Because of this, the Securities Regulatory Commission suddenly shot, and the huge penalty broke the A -share record, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange publicly condemned the parties!This golden track has just begun, the Yuan Cosmic Special Committee is

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Because of this, the Securities Regulatory Commission suddenly shot, and the huge penalty broke the A -share record, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange publicly condemned the parties!This golden track has just begun, the Yuan Cosmic Special Committee is

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The incident of minimum shareholders 'shareholders' shareholders ended, and the Securities Regulatory Commission issued a 200 million penalty.

Secretly reduced the penalty of 200 million yuan, breaking the A -share record

Yaoming Kangde's shareholder Shanghai Yiyi Investment Center (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Yizhen") was reduced by nearly 2.9 billion yuan in violation of regulations, and finally the dust settled.

On the evening of May 13, Yaoming Kant announced that the company's shareholder Shanghai Yizhen received the "Administrative Penalty Prior to Administrative Penalty Promise" issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. In response to the issues of shareholders' violations, the Securities Regulatory Commission made 200 million yuan in Shanghai Yizhen. The fine, ordered Shanghai to make corrections and give warnings.

Yaoming Kant announced that the administrative penalty planned by the CSRC is only for the company's shareholders Shanghai Yizhen, which does not involve other shareholders of the company and the company, and will not affect the company's daily production and operation activities.

In response to illegal reduction, on the evening of May 13, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced the public condemnation of Chen Zhijie, an investment and executive director and general manager of Shanghai, and his executive director and general manager of Shanghai.

From May 14th to June 8th, 2021, Shanghai Yizhen reduced the total of 17.2497 million shares through centralized bidding transactions, accounting for 0.6962%of the total share capital, and a total of 2.894 billion yuan. It is reported that in the process of secretly reducing their holdings in Shanghai, listed companies are completely unaware of it.

After the reduction of the holdings, Yaoming Kangde, due to the implementation of the 2020 equity distribution, obtained the latest shareholder roster sent by Zhongdeng Corporation, and noticed that the number of shares held by the company held by Shanghai Yizheng had changed. Subsequently, Yaoming Kangde checked the Shanghai Yin and reminded the relevant rules with the promise that had made. After receiving the inspection requirements, Shanghai Yiyi stopped reducing holdings.

In response to the ticket, the person in charge of the relevant departments of the CSRC said that the shareholders of the listed company and the director of the director and supervisor minus their holdings, destroy the order of the securities market and damage the rights of investors, have always been the focus of supervision and law enforcement in the CSRC. In response to shareholders and directors of directors and supervisors, the "Securities Law" proposes the principle requirements of information disclosure, and "Several Provisions of Shareholders of Listed Companies and Directors and Supervisors" adheres to the regulatory concept of "information disclosure as the core". It is an important institutional arrangement for protecting the rights and interests of small and medium -sized investors, and it is also a common practice for foreign mature markets. If the requirements of information disclosure in the process of reducing their holdings are typical of illegal reduction.

In the next step, the CSRC will effectively implement the "Opinions on Strict Campaign of Securities illegal Activities in accordance with the law" jointly issued by the Securities Law, the China Affairs Office and the State Council, and resolutely investigate and deal with illegal reduction behaviors in accordance with the law. Reasoning and orderly reduction, maintaining the order of capital market transactions.

It is reported that this is the first case to be punished for illegal reduction since the implementation of the New Securities Law in March 2020. Article 186 of the new "Securities Law" stipulates that if the transfer of securities during the restriction period, or the transfer of shares does not comply with the provisions of laws, administrative regulations, and securities supervision and management agencies of the State Council, order corrections, give warnings, confiscate illegal income, and shall be traded in sale and sale securities. Fine fines below.

Prior to March 2020, the upper limit of the penalty of the "Securities Law" on violations was 300,000 yuan. Therefore, 200 million yuan was also the highest amount of fines in the A -share market due to violations. Because the new "Securities Law" does not have the upper limit of the amount of penalties for illegal holdings, whether it will break the record of 200 million yuan in the future, it will still need to issue a question mark.

Yaoming Kant is the leader of the A -share CRO industry. After the listing, it has attracted the attention of institutions. The company's stock price rose along the way. On July 16 last year, the company's stock price reached a historical high. The market value of A shares exceeded 420 billion yuan. At present, the stock price has fallen to nearly 100 yuan, 41.51%from the historical high. During the first quarter of this year, the Gram -managed China -Europe Medical Health Hybrid Fund was reduced by more than 6 million shares, and the northbound capital was simultaneously reduced its holdings of more than 10 million shares. Since April, the Northbound Funds has continued to reduce its holdings by more than 2.5 million shares, and calculated a rough calculation of the average transaction price of the interval, with a cumulative reduction of 262 million yuan.

International Investment Bank is optimistic about the Yuan Universe

Recently, the China Computer Industry Association Yuan Cosmic Industry Special Committee was officially launched. Tan Jianrong, co -chairman of the Yuan Universe Specialty Committee, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and director of the Department of Mechanical Department of Zhejiang University, said that from virtual reality to augmented reality, from digital twins to Yuan Cosmic, the technological development process is in line with each other. The Yuan universe will become the second space and digital space of the parallel real world, and the future development will not be limited.

The establishment of the special committee marks that the universe industry in my country has gradually moved from invisible to the real world, which will help to find out the current status of the development of the universe industry in my country; it is conducive to improving the passive situation of the industry's "small and scattered"; Demonstration and promotion and talent training have promoted better understanding and promoting industrial development.

According to experts from the special committee, the current output value of the upstream and downstream industries of the Yuan universe is about 30 billion yuan, which is mainly reflected in the aspects of gaming entertainment, VR and AR hardware. In the next five years, the domestic meta -universe market will exceed the 200 billion mark.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Bloomberg industry report is expected to reach $ 800 billion in 2024. Puhua Yongdao predicts that the size of the Yuan universe will reach $ 1.5 trillion in 2030. Citibank predicts that the total market for the Yuan universe economy in 2030 may increase to between 8 trillion and US $ 13 trillion, and it is expected that the number of users of the Yuan universe may be as many as 5 billion.

Guosheng Securities Research Report pointed out that at present, the Yuan universe is still in the early stages of development, and it is difficult to estimate profit -making contributions. The main catalysts can pay attention to overseas giants, such as Microsoft, Meta, Nvidia, Twitter subsequent products, and domestic Internet leaders in Yuanyuan The changes after the universe and NFT dimensions open up the traditional product matrix. From the perspective of investment, the Yuan universe will be the majority of the next generation of technology, and will gradually be implemented from the original "concept". Northbound capital big hand -added holding share only 4 shares

Securities Times · Data Bao statistics, more than a hundred companies involved in the A -share market involved in the universe related businesses. In the first quarter of this year, only 10 % of these concept stocks doubled, including An Jie Technology, Huacai Creative, Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, Jiulian Technology, and Xuanya International.

Since April, the concept stock has shown a decline as a whole. As of May 13, the average decline reached 16.91%. Palm shares, Debi Group, Mango Super Media, Anjie Technology and other 4 stocks rose by more than 10%. Based on a rough calculation of the average transaction price of the interval, the northern direction has increased its holdings of more than 100 million yuan since April of Lianchuang Electronics, HKUST Xunfei, Blue Together, and Changxin Technology.

Sanqi Interactive Entertainment continued to extend on the basis of early investment of VR/AR content, and involves the underlying field of multi -element cosmos involved through investment computing power, semiconductor, optics, display, whole machine, application, and underlying technology.

The Perfect World has added the elements of the cosmic universe in the development of the game product, and the Yunyuan game "Xianxian 2" has added a design that is more in line with the shape of the Yuan universe in UGC, all 3D real sea, land and air scenes.

The "Rainbow Universe" of the World Show is based on 3D engines and blockchain technology to build a virtual identity, virtual image, virtual space, virtual props, and virtual social environment for users. Since the internal testing, it has reserved more than 400,000 users.

Ophei has formed the Yuan Universe Division, responsible for optical lenses, imaging modules, optical machine modules, and entire assembly manufacturing in the VR/AR field. Super map software made some technical reserves before the Yuan universe.

Disclaimer: All information content of data treasure does not constitute investment suggestions, the stock market has risks, and investment needs to be cautious.

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