The wife is investment master, his son to play live, the richest Wang Jianlin this family was not simple!

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The wife is investment master, his son to play live, the richest Wang Jianlin this family was not simple!

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Recently, Wanda Commercial withdrawal of H shares listed on the special resolution has been approved by the general meeting of shareholders. If calculated in accordance with the A-share valuation standard, Wang Jianlin wealth is expected to swell to $485 billion, ranked fifth in the world, and Chinese second Li Ka Shing ($271 billion) left far behind, become the richest man in more than one billion Chinese circle of well deserved.

Kung Fu financial's Bang Bang has predicted that China's richest man may be Wang Jianlin. Many people think that the richest man will be born in the BAT. However, with the advance of the layout Wanda Wanda, China, and even the world's richest Chinese people are likely to be Wang Jianlin.

Hu Run believes that Wanda business is just a part of the business landscape in Wang Jianlin, these two years continue to buy in the international Wanda cinema is also a part of Wang Jianlin business layout can not be ignored. In addition, Wanda sports, tourism, finance is not listed on the potential of stocks, allegedly cultural Wanda Group is China's largest corporate culture, world's largest cinema operator, the world's largest sports company, and Wanda finance is China's largest network of financial enterprises, Wang Jian Lin of the layout is simple.

- Wang Jianlin (source: Oriental IC)

Its style from the development of Wanda Department can be seen, if it is said that commercial real estate is the first war Wang Jianlin experienced, then he lost the first City Wanda Department store. From the beginning, the establishment of Wanda Department Store's first goal is not to make money, but in order to cooperate with the rapid opening of Wanda Plaza, capital of the ho. For Wanda strategy, Wang Jianlin said he did not deliberately go to research, formulate, I do not know whether it is true, or we are right." Wang Jianlin said. His subordinates think he is very sensitive to the judgment of things, "sense of loss and gain, a strong sense of victory and defeat."

There must be a simple woman behind a successful man, can stand firmly in the richest man Wang Jianlin, behind, lin ning is a ruthless role.

Wife lin ning on what stood firmly behind Wang Jianlin

Now the community spread of such a word: "man in the home, women at home for the world," although eggs, not all women are "in the world", but their relatively low-key, as China's top ten billionaires and their wives seldom on camera appearance.

(Hongkong's richest man, Zhou Kaixuan and "the red man" Li Jiacheng)

(Alibaba founder Jack Ma and his wife Zhang Ying)

(Baidu CEO Robin Li and his wife Ma Dongmin)

As the wife of the richest man, Wang Jianlin, national husband Wang Sicong's mother, lin ning, has been very low-key, rarely appears before the public, everyone thought she was just a married into the giants of unknown woman, actually otherwise. She is chairman Lin investment group, Baidu's previous data show that her father is Lin Lianzhang.

Pictures for Lin Ningquan family, among the back row of the old lin ning father Lin Lianzhang, rear right lady is mother lin ning, front left a lin ning, front left three children is Wang Sicong uncle Lin friends. Lin ning father Lin Lianzhang had participated in Huaibei Wuhe battle, Lingbi battle, Jin Pu Lu sabotage warfare, Sixian battle, Sui sea battle, the Huai Hai Campaign and the Yangtze crossing campaign, won three independent Medal of freedom and the third class Liberation Medal.

In addition to the mystery of the family background, I am also a high yen investment expert!

Lin ning beautiful, this is an undeniable fact. Look at her with Zhao Wei sitting together, the age, the temperament is also poor! Capital elegance!

Lin ning besides appearance and temperament are very perfect, she can is in Wang Jianlin behind the firm's a important reason: she was a woman and money skills also should not be underestimated.

Lin ning as chairman Lin investment group was established in March 1994, Wanda Group in the commercial plaza project partners and strategic partners. Have a big star decoration, Tiantai national chain of discount KTV, Orlant and other enterprises, access to economic and Trade Club's.

From the introduction of Lin investment group can be seen, lin ning where the company and Wang Jianlin Wanda Group can be said to be in different positions of the same industry chain, which for the cooperation between the two sides is very good, it feels like is couples file, but others the couple files can not like large. Also, lin ning and Wang Jianlin, in the same building, office building, Lin investment group the company's offices are in Wanda Building 26 floors. It is confirmed that the sentence "husband and wife with, work not tired" ah!

According to public information, Lin investment Beijing oulante club, in 2009 was named the "Robb report" is one of China's five major Gourmet Club, 2010 is China Times named "ten great wealth effects of business life is one of, 2011 was named" the year's most influential club ". 2012 was named "the most dynamic Club of the year", in 2013 was named "the most dynamic Club of the year"".

By the end of 2009, Orlant club has become the exclusive club designated by the Chinese entrepreneurs club. Many important activities of business leaders are chosen in the Oriental Club held, said in the so-called "upper class social circle", oulante is recognized domestic "the best of the best" one of the clubs, Liu, Liu Yonghao, Wang Jianlin, Guo Guangchang, Ma Weihua, Ma and other entrepreneurs are distinguished oulante club members. Thus, lin ning is a virtuous Wang Jianlin Wang Jianlin, to help take care of the most important business resources.

Wang Sicong's mother is really amazing background, bravado beauties! Lin ning has its own group company, is in charge of China's top club club, "a woman"".

In addition to the above information, the national law also has a fan of the circle of friends, with a variety of what you want to get, you can not think of all the shadow.

Prince Charles:

Prince William:

Prince Albert S of Monaco:

Gulfstream, rendez vous top:

Big names in the country are more than a few, such as the queen Carina Lau, black and white!

Piano master:

In addition to these people, to make luxury jewelry and watch world-renowned brands, the founder of Chopin, Earl, Cartier are lin ning an acquaintance.

Son Wang Sicong, he's not an idle two generation.

Wang Sicong in an interview once said: "my father is indeed very tolerant of me, remove the & apos; the old son of & apos; this is the middle of the feelings of guilt, I was the victim of parental entrepreneurship." Small Wang Sicong had been sent abroad to study, although a lot of kids will because of lack of parental care, and become broken broken jar fell, but people Wang Sicong or girl bubble, of Kan Buguan things often express their views, the most important is the ability to make money is not bad.

To see this one family, the two son is also very funny, "worthy of the title of national father:

Once a reporter asked Wang Jianlin, Wanda Group so famous is not relying on national husband Wang Sicong propaganda, did not expect Wang Jianlin answer, Wanda also used his publicity, it seems that the relationship between the two father and son good.

And Wang Sicong I registered the MIPs capital, has been involved in investment projects 22, which has five listed companies, the consolidated assets has reached 60 billion yuan.

Some people say that regardless of whether or not to marry Wang Jianlin Lin are wealthy. Do not look at the vested interest, led by Wang Sicong China live investment boom in gaming. Perhaps a family of real stability not husband and wife both inside and outside, or relying on a good shade tree, but each has the wonderful, remain aloof from the world.

Not afraid of other people have more money than you, but rich people harder than you. To step up the fight, small partners ~