Jinguang Group acquired 1.6 billion yuan to acquire Bain London Headquarters Building. At least 5 buildings in London

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Jinguang Group acquired 1.6 billion yuan to acquire Bain London Headquarters Building. At least 5 buildings in London

2022-05-16 00:07:44 19 ℃

On May 12th, according to Costar reports in London, the United Kingdom, Jinguang Group, a subsidiary of Huang Yicong, the second largest consortium in Indonesia, acquired 32- 32- 32- of West End, West End, West End, West End. The 50 Stas building, the Bain London Headquarters Building, has exchanged contracts in recent days. It is expected that the entire transaction will be completed in June this year.

It is reported that the Golden Guang Group is purchased in the name of its Golden Land.

Data show that the Bain London Headquarters Building purchased by Jinguang Group is located in the core area of ​​West End, London. The seller is the British real estate company Land Securities. The building is mainly used by office and retail. The office area reaches 139,000 square feet (about 12914 square meters). The building is mainly leased to the US consulting company Bain. The lease period will end in March 2032.

The bottom floor of the building has a retail shop of 38,000 square feet (about 3530 square meters). Tenters include McDonald's restaurant, Sainsbury ’s supermarket, and so on. The annual rental yield of the building is 4.2%.

It is worth mentioning that, with the building purchased, the Huang Yicong family currently has at least 5 buildings in London.

In 2013, Jin Guangzheng entered the London market, and spent 84 million pounds to buy a New Brook Buildings building in Covent Garden, London. In 2014, about 57 million pounds bought 10 GREAT PULTENEY Street Permanent Property Rights Building. In 2015, I bought Alphabeta Building, which is located in the London Financial City 4-18 FINSBURY Square.

In 2017, 225 million pounds bought the DEPARTMENT for Transport. The British Ministry of Transportation Building was built in 1992, with a total of 7 floors, with a total area of ​​180,613 square feet (about 16,779 square meters). All office space was leased to the British Ministry of Transport. The British pound, the rental return is 3.6%.

Official information shows that Jinguang Group was founded in 1938 by Huang Yicong, Indonesian Chinese, and the investment scope of Jinguang Group includes Asia, North America, Europe, Australia and other places. At present, the Group has formed seven core industries: pulp and paper industry, financial industry, agricultural and food processing, real estate, energy and infrastructure, mobile communications and health care.

Among them, the Paper Paper Group -ASIA Pulp & Paper Co., LTD.) Is the leading industry of Jinguang Group. Its living paper brands include breeze, Polygaya, Wei Jieya, Zhenzhen and Yili. It has dozens of pulp, papermaking companies and more than 1 million hectares of rapid forests, distributed in Indonesia, China and other places.

Golden Group's investment in real estate is mainly distributed in Indonesia, Singapore, the United States and China. Among them, Chinese projects include Shanghai's Bund Center, White Magnolia Plaza, Jinhong Bridge International Center, and Xinghui Center.

Investment in the financial industry involves commercial banks, insurance, securities, investment, credit cards and leasing, including providing customized financial products and services for private customers and corporate customers.

The investment in the agricultural and food processing industry is mainly based on its Asia Food & Properties Co., which is listed on Singapore (AFP). As one of Indonesia's largest palm oil producers, AFP has the world's largest private palm plantation. AFP has invested in the well -known Huafeng instant noodles and Grand Slam oil in China.

Huang Yicong, the founder of Jinguang Group, Eka Tjipta Widjaja, was born in 1921. He was originally born in Dalhaoxi Village, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. Laweisi Wangjiaxi, the current South Susta Lawishi provincial capital of Wulong Ban City. Jinguang Group was founded in 1938. Since 1992, Jinguang Group began to invest in China.

On January 26, 2019, Huang Yicong died at the age of 98.

At present, the chairman and president of Jinguang Group are Huang Zhiyuan, the eldest son of Huang Yicong. According to the 2021 Forbes Indonesian Rich List, Huang Yicong and Huang Zhiyuan family were second only to Indonesian Needle International Group with wealth of 9.7 billion US dollars, and Indonesian cigarette producers Huang Huixiang and Huang Huizhong ranked second in Indonesia.