How does the Cybed Cast beer become popular brand?

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How does the Cybed Cast beer become popular brand?

2022-05-14 18:11:50 5 ℃

Beer is the best choice for party entertainment drinks. Cast beer is more popular than industrial beer. The voice of each craft beer people is "the seeds are deep in the sea. Beer is artificially brewed beer. It is different from industrial beer. It is a more rigorous brewing standard and the spirit of craftsmen. Although the two are also beer, the content is separated from the north and south.

Tracing back to the origin of beer, the original beer taste is very strong and pure, and the raw materials are sophisticated, the choice of top grade, but due to industrialization and profit, the production of beer is becoming more and more standardized. The steps of wine manufacturing are reduced, the raw materials are impure, and the fermentation time The shorter of beer has caused a sharp decline in the taste of beer. Now the ordinary beer taste we drink is much lighter than before.

The craft beer is made of ancient manufacturing, that is, higher requirements for raw materials than craft beer, longer fermentation time, more rigorous craftsmanship, and more beautiful taste. , Syrup, etc., use the fermentation period from January to February, sufficient time can ensure that the concentration of the malter is higher than that of ordinary beer. It is like a plate of potato shreds. It's different, the former will be better.

According to relevant data, Chinese craft beer sales in 2020 accounted for only 2.4%of the overall beer market. As more and more people are optimistic about the market, their growth is also significantly significantly. It reached 87.5 billion yuan. Looking at the 25%of the sales of beer industry in the United States in 2019, the growth space of domestic craft beer is very large. At the same time, many companies have begun to enter the field. According to Tianyan check data, as of the end of 2021, the end of 2021, about the essence of Jingjing, the end of 2021 Beer brewing companies increased more than 1,300 compared with 2020.

Among them, there is the client of our Yuke Network Mall (formerly: Weiyu Network Mall), the client of the Saipbut Breeding Beer Brand, let us see how they expand from the niche circle to popularization.


Craft beer

In recent years, the consumption of craft beer in my country has been rising. For consumers, ordinary beer no longer meets demand, and what they need is comfort and personality.

So how does craft beer meet consumer needs?

Since 2016, Saib has been continuously invested in the development of beer with a variety of fruit -flavored flavors. The sensory marketing is carried out in a variety of, varied, and multi -flavored methods. They are loved by consumers.

But after all, the brewing beer has not yet been popular, and the industrial beer market share is large. The person in charge told us that this is also a problem faced by every craft beer. Deepen consumer emotions.

The rise of consumer groups in the Z era, they are more immersed in a diversified drinking experience, which has given the meaning of social and personality. In addition to launching a variety of flavors of beer, they have opened nearly 500 stores across the country, while using rain at the same time, they have used rain Kewang Mall (formerly: Mall) builds the Sybalbuner Brewery Beer Mall, allowing consumers to consume online and offline, automatically locate the customer's location, or choose to spend on nearby stores. The address of the store, regional coverage, courier/takeaway/self -distribution rate, and breaking three kilometers of business restrictions are only for consumers to create different consumer scenarios.

Based on a variety of scenarios such as customization, gift giving, and party, Saiba also launched a variety of gift box suits and large -capacity barrels to bring craft beer to social scenes.


Digital management

Using the Sybu Rest beer mall built by, the new retail model is opened, with each single store as the center, online and offline linkage interactive mechanism, integrating goods, scenes and services, and forming a business model of multi -dimensional social scenarios. The personalization, diversification, scene, cross -borderization of craft beer in dissemination and marketing are given.

This year, they conducted online and community operating activities through the mall applets, third -party service platforms, enterprises and other channels to form digital marketing matrix, comprehensively connecting online and offline traffic for the store, and it is also convenient for users to accurately marketing, and as well as Using sales system (formerly: sales system) to open up the barriers of public and private domains, use enterprise micro -operations to create word -of -mouth marketing, old customers pull new fission, grass planting, and continue to be transformed into offline stores' private Domain to reduce the ice period of new stores.

The huge potential customer source of WeChat daily live 1 billion, the Saibu WeChat Mini Program Mall undertakes the traffic in the WeChat internal and external traffic and transforms it. The applets can create a marketing promotion strategy that meets the stores 3 to 5 kilometers nearby, and conduct precise marketing through membership system, membership files, multi -channel promotion, self -optional delivery, appointment, cashier system, etc. The repurchase rate.

The WeChat side of the enterprise, uniformly operate the customer, simplifies the operating process of a single store on the customer, and strengthen the customer's trust in the brand. Seamlessly conveyed marketing to customers, increase customer viscosity and repurchase rate, and attract customers to the applet to reach transactions. Through malls, store systems, corporate WeChat, third -party platforms Management, store digital upgrade, customer intelligent management, and precise marketing, etc., comprehensively manage and operate customer online consumption conversion to enhance the huge space of stores and the value of the brand. At the same time, it can not be disturbed during the epidemic in recent years. 03

Offline stores

Saib's store opening method is the overall store output. For franchisees, help simplify store opening operations. All the headquarters from the store decoration and operation support are responsible for ensuring the quality specifications of each store's craft beer in terms of distribution. Essence The private domain flow pool with the mall applet/store applet/corporate WeChat as the headquarters, adds passenger flow to the store and allows store sales to quickly from 0 to 1. New stores can provide them with online and offline marketing drainage for free, obtain ** approval sources, and organize various marketing activities through the mall to allow partners to enjoy traffic dividends.

From the support of the new store to the overall marketing, it has achieved integration and channels. The whole store has advanced. Last year, 306 stores opened by the country, which accelerated the expansion speed, which is inseparable from the systemic management of the headquarters and single stores. The person in charge told Ningxia Yuke (formerly: Ningxia that for the well -operated stores, we will focus on the marketing management of the area. Training is not in place, and the product is re -debugged. In short, everything is mainly based on actual service consumers.

Finally, the person in charge said: No matter which industry needs to be maintained, the same is true of craft beer. It is necessary to maintain a very high feelings and love for the industry. At the same time, it is necessary to understand consumer changes and market changes in a timely manner to maintain the present and expanding the future.