From the "MLM Capital" to the 100 billion -level cultural tourism industry cluster, the city of Guangxi is going to rise!

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From the "MLM Capital" to the 100 billion -level cultural tourism industry cluster, the city of Guangxi is going to rise!

2022-05-15 00:07:15 8 ℃

Wen | Chinese Business Tao Lue Mumu

Enjoy the reputation of "the first beach in the world". It has a "small Penglai" like a fairyland. The climate of the year is mild, and the negative oxygen ion is 50-100 times inland ... However, unfortunately fell into the predicament of the "MLM capital" and has been criticized for many years.

Nowadays, Beihai not only "appears" in the circle of friends, but also appeared on CCTV's special programs.

In just a few years, what happened to this city?

The North Sea located in the southeast of Guangxi has a typical subtropical characteristics. It is surrounded by the sea on three sides, connected to autumn and spring, long summer, and long summer. The vast sea and lush forests provide fresh air for the city. The flat and delicate silver beaches, clear and delicate sandy silver beaches, clear seawater, and volcanic rocks, Langzhou Island, has made it a "net red punch place." In 2020, Beihai received more than 52 million domestic tourists.

Beihai is not only the "new Internet celebrity" that young people are keen on, but also the recreational destinations in the minds of the elderly. About 350,000 elderly people chose to live in Beihai in 2020. During the National Two Sessions in March of the following year, the elderly care service in Beihai was also reported by CCTV.

Note: The picture is from the official website of Guangxi Beihai City Government

It is hard to imagine that just a few years ago, the city was discouraged by the notoriousness of the "MLM capital".

Search "Guangxi Beihai" on the Internet, and you will see a kind of goodwill reminder of "Be careful!" "How serious is the North Sea MLM?" Netizens have also summarized a set of "anti -slaughtering strategies". Some platforms will also hit the "MLM Base Camp" and "Lightning Scenic Spots" on related topics.

Why did this beautiful coastal town fall into MLM dilemma?

In the 1990s, Beihai encountered real estate bubbles, and a large number of unattended rotten tail buildings became the most convenient "den" of MLM organizations; Guangxi can be directly available in Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, ASEAN and domestic in China Tourists have frequently exchanged, and the huge number of foreign population provides a steady stream of "population resources" for MLM activities. The best sign of the project ...

In this way, Beihai has become a well -known "MLM capital" in southwestern China. For a while, media reports prevailed with rumors.

At first, a large number of poureded in, and brought considerable income to local residents, and even pushed the increase in housing prices in Beihai to the first country. But soon behind the local government realized that behind this short -term "prosperity", Beihai will bear long -term and catastrophic consequences.

The North Sea Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China made a determination: heavy punch strikes, sweeping MLM out of Beihai. MLM will not die and never receive troops.

With frequent instructions, various special actions have been launched in Beihai.

In a operation in 2017 alone, Beihai City dispatched 2,100 law enforcement personnel. More than 311 MLM denominated dens were checked, and 1,228 suspected MLM personnel from more than 10 provinces across the country were seized, involving the amount of 364 million yuan.

With the joint efforts of the government and the local people, the rampant MLM activities have gradually disappeared in the North Sea.

On the one hand, it is a heavy punch of MLM activities. On the other hand, the construction of Lingang Industry, Marine Economy and Cultural Tourism Industry is also underway.

In a few years, Beihai completed the construction of the international and cultural exchanges between the international and cultural exchanges with the international and cultural exchanges of the international Kangle tourist port passenger terminal and cruise home port at an amazing speed.

Policies such as "Beihai City Encouraging the Development of High -end Service Industry" and other policies have been introduced. Through the Development and Investment Conference of the Silk Road (Beihai) Cultural Tourism Industry at the Maritime Silk Road (Beihai), the introduction of major cultural and tourism projects with a total investment of nearly 100 billion yuan, forming 100 billion -level cultural tourism industry clusters.

In addition to upgrading and transforming Silver Beach and Laizhou Island, a number of scenic spots such as Gaodegug Town, Hyezon Port Panorama Interactive Performing Arts, Maritime Silk Road Cultural Site Park have become the new pets in Beihai, the island homestays, field ecology, etc. New tourism projects have also met with the public.

Note: The picture is from the official website of Guangxi Beihai City Government

Traditional scenic spots are integrated with emerging projects to build a new pattern of Beihai Tourism. As of 2021, there have been 17 scenic spots in levels 4A and above. According to the data disclosed by the China Tourism News, during the National Day in 2021, the Cisahait Scenic Area received a total of 653,800 tourists, an increase of 47.65 % year -on -year.

In less than ten years, the joint efforts of the Beihai people made this highly "MLM capital" transformed into a "four -dimensional" space in the air, sea, land, and sea floor. Comprehensive, three -dimensional, full -dimensional coastal tourist attraction.

The shadow of the "MLM Capital" in the past has completely faded. What is shown in front of the world is a beautiful new city with both ancient historical charm and modern vitality.

The story of the vicissitudes of vicissitudes is not ended, and the miracle of the fighting star movement is far from over. The North Sea -this city that enjoyed the heavenly care of it is ushered in a new life.

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