The concept of the new crown drug "Qianjin Fujin" is killed!What is the ability to inhibit the ability of virus 15393 times in vitro?How high is the success rate?

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The concept of the new crown drug "Qianjin Fujin" is killed!What is the ability to inhibit the ability of virus 15393 times in vitro?How high is the success rate?

2022-05-15 06:07:32 18 ℃

The 21st Century Business Herald reporter Zhu Ping reported on May 10th, Professor Tong Yigang, Dean Tong Yigang, Dean of the School of Life Sciences and Technology of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, was authorized by a national invention patent. The patent manual shows that the multi -golden vines (microol/liter) inhibit the multiple of the coronary virus replication of 15393 times. On May 12th, Tong Yigang explained in an interview with the Science and Technology Daily: "This number is popular, which can be understood that if there are 15,393 viruses without Qianjinvin drugs, use 10 microol/liters of thousands of golden vine. In the case of vegetarian drugs, there will be only one virus. That is to say, a small amount of thousands of golden vine can prevent the expansion and spread of the new crown virus. "

Affected by the above news, traditional Chinese medicine stocks were stronger on May 13, and many pharmaceutical companies related to Qianjinusin have risen or even daily limit, such as North China Pharmaceuticals, Buchang Pharmaceuticals, Yunnan Baiyao and so on. Also, because the company's name contains "Thousands of Gold", there is no Qianjininin's Qianjin Pharmaceutical Industry that has been taken into a daily limit; Dali Pharmaceuticals also "be" daily limit on May 13, because the subsidiary of Yunnan Baiyao products with Qianjinjin Suin products Called Dali Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which leads to funds hype.

On May 14, a reporter from a Chinese medicine company R & D director pointed out to the 21st Century Business Herald that judging from the "Weimor/Lita" unit should be in vitro test data. Another person in charge of antiviral enterprise told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter that the above experimental data must be confirmed whether it is in vitro test data, which is very important. "Disinfection agents, derone, and Aboder also have in vitro inhibitory effects. Our public or technology personnel who have never done drug development must have the most basic understanding of the development of new drugs. Special effects have particularly high expectations, and they all hope that domestic 'special effects drugs' will appear early. "

The person in charge of the aforementioned antiviral enterprise pointed out that "Qianjin Fujin" can only be called in the research compounds, let alone "new drugs". In an interview, Tong Yigang also pointed out: "With the support of major national special projects, the drugs such as Qianjinjin and thousands of drugs were included in the compound library of our research group early."

In fact, it is necessary to do animal experiments, including pharmacology, toxicology, and drug metabolism, and then clinical trials 1, 2, and 3. The person in charge of the aforementioned antiviral enterprise pointed out to the 21st Century Business Herald that the success rate of successful approval from clinical to three phases from clinical to the third phase was about 5%-10%. The success rate of foreign statistics from the scientific discovery of academic institutions through transformation of medicine is about 2.5%to 5%. "The R & D cycle may be accelerated, but each stage cannot be reduced. Without sufficient data, it cannot prove its effectiveness and security. This is especially important for a new drug of infectious diseases that may be used in the future."

In this regard, on May 14, Professor Tong Yigang also posted on social platforms that it would take some time to go to the clinic and listing.

15393 times!

According to reports, starting in January 2020, Tong Yigang's team screened thousands of drugs on a unique drug screening platform. Because the screening platform does not require special laboratories, negative pressure operations and other equipment, we have a fast speed of screening; because the platform relies on the pangolin oracle -crown virus and the new crown virus in the genome and key protein (S protein), the screen is high. The result is more reliable.

The earliest original original founding of Tong Yigang's team found that Qianjinjotin had a super strong anti -new coronal virus activity. The relevant papers published in March of the same year have now become an ESI high -quotation text.

For more than two years, research teams in various countries have been constantly looking for effective drugs to suppress new coronary viruses. Scientists have discovered new clues, constantly inquiring, and exploration mechanisms through papers, academic seminars and other methods.

At the same time, the effect of Qianjin Fujin is also confirmed by other research teams. For example, in April 2020, Professor Radian Longzi, the director of the National Infectious Disease Research Institute, published a paper and confirmed the effect of Qianjin Tengshu's anti -new coronal virus; from October 2020 to August 2021, multiple research teams were in the international international The journal published the research progress of Qianjinjotin's anti -new coronal virus.

At the same time, Tong Yi Gang further associated with the team of Academician Zhong Nanshan, Professor Zhao Jincun and Professor Shi Zhengli's team to verify the anti -new coronal virus effect of Qianjin virus with the new coronal virus, and confirmed the anti -new coronal virus effect of the drug.

Tong Yigang pointed out that the high -active data of Qianjinjotu's anti -new coronal virus can withstand comparisons. "Whether it is the test data of our team or the research data of the American team, we have compared multiple compounds including Qianjinjin to inhibit the new coronary virus."

This patent manual shows that the three types of anti -new coronary virus effective compounds were screened in the three screened anti -new coronary virus compounds, which were screened in the three types of anti -new coronary virus. 2 After 72 hours of cell infection, the virus can inhibit the virus replication of 15393 times, 5053 times, and 31 times, and the experimental results can be repeated.

In July 2021, an article published in the "Science" magazine confirmed this conclusion: Researchers compared Qianjinjin Su Su and 25 other candidate compounds. The EC50 of the virus (the concentration of 50%of the maximum effect, the lower the number, the better) only 0.1 μm, which is far lower than other candidate medicines.

Tong Yigang said in an interview with the People's Daily Health Client that he has only performed an experiment of cellular levels now, but first found that Qianjinjotin can inhibit the coronary virus team. Later, many international teams were followed and verified. The prevention and treatment of pneumonia are very useful. "Because from its mechanism of action, it can prevent the virus from infection. Even after infection, it can press the virus at a very low level, that is, it can be pressed to the level of 1/10000 normal infection." "So The virus may not have obvious infections to patients, or there may be no symptoms after infection. But this is currently our conjecture, because it has not yet conducted clinical trials, so I do n’t know what the effect will be. But according to our inference and comparison of some existing drugs, this medicine should be very promising. "Tong Yigang further said.

Capital carnival

Affected by the above news, on May 13th, multiple Chinese medicine stocks have risen or even daily limit, such as North China Pharmaceutical, Buchang Pharmaceutical, Yunnan Baiyao, etc.

And because the company's name contains "Qianjin", Qianjin Pharmaceutical also has a strong daily limit. However, on May 13, the secretary of Qianjin Pharmaceutical replied on the investor relationship platform that the company had no related products; in addition, Dali Pharmaceutical May 13th The daily limit of the day is also because of the word company of Yunnan Baiyao's word company called Dali Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which leads to Dali Pharmaceuticals in the A -share market.

The 21st Century Economic Herald reported that in addition to the "accident" daily limit of the above stocks, many listed companies have invention patents involving Qianjinjotin, such as the preparation method of Tuchang Pharmaceutical with a preparation method of Ayinushide hydrochloride; Its Yunnan Baiyao Group Dali Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (unlisted) can produce Qianjinjotin; Fangsheng Pharmaceutical Participation Company Shanghai Temple's main products include Qianjinjotin; It is very likely to obtain the production permission of patent owners.

In response, a senior in the pharmaceutical industry pointed out to the 21st Century Business Herald that judging from the "Weimor/Lita" unit should be in vitro test data.

From the current point of view, the drug's ability to suppress the new coronary virus is only in vitro research. A candidate anti -new crown drug, to truly become anti -new crown drugs, also needs to be verified by layers such as animal experiments and human clinical trials.

In addition, a medical professor engaged in anti -new crown drugs also said in an interview with the media that Qianjinjotu is not an original drug, and the mechanism of anti -new coronal virus is not clear. Comparison of drugs that have been listed or in clinical development need to be used under the same test method.

The person in charge of the aforementioned antiviral enterprise also pointed out that the process from thesis to the patent medicine is very long. During the period, animal experiments include pharmacology, toxicology, and drug metabolism. Usually a drug successfully approved for listing from clinical to three stages from clinical to three stages. All drugs that have not been approved in the clinical or clinical laboratory stage cannot be called new drugs. They should be called drug candidates or candidate drugs. At present, it is more accurate.

The above -mentioned person in charge said that there are many compounds with good in vitro drugs, and disinfectants, spykui, and Abodur also have in vitro -inhibitory effects on viruses. But in the body, especially the human body, it is not the same. In addition to the effect, the safety of the drug must be evaluated. However, this reflects that everyone has particularly high expectations for the new crown special medicine, and hopes that domestic "special effects medicine" will appear soon.

"Sudden acute infectious diseases may also subscribe naturally naturally. But at present the consensus of the scientific community is that the new crown virus will exist for a long time. At present, the European and American epidemic conditions are repeated. The end of the drug. But no kind of vaccine can be 100%anti -infection, prevent severe illnesses or death. There are also about 2%of people who have poor responses to the vaccine. Therefore Fear. Both of them need. "The person in charge told the 21st Century Business Herald reporter.