Tmall 618 Data Announcement: Nearly 300 brands have traded more than 100 million

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Tmall 618 Data Announcement: Nearly 300 brands have traded more than 100 million

2022-06-22 18:15:58 12 ℃

Beijing News Shell Financial News (Reporter Cheng Ziyi) On June 22, Tmall announced 618 data. This year, more than 260,000 brands participated in Tmall 618. Over 100 million items.

In the early morning of June 21, Dai Shan, the head of the Tmall 618 project, posted a thank you letter to the merchant. She said that this year's 618 was very successful. The huge recovery. "

In 618 this year, the number of Taobao live broadcast accounts increased by 12.4%year -on -year, and the transaction turn room reached 32 live rooms, and the turnover of more than 10 million live rooms reached 434; KA (core) anchor transaction increased by 63%year -on -year. twenty two%.

618 is the first promotion of Taobao Tmall since half a year. At the previous merchant symposium, Dai Shan said, "Helping merchants to stabilize the market and grow, it is my most important thing this year."

The core strategy of Taobao Tmall is to focus on 1 billion consumers, from transactions to consumption, do a good job of, be a good domestic consumer market, lock the certainty in uncertainty, and explore new business opportunities in certainty.

In 618 this year, Taobao Tmall launched 25 merchant measures covering five major areas including financial subsidies, logistics dredging, traffic subsidies, epidemic special sessions, and technological upgrades, which runs through the full -links of merchants. The number of measures was more than twice that of Tmall Double 11 last year.

During the 618 period, the Taobao Tmall platform increased its subsidy, issued two waves of 88VIP large vouchers, and combined with 250,000 merchants with a total of nearly 10 million consumers with interest -free installment payment services. This year, Tmall 618 has more than 45 million new products contributed nearly 30%of the transaction. The transaction growth of 410 new brands exceeded 100%, and the transaction growth rate of 214 old names exceeded 100%.