Who is Xu Guohao?What did he make, and he would be punished for such a severe punishment

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Who is Xu Guohao?What did he make, and he would be punished for such a severe punishment

2022-06-22 18:15:51 12 ℃

The news of Xu Guohao's punishment appeared on the hot search.

Who is Xu Guohao? Many people ask questions like this. What did he commit what he committed and was punished at once. The situation that Zhongxin Finance reporters learned were that Xu Guohao was the anchor of Momo, Momo: Xu Ze. After investigation, Xu Guohao obtained live reward revenue from 2019 to 2020. He did not apply for tax declaration tax in accordance with the law for less than 17.5557 million yuan in personal income tax. 10,000 yuan, paying less than 2.189 million yuan in taxes. Therefore, it was fined 108 million yuan by the tax department.

Another hundreds of millions of dollars, the fame of the offenders was not great, so that few people knew his true name. However, it is such an anchor that the amount involved in the case is as high as tens of millions of yuan. Weiya is like this, and Xueli is the same. This is the same. So how many online anchors are this? Have you conducted a comprehensive investigation and comprehensive verification? Do you want to investigate and verify it comprehensively?

There is an idiom called "Twenty -eight Years of Zuo Zhuan · Zhaogong" from Zuo Qiuming during the Spring and Autumn Period, which means that when greedy is not satisfied. In other words, once people have greed, they will never feel satisfied. For Xu Guohao, as an online anchor, there are hundreds of millions of income, which is enough to make tens of thousands of people look up, enough to become rich people. These income, if they are allocated to several, dozens, or even hundreds of ordinary people, are enough to excite them and make them extremely satisfied and carefree. However, it was not satisfied with Xu Guohao's hands alone, but he had to risk the evasion of taxes.

We noticed that the investigation of tax evasion of online anchors was two years in 2019 and 2019. If the survey time is wider, the anchor's problem may be more serious. If the penalties are not increased, there will still be a large tax loss, which will make social wealth distribution very unfair.

In fact, as an anchor of the Momo platform, Xu Guohao can evade taxes tens of millions of yuan. It should be said that the influence on Momo is quite large. So I don't know his name is because he used Xu Ze's name on Momo. Therefore, when the relevant parties shall be punished, should it be announced with their real name and net name, so that public opinion and the public understand their true colors and worthy of attention. Otherwise, it is really impossible to make people know what kind of person Xu Guohao is, and why he made such a big deal.

What is more difficult to understand is why the tax evasion case like Xu Guohao still fined, does not account for accountability, and why not transfer it to the judicial organs for treatment. The so -called "first offenders", in the case of Wei Ya, Shirley, etc. have been severely punished, Xu Guohao still does not take the initiative to pay taxes, can it be regarded as "first offender"? Isn't it aware of the criminals and not changing the teachings? Don't you want to pass the level and get away? For such cases, the criminal responsibility of the legal representative must be held in order to have a warning effect on others. Otherwise, even though there are more taxes, they will not take the initiative to correct and make up for payment. Instead, they are waiting for the opportunity to wait, wait for the opportunity, and wait for the opportunity to evade taxes.

Because of this, the relevant parties in the issue of tax evasion such as anchors, stars, etc. are relatively large flaws, and there are relatively large loopholes. If you do not investigate the legal responsibilities and criminal responsibilities of relevant personnel involved, we suggest that the responsibilities and malfeasance of the relevant functional departments and their staff should be investigated. After all, such a huge tax evasion, the functional department is responsible and a loss of duty. After the problem was found, they did not do it strictly in accordance with the law. Instead, they always used the "first offenders" as an excuse. They were just fine for those who evaded taxes. Because in real life, there are too many physical enterprise operators who have been held accountable for tax evasion. It is too easy to make money and contribute to the social enterprise operators and film and television stars. Let it go, replacing the criminal responsibility for fines, it must be said that it is a great regret, the injustice implemented by the law, the harm to the fair rules of the market, and the harm to the operator of the physical enterprise.