Haimeng Group: Through more than 500 trademarks and supply chains, help you make sauce wine customization with connections

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Haimeng Group: Through more than 500 trademarks and supply chains, help you make sauce wine customization with connections

2022-05-15 18:02:15 9 ℃

If you want to be light assets and low -risk entrepreneurship, then you can pay attention to the headquarters in Haimeng Group, Xiamen, this company, which mainly operates sauce -flavored liquor customization. Entrepreneurs enter low risk, and the sauce -type liquor customization of specific communities.

Zhang Chao, the founder of Haimeng Group, was born in 1979. He was the general manager of the South China District of Haier Group. In 2015, after resigning and starting a business, he explored three industries, but gave up. In 2016, he decided to choose his own entrepreneurial direction as the customization of sauce -flavored liquor. After several years of development, he has now made a way in this industry.

Zhang Chao, founder of Haimeng Group

I am Zhang Chao, chairman of Haimeng Group. Before starting a business, I have been the general manager of the five regions of Haier in Herk before starting a business. When I left, it was the general manager of the South China District of Haier Group. Later, he was an executive of a Fortune 500 company.

(I am) starting a business in 2015, choose the track of sauce wine, why choose sauce wine?

In large platforms, we need resources to have resources, people and others, money and money, and respect for respect. But after leaving the platform to start a business, everything depends on this. So at that time, I deeply realized that the sense of loneliness of individuals, the sense of crisis of the times, and the sense of confusion in the future were the intersection.

So at that time, I was thinking about what ways I used to eliminate this feeling, I could leave the platform and build my own platform again. Later, I found that from the beginning of the Haier brothers, including many brothers extended by the Haier brothers, this is our biggest resource. If we can connect everyone together and build a platform for heating. This loneliness of each individual entrepreneurship.

So based on this idea, I am thinking about what kind of products and models I use to link everyone together. Finally, I chose it to choose the track of sauce wine, because what are the characteristics of sauce wine? First. From the perspective of product characteristics, drinking is relatively healthy, brewed in pure grain. The third one, the third one, the sauce wine, you can't finish it, you can't sell it.

Zhang Chao said that after thinking about making sauce -flavored liquor in his entrepreneurial direction, he began to do market research and integrate supply chain, and what ways to use into the market. He made sauce -flavored liquor, chose to customize through the community and enterprises, be a niche brand, guide customers to use wine chain friends, seek things with friends, and solidify friends. At present, many well -known companies have become customers of Haimeng Group.

At the end of 2016, I started a survey. I have been investigating for more than half a year. After I completely want to understand, the front -end supply chain, the resources of the master's product control, and the model of the product, etc. After all settling, I will make 18 brothers who have worked together to Xiamen and make a very beautiful PPT. Not reliable? What do we do? To what extent do we do, how do our brothers participate?

After telling everyone, all the brothers have the same feelings, because they are these brothers who have left the platform. Soon this matter becomes. For more than two weeks, the brothers have done more than 5 million, and then they start to start to start Start.

This is the first brand, named Haiyufang, and the main link is to extend the community gene of Haier's brother. The second one is the second. By 2018, we have made Hamengfang again. Essence Haimengfang links the resources of many chambers of commerce.

Later, more of the brand output, it reserved more than 500 trademarks, to Quanshang, Min Shang, Jishang, Long Shang. Wait, I made a lot of this brand output.

In Zhang Chao's view, now entrepreneurs enter the sauce -flavored liquor industry, and want to create a new sauce -flavored liquor brand in the past traditional way. The threshold is very high and it is difficult to have the probability of success. The group's brand and supply link empowerment, then they are completely likely to rely on a private community to make a niche sauce -flavored liquor brand. For example, Shi Minglong, who is also the founding secretary -general of the Xiamenquan Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and deputy secretary -general of the Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen City, has operated three sauce -type liquor brands through cooperation with Haimeng Group.

Institute of Creator of the Quangang Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen City

Shi Minglong, Deputy Secretary -General of the Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen City

In 2018, the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Haimeng Group jointly established Xiamenquan Merchant National Wine Industry Co., Ltd. I am the chairman of the third in the Quan merchant national wine industry. After I took over, I operated in our Quan Merchant National Wine Company. First of all, one of us was our original, which is the Quan merchant national wine industry, the spring merchant wine, and the spring merchant wine. National Wine, Dream Wine, and Quan Shang Legend series. So the second is our Lan Shang series, the Lan Shang, which is our Pingtan, the so -called Lan Shang spirit, then we also designed a set for this, called Lan Shangjiu. Then the Lan Shang Wine Series is the same as the Quanshang Wine Series, and it is also a Lan merchant wine, national wine, dream wine, and Lan Shang legend. Such a entire series, it also has a Lan merchant, Pingtan family, third, third This series is our Shi family. There is our Haimengfang Shi Lang. At present, we are mainly customized wine, and now the entire society is good. Longyan Internet Elite Federation/Deputy Secretary -General Lin Xing

Lin Xing is the Deputy Secretary -General of the Secretariat of the Longyan Internet Elite Federation. In 2021, he also operated a sauce -type liquor brand called "Zhonglongjun -Dragon Wine" by cooperating with the cooperation with Haimeng Group to rely on the Entrepreneur Association of the Longyan Internet Elite Federation.

Dragon wine, in September last year, I returned to Xiamen to operate from Beijing. (Because) the cause of the epidemic, I will be with our (Longyan Internet Elite Federation) and our secretary -general. Is it possible for the entrepreneurs of our (Longyan Internet) Legion and so many companies to do one of them. Our wine, we also get their affirmation, so, the dragon wine was born. Dragon wine, it is not a (to) product (refers to directly sold to consumers) products. More products made for large enterprises, such as our (Longyan Internet) Legion, there are some companies that everyone knows. For example, like byte beating, such as the Meituan, we hope to be able to make one. Except for the use of Moutai together, the rest of the concept should be sent to the dragon wine. The problem of wine.

Lin Peixing, Chairman of Shenzhen Mandarin Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

The sauce -flavored white wine that Haimeng Group is customized through the community. In the opinion of Lin Peixing, chairman of Shenzhen Mandarin Digital Technology Co., Ltd., this is a good commercial innovation. Although Lin Peixing is in Shenzhen, he is also the executive vice president of the Longyan Internet Elite Federation. Not long ago, when he needed a reception, he specially found a batch of "dragon wine" for Lin Xing, who was also in Longyan. He felt that using this wine for reception not only had a guarantee, but also supported the business of the villagers.

My company is mainly engaged in the Internet plus justice, which is to help social governance dispute mediation and engage in scientific and technological services in this area. I am also the executive vice president of the (Longyan) Internet Elite Federation. So (Longyan Internet Elite) The dragon wine pushed by the Federation is that it has a good quality. Some time ago, I have a reception, and then I think of this dragon wine of our (Longyan Internet Elite) Federation, so I will A batch is set first. I have been drinking these days, and I drank it three times, but I didn't get thirsty the next day. I think it is a good wine.

Jiang Yanhong, brand partner of Haimeng Group "Jiujiu"

Jiang Yanhong, a brand partner of the "Jiujiu" brand of Haimeng Group, is a post -90s entrepreneur. She was originally a cosmetics sales. In 2017, she joined the Haimeng Group founded by Zhang Chao and became the co -founder of the wine brand of Haimeng Group. In her opinion, now the company's custom -made corporate customized enterprise customization It is a good business.

I always met with Zhang in 2017. I used to do the cosmetics industry. So why make liquor? Because liquidity of liquor has strong investment, high safety, and high income. Then I am responsible for a brand "Jiu Jiu" (Haimeng Group), which is a good -looking and delicious wine.

Then it is China's first cultural creation brand wine. It has the hands of the brothers and the hands of the lover. In the past, making wine was just making wine. Now it is different. What he does is culture and drinks healthy. I often remind friends around me not to be three big wine friends, spend a lot of money, buy big brands, fake wine, and make grievances, so my friends around me now drink our own wine.

Jiujiu was listed in December 2020, and it sold more than 15,000 boxes in two months. Now it has recruited partners in more than 30 cities. Its sales are still growing steadily.