Agricultural product price weekly report | Pork prices have continued to rise this week, rising more than 15% in the past month

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Agricultural product price weekly report | Pork prices have continued to rise this week, rising more than 15% in the past month

2022-05-15 00:08:13 21 ℃

According to the monitoring of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, on May 13, the average price of pork in the national agricultural wholesale market was 20.66 yuan/kg, an increase of 1.0%over the previous day. Compared with 20.07 yuan/kg of last Friday (May 6), Compared with 20.36 yuan/kg of 20.36 yuan/kg last Saturday (May 7), compared with 17.88 yuan/kg on April 13 a month ago, it increased by 15.5%.

Judging from the price of pigs, from May 6th to May 13th, domestic pig prices fell-rising-downward trends. According to the data of China Raising Network, on May 9th, the average price of live pigs (three yuan) nationwide was 15.02 yuan/kg, and May 10th was 15.31 yuan/kg. ) The average price is 15.64 yuan/kg. On May 12th, the data was 15.53 yuan/kg. On May 13, the average price of pigs (outer three yuan) was 15.46 yuan/kg. Compared with 15.13 yuan/kg, an increase of 2.2%, compared with 14.87 yuan/kg of last Saturday (May 7), increased by 3.97%, compared with 12.39 yuan/kg on April 13 a month ago, a month ago , Increased by 24.78%.

Recent pork price watch surging news

On May 14th, the National Bureau of Statistics released the market price of important production data in the circulation field in early May 2022. In early May, the market price of pigs (outer ternary) nationwide was 14.9 yuan/kg. Compared with late April, it was compared with in late April. The increase of 2.1%; compared to early April (12.5 yuan/kg) increased by 19.2%; relative to the recent lowest point (mid -March) of 11.9 yuan/kg increased by 25.2%.

According to Zhuochuang Information Monitoring, the profit of this week (May 6th-May 12th) has risen and the profitability of pigs' fertilizers has increased compared to the week before the festival. The average profitability of the country's self -reconciliation was 29.59 yuan/head, a decrease of 62.82 yuan/head compared with the week before the festival. The average profitability of piglets was 160.44 yuan/head, an increase of 21.90 yuan per head from the earlier week earlier. In terms of supply, the price of piglets in China continued to rise this week, with an average price of 7 kg of three -dollar piglet out of 469.95 yuan/head, an increase of 12.42%month -on -month. The average price of 15 kg of three yuan piglets was 589.44 yuan/head, an increase of 10.10%month -on -month. In terms of demand, slaughtering companies this week took the lead in starting up. At the beginning of the week, the price of pigs fell slightly, downstream customers had bullish expectations, the enthusiasm for stocking increased, and the operating rate of slaughtering companies rose slightly. As the price of pigs rises, the terminal demand is insufficient, and at the same time, the breeding end is unimediated, and the operating rate has fallen slowly. This week, the operating rate of key slaughtering companies in China showed a trend of rising first and then declining. The average operating rate was 29.82%, an increase of 0.41 percentage points from the week before the festival.

On May 10 this week, Hua issued a notice on the seventh batch of central reserves of frozen pork and storage bidding transactions in 2022, and 40,000 tons of the collection and storage listed bidding transactions. According to the surging news reporter, it has been announced by 278,000 tons since March, of which 160,000 tons were reserved in April.

Up to now, the central reserves of frozen pork and storage bidding for the central reserves in 2022 surging news

On May 11th, the National Bureau of Statistics released the National CPI in April (residential consumer price index). In April, affected by factors such as domestic epidemic and international commodity prices, CPI rose 0.4%month -on -month, up 2.1%year -on -year. From the previous month, with the gradual adjustment of pig production and the orderly development of the central frozen pork reserves and storage, the price of pork decreased from 9.3%last month to 1.5%. From a year -on -year, the price of pork dropped by 33.3%, a narrowing of 8.1 percentage points from the previous month.

Western securities believe that there are two main reasons for the sharp rise in pig prices in April. The first is that the scale of the scale field is planned to decrease compared with the previous month. Due to the sales completion rate of large pig companies in the middle of the month exceeded the expectations, and the price of pig prices in the market outlook, most pig companies reducing the plan to reduce supply in the second half of the month. The second is that the epidemic is restrained by pork transportation, which triggers the imbalance of supply and demand in local areas. Combined with the data, short -term pig prices are still restricted by factors such as the low season of consumption after the May Day, but the price of pigs may enter the upward channel throughout the year.