In front of them Tencent, Ali, and Huawei are both younger brothers, and take stock of the six most profitable companies in my country.

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In front of them Tencent, Ali, and Huawei are both younger brothers, and take stock of the six most profitable companies in my country.

2022-05-16 00:07:24 16 ℃

There are four major consortiums of Rockefeller, Morgan, Citi Bank and DuPont, and they have almost reached the point where we have a rich country. The wealth we have is not what we ordinary people can imagine. What consortium is there in our country? You may think of Alibaba or Tencent Huawei, but in fact, the richest consortium than them, in terms of revenue profit or total assets, they are the hegemon of the wealth industry. But they rarely exposed in the media, and they were very low -key, and even hidden behind the scenes. Today, I will take a look with everyone, the six most profitable enterprise groups in my country. To understand who is these six consortia?

The first is China Resources Group. When it comes to China Resources Group, his most famous product should be China Resources Yibao mineral water. Of course, one of the largest mineral water brands is not the only industry of China Resources, it is just a small piece in the cake. As the largest shareholder of housing enterprises Vanke, China Resources Group is also a major shareholder of Sanjiu Pharmaceutical and East Ejiao. At the same time, it also has the first Snowflake Beer, and the five major power generation companies in my country and the largest chain supermarket Wanjia Group.

China Resources's predecessor was a joint bank established in Hong Kong in 1938. It was not renamed China Resources until 1948. The company's founder was Yang Lian'an. Today, there are more than 2,300 companies under China Resources Group, and there are more than 400,000 employees, which is almost the total population of a small country. In addition, China Resources Group's business covers consumer goods, electricity, real estate, medicine, finance, and so on. There are five listed companies in Hong Kong. The same is true in the Mainland. There are six listed companies, and of these 11 listed companies, the market value of seven companies is between 50 billion and more than 200 billion. In 2010, China Resources Group entered the Fortune Fortune World for the first time. By 2021, China Resources Group ranked 69th with a revenue of more than $ 100 billion and a net profit of more than 10 billion US dollars. The operating income of 2021 was more than 700 billion yuan.

The second is Poly Group. Poly Group is a company established in 1993. Poly Technology Co., Ltd. is its predecessor. It belongs to a large state -owned enterprise group under the supervision of the SASAC. The Group was originally responsible for the import and export of military equipment. Early Poly Group was established to cooperate with millions of major arranges. After more than two decades, Poly's business has covered the fields of international trade, real estate development, cultural and artistic management, mineral resource development and other fields, covering more than 100 countries and regions around the world. At the same time, it also involves national security and the lifeblood of the national economy. In 2019, Poly Group and China Silk Industry Group reorganized, and China Silk Industry Group merged into Poly Group. Today, Poly Group has 11 2 -level subsidiaries, five listed companies and nearly 100,000 employees. The total assets have exceeded 1400 billion yuan and revenue also exceeded 285 billion yuan.

The third is CITIC Group. CITIC Group was founded by Rong Yiren on October 4, 1979. The full name is China International Trust Investment Corporation. The Group's main business is concentrated in the field of finance, industry and other service industries, and belongs to large financial central enterprise groups. In 2011, CITIC Group was reorganized into a wholly state -owned enterprise. CITIC Group can be said to be a witness to reform and opening up. A few years ago, CITIC Group photographed the core plot of Beijing CBD at a price of 6.3 billion days, and built a famous Chinese respect on this land. In addition, CITIC Group is also the founder of Beijing Bird's Nest.

Since its development, CITIC Group has become a large -scale central enterprise and a powerful multinational enterprise group. As long as you can think of the industry, almost all of the shadow of CITIC Group. Moreover, there are as many as 175 subsidiaries, including CITIC Bank, CITIC Securities, Huaxia Fund, Guoan Group, Asian satellite, etc. These companies belong to CITIC Group. In addition, the starting point of CITIC Group is also very high. At the time of its establishment, the registered capital had two billion yuan. Until now, the total assets of the group have exceeded 6 trillion. Among the global Fortune 500 companies announced in 2019, CITIC Group ranked 115th with operating income of US $ 708.9 billion and a net profit of 702 Hong Kong dollars.

Fourth, China Merchants Group. China Merchants Group can be said to be the oldest Chinese enterprise. Founded in 1872, it has a history of 149 years. He was established by Li Hongzhang, a famous minister in the evening of the Qing Dynasty, and the earliest shipping company in China. Moreover, China Merchants is a witness and participant of the Westernization Movement, and it is also the only company with the fruit of the mighty foreign affairs movement. China Merchants established China's first bank and the first insurance company. Compared with the previous groups, China Merchants' asset scale is the largest. The total asset scale in 2021 reached 1.1 trillion yuan. Like China Resources Group, they are one of the four major Chinese companies in Hong Kong. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, China Merchants became the earliest in Hong Kong. Today, China Merchants not only has strong strength, but also maintains a leading position in many fields.

China Merchants has 60 ports around the world. Port cargo throughput ranks first in the world. The main shipping of China Merchants Board ranked second in the world. There are more than 360 cargo ships. China Foreign Transport and China Shipping, etc., are companies under the China Merchants Bureau. In addition, there is another business in China Merchants, which is the financial industry. Its China Merchants Bank ranked 162th in the Fortune Fortune Fortune World in 2021. The group also involves various businesses such as securities, insurance, and venture capital. In 2020, China Merchants Group's operating income was more than 800 billion yuan, and net profit was more than 130 billion. It can be said that it is extraordinary. Fifth, Everbright Group. China Everbright Group Co., Ltd. was established by the Ministry of Finance and Central Huijin Company and was founded in Hong Kong in 1983. At the beginning, the Group mainly operated foreign trade and industrial investment. Nowadays, the business has expanded to finance, medical care, and cultural fields. It is a large state -owned and large -scale financial holding group. The signature business of Everbright Group is the Everbright Bank. Last year, Everbright Bank ranked 28th in the Global Bank brand value rankings. In addition, there are nearly ten listed companies such as Everbright Securities, Everbright Holdings, and China Youth Tourism Holdings under the Everbright Group. Among the top 500 wealth world in 2021, Everbright Group ranked 194th, with total assets reached 5.2 trillion, and operating income reached more than 200 billion yuan. Although the revenue is not as good as China Resources, CITIC, and China Merchants Bureau, the total assets exceed China Resources and CITIC. Compared with other companies, Everbright Group can develop into today's scale in the past 40 years, which is really potential.

The last one is Chinese tobacco. Speaking of China's most profitable companies, it is necessary to mention the Chinese tobacco company. Established in 1982, the company's main responsibility was based on the policy of national laws. It provided unified centralized management for production, sales, import and export, and foreign economic and technological cooperation. In addition, China Tobacco also has a trump card, which is the China Tobacco Monopoly Agency. These two companies jointly manage 33 provincial tobacco monopoly bureaus in my country, 16 industrial companies, 57 cigarette factories, and more than 1,000 commercial companies. 510,000 staff members. Employees who work in Chinese tobacco can also reach 180,000 yuan an annual income. Therefore, Chinese tobacco is where many graduates yearn for work.

The difference between Chinese tobacco and other groups is that they are not supervised by the SASAC, but are managed by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. Strangely, such a large company does not actually go to the top 500 in the world like other groups. What is the reason? Regarding the top 500, the condition is to require enterprises to have independent and sound corporate governance capabilities. This is their indicator. However, Chinese tobacco does not have this condition, because they implement a monopoly. Simply put, Chinese tobacco is not a business company. In addition, Chinese tobacco has never announced operating income, and it will only announce taxes to the outside world. As for the specific sales revenue and total assets, it can be said to be a relatively mysterious enterprise. Neither open business income, and naturally it will not be higher on the Internet with other companies.

However, if the only tax payment announced by China Tobacco alone, the total tax of China Tobacco Corporation in 2021 was 1358.1 billion yuan. It is definitely no problem to say to be squeezed into the world's top 500. There are about 3:5 billion smokers in China. Suppose that each smoker costs 20 yuan a day a day, and 2 trillion yuan will be removed in one year. Based on the current US dollar and RMB exchange rates, it was converted to about $ 30 billion. This data can be ranked in the top ten in the world's top 500 rankings. It is lower than the US Power Grid Corporation's 387 billion US dollars, which is higher than the Saudi Ome Petroleum Corporation, which was originally ranked sixth than 355.9 billion US dollars revenue. Of course, for such state -owned enterprises, it doesn't matter if it is ranking.