China Feihe actively promotes the ESG sustainable development strategy to create a new ecosystem of dairy industry development

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China Feihe actively promotes the ESG sustainable development strategy to create a new ecosystem of dairy industry development

2022-05-15 12:09:38 16 ℃

ESG has become a ruler for investors to measure corporate value. Recently, the ESG China Forum 2022 Spring Summit was held in Beijing. The main participants in this meeting were Peng Huagang, a member of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Li Jun, director of the Social Responsibility Bureau of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Liu Xueshi, member of the China New Party Committee, Chief Accountant, China Huang Qunhui, director of the Institute of Economics of Social Sciences Huang Qunhui and other government leaders, experts, scholars, and corporate representatives. At the meeting, Zhong Hongwu, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, released the "Dagong Responsible Cloud Listed Company ESG Index". With its excellent performance in ecological and environmental protection and social responsibility, China Feihe successfully selected the ESG index of the Listed Company of the Dairy Products and at the 70.7 high Subsidies are listed.

China Fei He was evaluated by ESG Index ESG Index No. 3

It is understood that the "Listed Companies ESG Index" has selected a key industry with high social attention and high influence through batches, establishes the indicator system, comprehensively evaluates the ESG performance of listed companies in the industry, and provides reference for ESG investment in the capital market. The first batch of four industries, focusing on coal, electricity, dairy products, and wine industry, and released the four major industries ESG indexes.

Create an ecological cycle model of industrial clusters and lead the green development of dairy industry

In recent years, the importance of sustainable development has become increasingly apparent, and ESG performance has become one of the standards for the investment market to judge listed companies. As the breadth and depth of climate change have gradually strengthened, carbon reduction is urgent, which has become an important issue for many industries including dairy industry.

ESG China Forum 2022 Spring Summit releases dairy listed company ESG Index Report

In order to evaluate the performance of ESG, this summit released the ESG index of coal, electricity, dairy, and wine industry. Among them, the ESG index of dairy products is based on 25 dairy listed companies as the evaluation sample to evaluate the ESG level from the three dimensions of ESG governance, social value, and risk management. Studies have found that the average score of the ESG index of dairy products is 43.1 points, and the overall level is at a three -star level. Among them, China Feihe scored 70.7, ranking third.

The achievement of grades is inseparable from continuous efforts. As a pioneer of dairy low -carbon development, China Feihe actively responded to the national dual -carbon target and explored the development model of green and low -carbon development with practical actions.

For example, China Feihe first pioneered the "double -carbon closed -loop" model of the entire industry chain, creating a complete agricultural, pastoral, and carbon carbon chain, and integrating green low -carbon practice into every link. In recent years, the "large -scale biological natural gas and organic fertilizer cycle comprehensive utilization project" carried out by China Feihe has achieved the use of livestock and poultry manure and corn straw as raw materials, through high concentration of anaerobic fermentation, and producing natural gas and organic fertilizer. The recycling of corn straw and livestock and poultry manure resources in the cold district of my country provides replicable experience.

At present, the three projects of Kedong, Gannan, and Keshan have been put into operation. Each project can solve the harmless treatment of about 100,000 acres of farmland corn straw and the feathers of Wanlou Dairy Farm. 7 million square meters, an annual output of 50,000 tons of organic fertilizer, can increase the organic matter content of 14,000 acres of black land after returning to the field.

In addition, China Feihe also actively launched a factory carbon reduction operation to create green pastures and green factories. At present, Feihe Jilin Factory and Tailai Factory have been identified as provincial green factories. In recent years, China Feihe has invested a lot of funds to carry out the "coal -to -gas" project and eliminated backward coal -fired boilers. As of the end of 2021, the "coal -to -gas" project has invested 50 million yuan and reduced carbon dioxide by 177,000 tons, which is equivalent to reducing the burning of 68,000 tons of coal.

At the same time, China Feihe promoted the WCM world -class manufacturing system, and reduced carbon emissions during factories construction and operation through equipment transformation and process optimization. In 2020, the factory reduced carbon dioxide about 487.31 tons.

In addition, China Feihe also innovatively promoted the introduction of milk powder cans into the "factory" model of the factory, while reducing transportation costs, effectively reducing energy waste and automotive exhaust emissions brought by transportation. As of the end of 2020, five Feihe factories have built a "factory in the factory". From 2019-2020, the "Factory in the Factory" model has a total of 531 tons of carbon dioxide.

Improve the assistance mechanism of the entire industry chain and create a rural co -richer chain

While promoting the development of green and low -carbon in the industry, China Feihe adheres to the concept of "doing its own, nurturing the society", gives full play to the advantages of the entire industry chain resources and technological innovation, and supports the strategy of national rural revitalization at multiple levels and angles, and fulfills the strategy of national rural revitalization, fulfills domestic milk powder The responsibility of the industry leader.

The dairy industry chain is closely related to the development of agriculture and rural areas. It is an important engine to promote agricultural modernization and rural revitalization. China Feihe gives full play to the scale of industrial clusters, with industrial development, medical health, and education assistance as the starting point, explore the model of assistance in the entire industrial chain, create a common chain, help poverty alleviation, and promote rural revitalization.

China Feihe Innovation "hematopoietic" industrial assistance model has driven the county's economic development with industrial development and promotes farmers' income. According to statistics, China Feihe taxed a total of 15.552 billion yuan, creating 150,000 jobs, and driving 150,000 farmers to increase their income and get rich. At the same time, it also driven more than 1 million acres of cultivated land in Heilongjiang Province to effectively promote the cooperative development of upstream and downstream related industries to help achieve realization Common prosperity.

In addition to industrial assistance, China Feihe has also actively carried out medical and health poverty alleviation. It has donated international top medical equipment for many hospitals including Gannan and Kedong 11 counties, and launched the "Charity Bright Division" activity to help patients with poor eye diseases. Through ""Warm Xiangyang Da Ai" activity provides nutritional support for poor students.At the same time, China Feihe has also carried out the "Heart Assistance Program" for more than 10 consecutive years to help upgrade school infrastructure in poor areas and issue aid funds for poor students.This time, the list of Chinese Feihe entered the "listed company ESG Index", which means that the future market of the Chinese Feihe may no longer pay attention to the growth rate and gradually pay attention to the quality of growth.In the future, Feihe will implant green genes for the development of the dairy industry while pursuing more outstanding products and services.