Significantly increased! British Fei Ling, Semiconductor Semiconductor, Ansonami and other semiconductor manufacturers announced the Q1 revenue of 2022

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Significantly increased! British Fei Ling, Semiconductor Semiconductor, Ansonami and other semiconductor manufacturers announced the Q1 revenue of 2022

2022-05-15 06:07:18 17 ℃

Recently, all semiconductor manufacturers have released the first quarter of 2022. Ingfeeling, Italian Semiconductor, and Ansonmei broke through market expectations and reached a new high.

2 billion euros are cast to silicon carbide and nitride, and Yingfeeling breaks through market expectations, with revenue exceeding 3.3 billion euros

On May 9th, Yingfei announced the first quarter of the 2022 performance (that is, the second fiscal quarter). The performance was better than the market expectations. The revenue was 3.3 billion euros (about RMB 23.408 billion), an annual increase of 22%, and the net profit 469 million euros (about RMB 3.327 billion).

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At the same time, Yingfei Ling also raised its revenue expectations for the next fiscal quarter and the entire fiscal year. It is predicted that the third fiscal quarterly revenue is 3.4 billion euros. 100 million euros, this is Yingfei Ling's second annual outlook this year.

Ying Feiling said that the rise in performance was because the company's business continued to benefit from the global vehicle power semiconductor shortage.

In February of this year, Ying Feiling once stated that in order to consolidate its position in the field of power semiconductors, the company will invest 2 billion euros (about 14.187 billion yuan) in Malaysia. GAN) Made in the field of semiconductor.

Yingfeeling said that once the equipment is complete, the new plant will create an annual income of 2 billion euros through silicon carbide and nitride -based products. The factory is expected to prepare the equipment in the summer of 2024, and the first batch of wafers will be shipped in the second half of 2024.

Apple and Tesla are big customers, and the net profit of Semiconductor Semiconductor doubles doubles

In the first quarter of 2022, the net revenue of semiconductors of Italian -method was US $ 3.55 billion (about RMB 23.868 billion), an annual increase of 17.6%, a gross profit margin of 46.7%, an annual increase of 770 basis points, and a net profit of 747 million US dollars (about RMB RMB (about RMB 50.22 billion yuan), an annual increase of 105.1%.

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According to the specific business line, the revenue of Q1 automotive products and discrete components was 1.256 billion US dollars, an increase of 20.5%year -on -year, and an increase of 2.5%month -on -month; the revenue of analog device, MEMS and sensor (AMS) was 1.087 billion US dollars, an increase of 0.4%year -on -year. A decrease of 13.8%from the previous month. MCU and digital IC revenue was US $ 1.198 billion, an increase of 35.2%year -on -year, and a month -on -month increase of 12.8%.

Looking forward to the future, Italian Semiconductor estimates that Q2 is expected to achieve revenue of US $ 3.75 billion, an increase of 5.8%month -on -month, and the gross profit margin is about 46%. The annual revenue is expected to reach 14.8 billion to 15.3 billion US dollars.

The CEO Jean-MARC Chery, CEO of Semiconductor Conduct, said that Q1's revenue growth momentum comes from the demand for a strong microcontroller (MCU), which offsets the temporary reduction of some Shenzhen factories due to epidemic prevention measures.

In terms of production capacity, according to sales and operation plans, the company's capacity has completely saturated this year, and the capacity utilization rate exceeds 90%. At the same time, the number of chip orders has reached a record high, 30%-30%higher than the company's production capacity, and the largest customers include Apple and Tesla.

The performance reached a new high, Anson beauty revenue exceeded $ 1.9 billion, an annual increase of 31%

In the first quarter of 2022, Anson's revenue was US $ 1.945 billion, a year -on -year increase of 31%, a new high; net profit was US $ 530 million, US $ 89 million in the same period last year, and 425 million in the previous quarter.

Among them, the revenue of the Anson Mei Power Plan Department was US $ 987 million, an increase of 32%year -on -year; the revenue of the advanced scheme department was 689 million yuan, an increase of 30%year -on -year;

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Looking forward to the second quarter, the Q2 revenue range is expected to be US $ 1.965 billion to US $ 2.065 billion under the GAAP standard; the gross profit margin range is 48.5%to 50.5%.