The shortage of Nissan early warning chips will become "new normal", and its profitability will decline

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The shortage of Nissan early warning chips will become "new normal", and its profitability will decline

2022-05-16 00:07:22 22 ℃

Picture source: Reuters

According to the news, because Nissan is trying to cope with the global chip shortage, rising raw material costs, and China's restrictions on the epidemic, Nissan's expected business profit will be flat, which is far lower than analyst expectations.

Reuters reported that with more and more global auto manufacturers' early warning of profitability, Nissan also joined it because they could not completely pass the continuous surge cost to consumers, and in the Russian -Ukraine conflict and China ’s epidemic situation After long -term blockade, they are facing more supply chains.

Its biggest competitor Toyota said on Wednesday that the unprecedented increase in raw materials may reduce its annual profit by one -fifth.

It is said that Nissan's CEO Makoto Uchida said that the supply chain has become a major challenge in the industry, because the manufacturer's prediction may change rapidly due to real -time events, and the "uncertain situation" around the supply chain -including China, including China Blocking -is the biggest risk to arrive.

Nissan's expected sales of this fiscal year will increase by 18.7%to 10 trillion yen ($ 77.6 billion). However, operating profit will increase only 1%to 250 billion yen, which is lower than the average expected of 19 -bit analysts lower than Refinitiv ($ 2.5 billion).

Nissan's chief operating officer Ashwani Gupta said at the financial report conference: "Semiconductor shortage is a new normal, just like epidemics, we must accept it because it will not end in a short time."

Nissan said that raw materials and logistics costs are expected to increase by about 1.5 times to 212 billion yen in fiscal year in April, of which more than half of them come from steel and aluminum. The company also predicts that logistics costs this year will increase 45 billion yen.

Stephen Ma, the chief financial officer of Nissan Motor, said that the company will respond to price increases through the hedging and pre -order raw materials. (School pair/Sitan)