What is the difference between Hefei under the epidemic?

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What is the difference between Hefei under the epidemic?

2022-05-15 12:09:20 16 ℃

In this special period

There is a city that silently rushed to the hot search

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This phrase " in Hefei personnel can come brightly in high -risk areas."

About epidemic prevention, about returning home

We haven’t heard of such a direct, full of human care for too long

And even if this is done, Hefei's epidemic is still well controlled OK

During the entire epidemic, there were only 43 cumulative diagnosis cases in Hefei, including 41 people with accumulated asymptomatic infected

On May 9th, as the last three new crown pneumonia were discharged from the last three new crown pneumonia, Hefei achieved a comprehensive clearing, and so far, no case has been appeared again.

In fact, during the entire epidemic period, Hefei did not only these

At the beginning of the epidemic, it did a lot of different things


Let's take a look at how grounding Hefei does under the epidemic

On April 1, when Puxi was just closed, a friend of my Hefei sent me this sentence:

"All the guests come, return are all family members"

This sentence was not proposed in May, but when Shanghai first closed, when everyone knew that the epidemic in Shanghai was serious, it was proposed by the secretary of the municipal party committee. It can be seen that the pattern of Hefei

Moreover, Hefei is not just shouting the slogan, but it does do that.


Hefei, which is a central transportation hub and a deputy center cities in the Yangtze River Delta

In order to ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic and the smooth flow of transportation

A "closed -loop management" was introduced to set up monitoring points at highway toll stations, national lines, and provincial lines to carry out two tests of nucleic acid+antigen

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All the people who come to detect nucleic acid plus antigen, even if they hold negative proof and green code

After finishing the driver and truck of antigen detection and nucleic acid samples, the relevant units "point -to -point" guide the vehicle to the destination, and after the loading and unloading, the company will be guided to the intersection to leave Hefei at Hefei

This is the closed -loop management of Hefei, which reflects the strictness of epidemic prevention

(Source: Xinhua News Agency)

Moreover, the entire detection speed is fast. The driver's queuing and two testing are completed in a short time. The on -site antigen is negative and can leave.

Results in the shortest time, Don't let the driver wait too long

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During the stay of Hefei, Hefei Transportation Department also provided drivers with hot water and meals. The traffic police in this video moved me very much. He spoke very simple:

"It's not a good dish, but sure Let you eat"

(Source: Xin'an Evening News)

And prepare materials for drivers who are about to get on the road again: 1 bag of mask, 1 bottle of water, 4 bread, 1 bowl of instant noodles, 2 cans of eight treasure porridge, 3 boxes of self -hot rice, 1 box of self -test agent

There are not many things, but this mind and properness reflect the humanization of Hefei

You know, at that time, there were many truck drivers who were trapped at high speeds. It was difficult to eat and drink. Even going to the toilet became extravagant

Therefore, no matter how raging the epidemic, Hefei’s transportation has been unblocked and has not stopped

(Source: Douyin))

About 160,000 cars enter and exit Hefei through high -speed roads every day

During the same period, the high -speed road layer cards from various places to Shanghai, many high -speed toll stations were closed and could not pass

Many companies' production materials can only be distributed from Shanghai to Hefei, and then from Hefei to other areas. Only in this way can Hefei also shoulder the responsibility of transporting materials all over the country.

Hefei is not only for freight supplies, but also opens the door to individuals

The urgent reception is forced to return to the hometown late at night from Shanghai, so that the child can be born safely and smoothly

For foreigners who use Hefei as a transit , Hefei also welcomes

Many cities have rejected transit, and even a few cities that accept transits have rejected overnight transfer. This is troublesome, but Hefei allows

Hefei is the only city that can be transferred overnight

Turning overnight means that people from high -risk areas should live one night in Hefei, and the accommodation location must be eliminated again, which is dangerous to expose.

This reflects the overall view of Hefei. This city really cuts all the people as their own

This is why, Hefei dares to say: "The light is coming to the earth", and dare to say that "the layers seem to be responsible for performing their duties, but they are lazy and lazy."

(Source: Hefei Online)

While Hefei, while he is immature, protects the supplies of the supplies, and accepts the fertilizer of returning to his hometown, he spares no effort to help Shanghai

One of our colleagues, I received the supplies from the villagers during the epidemic, which was very warm.

Regarding epidemic prevention, this time we saw the atmosphere and responsibility of Hefei

Not only that, during the epidemic, Hefei did not stop the development of development.


Under the epidemic, the "wind investment Hefei" came again

"The epidemic prevention and control is not relaxed, and the investment promotion is not stopped." It is the slogan of Hefei. After all, Hefei is the triangle, and this time has also been affected by this round of epidemic.

On April 28, the epidemic was not over. Hefei released the signal of the investment promotion in Hefei, and was very sincere to tailor policies for key enterprises who intended to fertilize. Enterprises settled in, develop docking application scenarios, and introduce local supply chains; for enterprises that need financing, linked industrial capital; for the headquarters, national high -tech enterprises, and specialized specialized enterprises such as specialty, they will give the "enterprise moving fee fee "," Employee Safety "

Sincere investment in Hefei has also achieved great results

On May 10, the "Cloud Signing" event was held. Hefei signed 24 major projects, with a total investment of more than 100 billion yuan, of which 3 projects of more than 10 billion yuan, the average investment of each project exceeded 4.3 billion yuan

It is mainly integrated circuit, new display, new energy vehicles, biomedicine, new materials and high -end equipment, etc., and it is very suitable for Hefei's key industrial chain

These projects have 14 projects from the Yangtze River Delta, 4 projects from Beijing, and 3 projects from the Pearl River Delta region

During the Hefei epidemic, he also spared no effort to expand and upgrade the industrial chain.

Hefei wants to develop, in addition to expanding the industrial chain, he is still trying to grab talents

(Source: Anhui Traffic Broadcast)

During the epidemic, Hefei did not relax and recruit people, and organized the "two sincerity" recruitment activities -sincerely invited foreign college students to come to fertilize employment, please ask for employment in fat students

Not only that, Hefei also provides recruitment services for enterprises for free, and launched a service model of "the government for free for you"

Recruiting for enterprises and helping people find a job

Not only let the enterprise move over, but also recruit the company the future to solve it

This is Hefei, it has always used corporate thinking to operate the city


So this is by no means an occasional incident

Over the past ten years, Hefei, a central city of No coastal

It has become the most bustling city, and it is also the highest GDP growth rate in the country's ten years in the country

Compared with 2001, the increase in Hefei GDP in 2020 reached an exaggerated 2990%

The growth rate exceeds Shenzhen's growth rate

In the 20 -year -old city competition, we can get such achievements

How did it do

Hefei does give the sincerity of real gold and silver

Hefei first set up a market -oriented industrial investment fund to attract the industrial settlement

For example, in 2005, when the 5th generation LCD screen was lost in BOE, I wanted to go to Shenzhen this place with a lot of money. As a result, Hefei paid 80%of the finances to introduce it to

Press most of the net worth, to press a result that is not necessarily determined

After that, we all know that the 6th generation line, 8.5 generation line, and 10.5 -generation LCD panels of BOE have changed China's entire display industry, and also made Hefei a global LCD screen capital

After that, through the guidance of the leading enterprise of BOE, the industrial cluster phenomenon of the Hefei display has been pulled, and the industrial scale has become increasingly expanded.

This is the first "gambling" in Hefei in recent years. The display screen is blocked, which combines this industry chain and the original home appliance industry in Hefei, which has ushered in greater development.

Secondly, the Hefei government focuses on the refined investment and operation of the entire industrial chain

In fact, the introduction of BOE, heavy gold investment display is due to the needs of the Hefei home appliance industry.

Hefei is not a blind introduction to the industry, it is completely around the expansion industry chain service, and it will make up for whatever you want.

As a city of home appliances in China, what is the upstream industry? chip

(Source: People's Vision)

If you want to upgrade the home appliance industry, semiconductor naturally keeps up, and the domestic semiconductor industry is just under development. There are still a large number of semiconductor components depend on import

Hefei saw that in 2017, Hefei Innovation established a joint venture Hefei Changxin Lai specializing in the research and development and production of DRAM chips. This is a key semiconductor component and officially put into production in 2018

The layout of this chip industry has brought another 100 billion industrial cluster to Hefei, allowing Hefei to usher in the second development, known as Hefei's second "gambling"

Finally, the Hefei government follows the national policy, international general trend, and accurately invest in future advantageous industries

The third investment of Hefei was called-the introduction of new energy vehicles in 2019 was issued by the country in 2019 after the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)"

At that time, it was clear that in 2025, the sales volume of new energy and new vehicles in my country will account for 20% of the total sales of new cars.

Affected by the downturn of the global auto market, Weilai said directly that the company's cash flow was not 12 months old, but Hefei saw Weilai's excellent background, and spent 7 billion yuan to welcomes Weilai.

In addition, Hefei not only spent money to introduce enterprises, but also introduced some policies that help companies:

For example, Hefei will allow new energy vehicles to use bus lanes during non -peak hours; starting from 2021, all new energy vehicles are used for new energy vehicles in the public domain of Hefei, etc.

This laid a solid foundation for the development of the new energy industry in Hefei

Let's take a look at Weilai 2021 delivery data

(Source: Weilai)

It can be described as high

Hefei successfully introduced these companies, successfully rescued, and became a major industrial cluster that supported itself

(Source: Weibo)

The leadership team of Hefei, who is looking far, sees a long look, is detailed, and dares to invest, and dares to take responsibility.

This is why the Hefei government is called the most popular venture capital institution in China


Recently, all kinds of epidemic conditions, Hefei did

Let us see that it has a very grounded and personnel leadership team

But in my eyes, Hefei is not a gambling city.

It is not only knowing the logic of venture capital, but also the professional level of investment promotion

Gansu Province once issued a article "The Phenomenon of Hefei Phenomenon on Gansu" to learn and copy homework

It's no wonder that Hefei is the strongest provincial capital in the past ten years

In the past, Hefei we saw Hefei dared to bet on the courage of the future, and now we have read the tenderness of its spiritual atmosphere.

The above is the text, from Chu Xiao