The chief financial officer dare not sign the financial report. After the company called the police, he signed it

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The chief financial officer dare not sign the financial report. After the company called the police, he signed it

2022-05-15 00:07:31 13 ℃

For listed companies, what else is unable to guarantee the authenticity and worry of the financial report? This happened to Fusheng shares where the actual controller was sentenced, and attracted great attention from supervision.

What is even more dramatic is that the 53 -year -old financial female director left a paper refusal statement and "lost contact", and the anxious Fucheng shares chose to call the police.

The company's latest announcements disclosed that people have found it, and their financial reports have also been signed. They also replied to the letter of attention from the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The matter was finally solved properly, but some deep -level problems in the company were exposed again.

The chief financial officer found

On the evening of May 11, Fucheng Co., Ltd. successively issued several announcements such as "Cheng Jing Statement" and "Alarm Certificate", pushing the farce to a climax.

Let's take a look at the "Cheng Jing Statement". As the company's financial director, Ms. Cheng Jing mainly expressed four opinions:

1. The major shareholders have intervention in the management of the company, and the finance is not independent;

2. It is impossible to fulfill the duties of the chief financial officer normally, cannot do diligence, and some businesses cannot determine authenticity;

3. It is impossible to guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, and integrity of the financial data in the report, and cannot bear individual and joint legal responsibilities;

4. Refuse to sign to confirm the annual report of 2021 and the first quarter of the 2022.

On the evening of April 27, the secretary of the company's board of directors returned to the office after running, and found that the paper document signed with the "Cheng Jing" signature suddenly was placed on the table. But Cheng Jing has lost contact since then.

On the day of the company's board of directors, Chief Financial Director Cheng Jing did not attend the meeting, and did not sign the company's 2021 annual report and the first quarter of 2022 reports. According to the company, "Cheng Jing's phone shutdown, WeChat voice and information should not be answered, and there is no response to visiting his family site."

Looking back at the 2021 annual report released by the company on April 29 and the first quarterly report of the 2022, the opening important tips have stated that the person in charge of the accounting work of Cheng Jing cannot guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, and integrity of the content of the report .... ...

From the perspective of the "Alarm Certificate", around 10 am on April 29, the company called the Sanhe City Public Security Bureau to the police, and then the alarm person contacted Chen Jing.

The annual report shows that the chief financial officer Chen Jing is 53 years old. In 2021, the total pre -tax remuneration received from Forte in 2021 was 334,700 yuan, and the salary level was third in 16 directors and supervisors.

In fact, Chen Jing came to work in the company's finance department after 2006. He is a "old blessing adult". From May 17, 2019, he has served as the chief financial officer. Three years.

So what is the difficult problem to get angry with this financial female general?

The Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a regulatory letter quickly

At the end of last year, the Kangmei case knocked on the alarm clock of the listed company's director, "the financial report cannot be signed casually." In fact, the problems that Cheng Jing couldn't touch it was also what the exchange was concerned. On April 29, the Shanghai Stock Exchange quickly issued a supervision letter to the company.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange pointed out that "The 2021 annual report submitted by the company showed that the company's chief financial officer did not sign the company's financial report, did not sign a written confirmation opinion on the company's regular reports, nor did they notice objections. The annual accountant had no reservation with no reservations with emphasis on matters. Opinion audit report. According to regulations, your company is required to carefully check and verify the relevant situation and fully disclose relevant information. "

The Shanghai Stock Exchange requires the company to further disclose the four aspects of information, including the reasons for verifying the chief financial officer's refusal and expressing clear opinions, the written confirmation opinions of the director and supervisor, the situation of the accountant verification of the audit opinion, the company comprehensively inspects internal control, financial management and other aspects, etc. Related issues.

The alert is temporarily lifted

After extension, Fucheng responded on the evening of May 11.

The reasons for the financial director Cheng Jing did not sign a regular report, and it pointed out that the main reason for the purchase of a live cattle that involved 160 million yuan has not been verified. At the same time, the actual controller has the behavior of illegally participating in the company's financial management and other business activities.

Specifically, in 2021, the company resumed the animal husbandry and slaughtering business, and began to purchase a large number of live cows from May of that year. Due to the insufficient manpower, many of the people responsible for the purchase of live cattle purchases temporarily borrowed from the company's major shareholder Fucheng Group. In order to accelerate the purchase speed, there are uneven original vouchers in the subsequent reimbursement payment process. Because the purchaser is mostly borrowed from the company's major shareholders, it is relatively strong. The company's accountant had to pay first before requiring the purchaser to make up the procurement information and original vouchers.

The company said that the cumulative capital expenditure of live cattle procurement exceeded 160 million yuan. Before the company did not verify the procurement data and original vouchers, there was a risk of unreal procurement price and high cost of biological assets. Small. As of April 27, 2022, the above information has not been made up.

In addition, some of the illegal management behaviors of the actual controller Li Fucheng are estimated that Cheng Jing is not light.

After communicating with Chen Jing, in early May 2022, the company recalled all the purchasing staff who participated in the buying cattle in 2021 from all over the country. The problem was made clear, and Chen Jing met the requirements of Chen Jing's confirmation of relevant accounting subjects. For the company's actual controller Li Fudheng, Li Fucheng did not participate in the company's financial management and other business activities in accordance with the company's governance and management procedures, Li Fusheng has issued a written commitment of actual controller to regulate the company's operation, but how credible is unknown.

According to the company, in view of the above -mentioned main reasons for the company's regular reporting written confirmation, the company's chief financial officer Cheng Jingxian agreed to make up the written confirmation of the company's regular reports and financial statements.

In addition, other matters required by the regulatory letter have also been performed one by one, the alarm is temporarily lifted, and the company's stock price does not seem to be affected.

Li Fucheng, a actual controller, has been sentenced

The company's official website shows that Facheng Co., Ltd. is located in Yanjiao High -tech Park, Sanhe City, Hebei Province, 40 kilometers from Tiananmen, and the company's business is more diverse.

The annual report of 2021 shows that the main business of Focheng shares is the food processing industry, with revenue of 727 million yuan, and the revenue of the catering industry, funeral industry, and ecological agriculture is 71 million, 168 million, and 157 million, but the highest gross profit is the funeral industry. , 87.36%.

Public information shows that Li Fusheng, one of the company's actual controller, is 75 years old. He ranked 9th on the 2016 Hurun Rich List of Hebei, with a wealth value of 5 billion yuan, known as "the richest man in Yanjiao". Li Fucheng started from the breeding industry, "rich" in real estate, and extended the tentacles of the industrial chain to the funeral industry.

In fact, a few days ago, the "grassroots" entrepreneur had been sentenced to three years in prison for bribery, virtual invoicing, and bribery.

In response, Fucheng made a corresponding announcement on January 28 that Li Fucheng has not served as a company's director and any other positions, and has not participated in the company's daily operation management. The case does not involve listed companies. Operating management centered on the established short -term and long -term target management.

Judging from some of the statements of Cheng Jing, Li Fucheng is a person who is not too guarding. The company also disclosed in the regulatory letter of the Shanghai Stock Exchange that Li Fucheng still has an behavior that has not been involved in the company's operation without the company's management procedures and regulations.

In the past year, Li Fucheng has been frequently "named" at the regulatory level. In June 2021, Li Fucheng was investigated by the CSRC for a short -term transaction and was subsequently supervised and warned. At the same time, Fucheng's subsidiaries were also "constant troubles" and were investigated by suspected illegal absorption of public deposits.

How many dark thunders are there in Fucheng?