Kerry Self -Study: Insurance major

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Kerry Self -Study: Insurance major

2022-05-14 18:11:14 15 ℃

What do you think of "insurance"? Do you think of insurance salespersons? Or do you think of an insurance company? Everyone believes that the banks and securities industries are default to the "tall industry", and the insurance industry in the financial sector has always been controversial. So what kind of talent cultivation is cultivated? What is the employment situation? Let's take a look with Kerry Self -learning!

Insurance, banking and securities are called the three pillars of modern finance. Insurance is an industry and a complete system. From the management and management of the insurance industry, to the design of insurance, the customization of premiums, insurance sales, claims, each link requires the participation of insurance personnel.

Insurance, as a means of economic compensation and the protection of social products, occupy a special and important position in modern life such as improving the social security system and stabilizing the national economy. Insurance majors mainly cultivate applied talents that can engage in insurance and related industries.

Undergraduate graduates should master the basic education knowledge of market economy management disciplines; systematically grasp the basic ideological theories and skills of insurance to conduct knowledge and skills of insurance; familiar with laws and regulations and policies in the field of social insurance in my country; understand the theory and practice of insurance theory and practice at home and abroad History, current status and future development and changes; have a strong ability to analyze, solve the ability of corporate actual life, and preliminary scientific research work.

The insurance major of Chinese universities is to meet the needs of the Chinese insurance industry. Most schools require learning finance, economics, accounting, investment and other economic courses, and some schools also need to supplement marketing, legal knowledge and other related knowledge. In addition, if students have a foreign language and have strong foreign language reading and translation skills, they can better obtain professional information and work in foreign companies in the future.

With the rapid development of my country's economy, the insurance industry has become one of the fastest industries in the national economy. After hundreds of years of development, the modern insurance system has developed well. However, Kerry's self -learning reminder risks always exist objectively. The development of new technologies has promoted the production of new processes and new industries. At the same time, it also brings new risks. People's demand for insurance is constantly changing. At present, China's insurance industry, as the world's second largest insurance market, has broad development prospects, has improved its economy for a long time, residents' income has increased steadily, people's awareness of insurance has increased, and insurance demand has increased.