4 lessons brought to the households in Henan Village Banking incident, keep in mind the guardian money bag

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4 lessons brought to the households in Henan Village Banking incident, keep in mind the guardian money bag

2022-06-22 12:41:34 14 ℃

Henan Village Banking incident made positive progress, and online customers began to register information. The incident of Henan Village and Town Bank has undoubtedly sounded the alarm to the majority of scholars. At least 4 lessons are worth learning. I hope everyone can keep in mind the lessons and protect their money bags and hard -earned money.

The village banks with all these storage households who choose these names are nothing more than valued their high interest, but remember to remember a iron law, high interest rates, and high risks. In order to ensemble the storage of these village banks, the interest rate is more attractive than the state -owned bank. However, if the interest rate is too high and it deviates from the normal market interest rate range, be careful, because this may not be pie but a trap.

It is necessary to keep in mind a sentence that the CIRC emphasizes many times: those who have more than 6%of the yield must be questioned, and more than 8%are dangerous, and more than 10%should prepare all the principal.

Although the interest rate of state -owned banks is lower, the security is higher, the risk is lower, and the high interest is greedy, which means high risk. It is difficult to get back in the principal.

The Bank of Xin people's livelihood village banks in Yuzhou, Henan, Huanghuai Village Bank of Tancheng ... These banks who have problems have not even heard of their names. According to data from the CBRC, the number of villages and towns across the country is 1,651, accounting for about 36%of the total number of banking financial institutions across the country.

The small banks in other places have never been heard, but why do these stores choose their deposit and financial management? Among them, the third -party wealth management platform plays the role of connection. It is precisely because of the strong recommendation and publicity of these financial platforms that these investors can deposit in different places.

In fact, the state has already stopped for off -site deposits. It is the huge risks brought about to prevent these village banks' high interest rates on high interest rate expansion. If storeders can understand national policies in time, after seeing the state's call for suspension of deposits, timely The money is taken out, and now it will not fall into such a situation.

In this incident, the major shareholders of these village banks, Henan New Fortune Group, absorbed public funds through funds and other customers. Among them, some people with a large amount of funds went to the deposit here through the intermediary, because these funds were given high discounts, and the annual interest rate was even as high as 10%.

We said earlier that the yield of more than 10%must be prepared to lose all the principal. Therefore, the flicker of these listening funds and the investors who deposit huge amounts of funds into the village banks are obviously a routine. It may be gone.

Because discount deposits are not protected by the law, whether it is sunny or non -sunshine discounts, if you hold high discounts, the nature of funds will be different, and it may not be repaid by the deposit insurance system. Therefore, those ordinary people may be The deposit of less than 500,000 yuan may be rescued. The discount deposits of these funds may eventually wait.

No matter which bank deposit is, be sure to get the bank's deposit voucher, which is the condition for enjoying the deposit insurance system. Therefore, when you go to the bank's deposit, you must look at the agreement carefully. Do n’t let you sign the agreement. You do n’t even read it. It ’s risky. Because it may be that you may sign it. The voucher, but other nature agreements, you think you are applying for the deposit business, but may be signed by other businesses, such as deposit changes to financial management, deposit changes to insurance, must be determined to determine the nature of the deposit, so that you can enjoy the deposit insurance system Insurance and bottom.

Turn to the people around you pay attention. Welcome to think about it.