Director of the National Energy Administration: The required process of energy structure adjustment, you cannot step on the "sudden brake"

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Director of the National Energy Administration: The required process of energy structure adjustment, you cannot step on the "sudden brake"

2022-05-15 18:02:13 24 ℃

Zhongxin Jingwei, May 13th. According to the website of the National Energy Administration on the 13th, Zhang Jianhua, the director of the National Energy Administration, published an article entitled "Complete and accurate and comprehensively implementing the new strategy of energy security new strategy and orderly promoting energy green low -carbon high -quality development" The adjustment of energy structure and industrial structure requires a real process. It cannot be separated from reality and eager to achieve success.

The article mentioned that promoting the "dual carbon" work must put the guarantee of energy security supply and the stable and healthy development of the economy and society in the primary position. We must not lose the "rice bowl" to talk about transformation. It is necessary to ensure that the "rice bowl" of the energy must be in its own hands. In the face of severe situations such as tight energy supply that appeared in the second half of 2021, insisting on increasing production and increasing supply as a leading event, we all strive to increase production and supply. Ensure that the supply and reserves of coal, oil and oil and gas are available before the peak season. Play coal production and increase the "combination boxing", give full discaptation of the peak of coal and electricity, continue to improve the efforts of oil and gas exploration and development, and accelerate the construction of major oil and gas infrastructure projects. In 2021, crude oil production was 199 million tons, which rebounded for 3 consecutive years. In 207.6 billion square meters, it has increased production exceeding 10 billion square meters in a row, and continues to maintain a good growth momentum.

The article mentioned that the adjustment of energy structure and industrial structure requires a real process. It cannot be separated from reality and eager to achieve success. It not only fully understands the difficult and complexity of energy transformation and change, fights for a long time for a long time, but also starts with a pragmatic solution to the current outstanding contradictions and focuses on fighting hard. Based on the basic national conditions of coal -based, traditional energy is gradually exited on the basis of the safety and reliability of new energy sources, and the proportion of non -fossil energy sources in the energy structure is gradually increased. In 2025 and 2030, the proportion of non -fossil energy was increased to about 20%and 25%, respectively.

The article mentioned that as the world's largest developing country, development is still our first priority. Promoting the arduous tasks such as industrialization, urbanization, and improving people's livelihood determine that we will still maintain the rigid demand for energy consumption growth in the future. Currently facing the weight of carbon reduction tasks, and the urgency of time is unprecedented. During the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" period, it is a critical period for achieving the "double carbon" goal as scheduled. It is necessary to seize this key window period and organize the implementation of the "ten ten" ten "ten Fourth Five "modern energy system planning and sub -areas, regions, and provincial energy planning, increase efforts to coordinate and promote the protection of low -carbon transformation and energy security supply, and unswervingly follow the high -quality development path of ecological priority and green low -carbon, so as to use The industry's own profound changes have driven economic and social systematic changes, and help accelerate the realization of green and low -carbon transformation.

The article mentioned that insisting on standing first and then breaking, building a clean low -carbon safety and efficient energy system. Accelerate the pace of energy structure adjustment, and the energy production link continues to improve carbon reduction. As of the end of 2021, the installed capacity of renewable energy power generation across the country exceeded 1 billion kilowatts, and the installed capacity of hydropower, wind power, and photovoltaic power generation exceeded 300 million kilowatts, and the proportion of coal consumption fell to 56%; Raise to 25.5%. The construction of about 100 million kilowatts of deserts, Gobi, and desert large -scale wind power photovoltaic bases with a successful installation was successfully started. The construction of large hydropower stations in the southwestern region has been accelerated. All units of Wudongde Hydropower Station and 6 aircraft groups in the Baihetan Hydropower Station were completed and put into operation. The active and safe and orderly nuclear power projects have been promoted in an orderly manner. Three nuclear power crews including Hualong -1, the world's first Budqing No. 5, Tianwan No. 6, and No. 5 Hongfang River, were completed and put into operation. The construction of the new power system has taken a new step. The cumulative installation scale of the nationwide pumping power station reached 36.39 million kilowatts, and the cumulative installed capacity of the new energy storage exceeded 4 million kilowatts. Promote the cleaning of the terminal to clean the low -carbonization, and the new power can replace the power of about 170 billion kilowatt -hours.

The article mentioned that insisting on two -way efforts and promoting energy production and consumption optimization and upgrading. Guide the supply side and consumer side two -way force. On the supply side, the basic national conditions that are based on coal -based, and give play to the supporting regulation and guarantee of coal and coal power on the development of new energy development. Vigorously promote the use of coal cleaning, and actively promote the "three reform linkages" of coal power energy saving carbon reduction, flexibility transformation, and heating transformation. Accelerate the transformation of energy, vigorously develop wind power and solar power generation, and actively develop clean energy such as hydropower, nuclear power, and biomass power generation. On the consumer side, promote coal reduction and restrictions on steel, non -ferrous, building materials and other industries, strictly control the blind development of the "two highs and one low" project, carry out energy conservation and upgrading of energy conservation in key areas, and promote enterprises to increase the proportion of green energy and electrification. Promoting the introduction of guidance to further promote electrical energy replacement, and further increase the proportion of power consumption of the terminal energy. Vigorously advocate green and low -carbon lifestyle to enhance the awareness of ecological and environmental protection of the whole people.

The article mentioned that it adheres to innovation leadership and continues to promote the energy green and low -carbon technology revolution. Give full play to the key supporting role of scientific and technological innovation in promoting the "double carbon" work, and accelerate key core technologies and equipment research in the energy field. Continue to promote the first (set) technology and equipment demonstration application in the energy field, consolidate the technical and equipment advantages of renewable energy and other fields, and strive to make breakthroughs in green low -carbon cutting -edge technology. At present, the assessment and evaluation of the national energy research and development innovation platform has been completed, and the assessment of two batch of first (set) major technical equipment has been organized. In terms of science and technology research and demonstration applications, the world's first commercial high -temperature gas -cold pile nuclear power plant has been connected to grid, and major progress has been made in the construction of the National Nuclear No. 1 Demonstration Project. The article mentioned that adherence to the national top -level design as the fundamental observance of the implementation of the energy industry tasks, fully consider the objective reality of regional resource distribution and industrial division of labor, study and determine the direction of the energy industry structure adjustment direction and the implementation of the "double carbon" implementation plan. Promote the overall goal of carbon peaks by 2030 as scheduled. Coordinate the planning of planning, strengthen the supervision of the implementation of planning policies, optimize the project approval process, increase efforts to implement major projects and projects, and ensure that a blueprint is painted to the end. Scientifically proposes the timetable, roadmap, and construction chart of the carbon and gas -electricity industry to reduce the carbon and gas -electricity industry, and coordinate the promotion of carbon emissions of various energy varieties to reach the peak.

The article mentioned that the implementation of new renewable energy and raw materials is not included in the total energy consumption control, establishes a unified and standardized carbon emission statistical accounting system, and promotes the "dual control" of energy consumption "dual control" to "dual control" of the total amount of carbon emissions and intensity. change. Promote the construction of the power market system that adapts to energy transformation, and solidly promote the reform of the oil and gas pipeline network. Continue to improve the green and low -carbon policy system, establish and improve the system and mechanism of integrated optimization of multi -energy varieties, integrated and optimization of source network loads, and strengthen policies such as finance, taxation, finance, environmental protection, and land. Promote the formulation of the revision of the energy law, power law, and coal law. Organize the implementation of carbon peak carbon neutralization in the energy field. Study and formulate policy mechanisms to promote clean energy consumption. Strengthen supervision of relevant policies. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)