it has increased by 14%compared with the current level. The report states that if it avoids decline, the index may still rise, but economic atrophy may reduce the S & P 500 to 3600 points.

The Bank of America strategist did not make an estimation of the S & P 500 index last week, but said that the market will continue to decline. According to Bank of America, the S & P 500 index recorded the worst four months since 1939, and the global market selling wave will continue.

On Tuesday, Goldman Sachs chief global stock strategist Peter Oppenheimer said that investors have digested a lot of negative emotions, including concerns about inflation and growth, central bank policy tightening, and Ukraine conflict, suggesting that they have created buying opportunities for the stock market after the plunge. However, Michael Wilson, the chief US stock strategist at Morgan Stanley on Wednesday, said that the plunge of U.S. stocks has not yet ended. As the economic growth slows down, it is increasing that the US and European stock markets still have further adjustment.

Wilson still believes that U.S. stocks have not reflected the expectations of economic growth than the current level. It is expected that the S & P 500 Index will fall in the near future, and then climb to 3900 points next spring, about 2.5%lower than the current level.

Source: Wall Street

Original title: The worst of this year's worst: Tesla crazy diarrhea, Musk, plummeted for three days, evaporating $ 21 billion