500 million in the birthday award, "bundled" variety shows, and the giant Mengyao who married the giants became a tool person?

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500 million in the birthday award, "bundled" variety shows, and the giant Mengyao who married the giants became a tool person?

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After integrating into the life of the giants, the female stars must give up their careers, no longer show up, but also cannot choose their own hairstyles. Even daily emotional expression will be interpreted as a kind of meaning. Under the aura of rich money, no matter how pure and harmless temperament, how much money he can make, as long as he becomes a giants, he must also be identified as "gold worship".

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Recently, the son of the Gambling King Four Tai Tai, He Yanjun, questioned the "bubble tender model in the wedding" and sent 12 consecutive questions to netizens and was laughed at "crazy literature":

"Really, do you have evidence? How much is the reward? Who tells you? Who are you? Do you have a rumor to collect it? Do you have a sense of success? And fun? Do you have no serious job? Do you contribute to this society? Can you release positive energy to this universe? Is your life so boring? "

I wanted to show love with the overbearing president, but because the output was not handled well, and the funny effect was increased. He Junjun's style of painting was always the same. The last time he was ridiculed by netizens, it was because of the "Father of the Grandson "--

On October 24, 2019, Xi Mengyao gave birth to a child. When He Yanjun issued a post to thank his wife, he emphasized that his son was the five generations of the grandson and the wishes of the 98 -year -old gambling king finally realized. Netizens commented that they "obtained a favorable chip for the separation of separation."

Changsun, male ding ... The wealthy daughter -in -law seems to be destined to carry the mission of "receiving male treasures". Guo Biting married the Prince of the Hong Kong Circle to Xiang Zuo, and he retreated halfway. His hair also lost his autonomy. After a daughter born in 2020, in June this year, he reached the second child (to the parent grandson) due date.

Great beauty Guo Biting and Supermodel Mi Mengyao are not bad money. Choosing the deep water of the lady, the original intention is still out of love.

But unfortunately, in the giants where fertility needs, contradictions between mother -in -law and mother -in -law, and interests have been enlarged, their original intentions are not the most important factor. It is a bit hard to investigate his marriage.

▲ Xi Mengyao once said that he was not married or love


/ Being a male treasure,

Stars and supermodels can't escape /

Before giving birth to the Gambling King of the Fifth Dynasties He Guangzheng, Xun Mengyao is the fourth Asian model who has embarked on Victoria's secret. He has been on for 6 consecutive years since 2013.

During that time, she kept interviewing, sometimes walking the first show from 5 am, 4 or 5 games a day, and a maximum of 51 games in the first quarter. Her sense of urgency is too specific, even if she is scratched by a needle, she insists on taking power.

After the "shocking fall" at the Victoria's Secret venue at the door of 2017, public opinion was in four, and the agent was afraid that she was too sad. The next morning, she found that Meng Mengyao was neatly dressed and prepared for the remaining work.

same. Guo Biting, who is with his parents Sun, was also a famous independent woman. She is known as the black and straight beauty, and she has a hundred pursuers when she is in school, but she hates that she is boasted and beautiful. She is a vase that is rebellious. She has nearly 60 cats and dogs and birds at home.

Fans know that she does not like to collect gifts and will spontaneously do charity activities.

A bright and fresh person, each has their own personality, but after marrying the giants, they have been urged to grow up grandson and multiple births. Now personal search entries are children, husbands, pregnancy, and boys. The mysterious narrative as a successful female artist has disappeared.

▲ Searching Meng Yao and Guo Biting on Weibo to get keywords

The giants are not easy, the first level is the birth barrier.

Marry into the traditional Hong Kong and Macau giants who advocate "multi -child and more blessings". The daughter -in -law selected by her mother -in -law and husband must first be served as the uterus and genes to provide more heirs for the "throne". The name is divided.

Xu Ziqi, who was married to the 2 billion -dollar giants, was sent to 163.33 pounds of BRICS by his father -in -law Li Zhaoji at the wedding. He used the meaning of "all the way" in 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2015. The second daughter, eldest son, and younger son did not dare to seal the belly until the husband Li Jiacheng officially took over.

Wu Peici fell in love with Ji Xiaobo, a wealthy businessman with 10 billion yuan assets. In 2014, 2015, and 2017, he gave birth to his daughter Hillary, son Hans, son Hudson, and his daughter Hailey was born in 2020. Wu Peici suspended the fertility plan. But so far, Wang Sicong was mocked by Wang Sicong as a single mother.

Therefore, in 2019, the 30 -year -old Yu Mengyao's first child gave birth to the grandson. When He Yanjun appeared for the first time facing the reporter, he still emphasized that he wanted to have more than 3 children. It was a bit cool at first, but it was not surprising.

But even if Meng Yao became the biggest contributor in the struggle of Four Rooms in the fight against the king's private property. Her output was top -level care. Only the night of production, including production, medical equipment, and manual. About 540,000 yuan, fertility still brought her irreversible harm.

After a year after giving birth, Xi Mengyao went to "Happiness Trio 3", and still complained to He Yanjun that he was 60 cm around his waist and wearing 24 yards of jeans to give him 35 pounds to give him a son, enough to 140 catties.

She talked distressedly that after giving birth to a tire, not only did people thicker, but her limbs did not press in the original position. I always feel that the pelvis is open, the crotch becomes larger, and the feet are thrown out when walking. I often wake up in the middle of the night for several months.

A more intuitive manifestation is that Wu Jing, who is also a guest of the show, filmed all year round, and he was injured. The masseur said that because of fertility, Meng Yao's spine is more serious than Wu Jing. ▲ Xi Mengyao

Before marriage, Xi Mengyao had planned to live in the cruel model circle for a long time. She had encountered the hottest model of the year and found that the other party had been put on hold because of her child or other things. She hadn't had a catwalk for a long time and lost her right to speak. This "falling" made her be vigilant.

In 2013, Xi Mengyao fell from the top 50 of the world's model list. At one point, his mind was blank, and he spent a whole season of hard work and re -listed.

However, after marrying the giants, not only did she get pregnant with the grandchildren of the hotel first, but even wearing ordinary black leggings, she was picky and sexy by her husband. She only wrote the name of He Yanjun because of the 500 million wedding room.

It has become farther and farther away from the original supermodel.

As for Guo Biting, who is now with the second child, the last appeared on Weibo, or in April 2021, praised an event Weibo.

The girl who once said to the actor who had only said "oh ah", once dreaming was to run the farm for the animals they like.

However, after giving birth to her daughter in October 2020, she was very tired and her body did not recover. However, she reached the feeding period of the second child in June this year. Her mother -in -law also explained to Tai. She was a boy.

It must not be the criterion for judging whether women are happy in marriage in marriage, but obviously, Mengyao and Guo Biting have encountered many problems because of production and parenting. "Two years in three years."

▲ Xiang Zuo wanted to make money hard, but Guo Biting felt that he was more tired to bring children


/ Dajima water depth,

The relationship between mother -in -law and interests is also amplified /

Growing up Sun and picking up male treasures is a must -have answer from the wealthy daughter -in -law, Mengyao Yao and Guo Biting, but they who have worked hard to answer the questions, they have to cross the mountain of mother -in -law. What's more, their mother -in -law, who is well -known in Four Tai Liang Anqi and Xiang Tai Chen Lan.

Liang Anqi was the last one of the gambler king. At the age of 29, he married Mr. He, 65. He gave birth to 5 children in 10 years.

She is currently a Macau Legislative Council, and the investment field is located in real estate, tea restaurants, etc. In 2022, she ranked 1096th on the Forbes Global Billionaire List for US $ 2.8 billion.

Xiang Tai Chen Lan is the vice chairman of the "China Star" Film Company. He once borrowed 40 million in the Lau Dehua trough, and also went to the bar alone to rescue Mei Yanfang, who was troubled by the ground snake, and was eaten black and white.

Xiang Tai Sheng Xiangzuo gave birth to 16 hours, making Xiang Zuo told Guo Biting with distressed and proudly, "My mother was born with a caesarean section." Moreover, Xiang Tai did not confine.

Therefore, it is easy to imagine that regarding the pain of daughter -in -law and postpartum, it is probably difficult for them to give empathy. After all, the pain that mother -in -law has experienced must have experienced more than the current daughter -in -law experience.

▲ Xiang Chen Lan and Gambling King Four Tai Liang Anqi

But in fact, the hardest point of the two mother -in -law is a strong personality, but still the real power in the giants.

"Lu Yu's About One Day" visited Liang Anqi's period. In the shopping mall under the jurisdiction of the eldest daughter He Chaoying, the other party was late for a while, and Liang Anqi had been in front of a pile of people in the videos, accusing her daughter of not coming in advance for it. Moderator introduced.

He Chaoying first explained lightly. Later, he bowed his head and confessed his mistakes, and explained to Lu Yu that during his working hours, he was just a mother's employee.

Lu Yu didn't understand, thinking that if his parents did not give me face in front of so many people, he would definitely not be able to pull his face.

However, in the show, Liang Anqi later talked about the difficulty of marriages. Describes that he actually put the gambler Mr. He first, he was the second place, and the child was behind him.

It seems to be able to fully explain that the thinking mode of wealthy families and ordinary people treat affection is actually different.

Because the benefits are too large and too many children, let alone daughter -in -law, and even the biological children have to be cautious and like the ice. Thinking again and again, there are comparison between brothers and sisters.

Therefore, her mother -in -law Liang Anqi joked I hope that her daughter -in -law is the best, and she is best for her daughter -in -law to give birth to three men and three women.

Because not only is it very likely, it also shows that the multi -child and son are the KPI standard for evaluating whether this daughter -in -law is qualified. Whether the son -in -law is strong can also affect the status of her husband He Yanjun in the family.

▲ Liang Anqi once told the media that she hoped that her daughter -in -law was three men and three women

As for Xiangtai, the popularity of this marriage was higher than his son Xiang Zuo. When she was recording a variety show, Guo Biting was determined that she must be her daughter -in -law. After Guo Biting married, she often liked the "pick -up boy" remarks, and also said that the three children said before the daughter -in -law said.

▲ When forwarding to Tai, he said that he would not force Guo Biting, but praised his son's remarks

Whenever Guo Biting posted some sad Weibo, she reposted and clarified that she was not bad for her, and her daughter -in -law was very happy.

But most of the netizens' first feeling was the strong "coercion" taste, and Guo Biting blinked after being abducted.

Later, Guo Biting's Weibo also set up in just half a year.

The relationship between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law in the giants is not very comfortable. In the final analysis, it is still because of too much interest.

When Liang Anqi revealed his life, he also said that the life of a giants is not so easy. Everyone does not commit river water, but whoever loves more than loves, he will compare it, and he will never talk about grievances. Some comments boast that she was clever and thought she knew everything was given by her husband, so she did not treat herself as a wife, but instead regarded marriage as a job.

However, even if the giants marry are a job, the ladies and daughters -in -law have to take a spiritual response of 10,000 points, and they have to bear a series of costs of production and parenting.

Not only betting on life, but also more attention and stress than ordinary marriage.


/ Become a "tool person",

Farther and farther away from the original glorious /

"People around you always consume you without limit."

Guo Biting's Weibo may be able to summarize her early situation with Xiang Zuo.

Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting met in the reality show "The Most Beautiful Time". They were made by my mother -in -law to the strong group CP. After falling in love, they also appeared in the variety show "My Little Both" and "Daughter's Love 2".

Xiang Zuo has always been red. After a few variety shows brushing his face, he was finally well known to the public.

Xun Mengyao was proposed in 2019. He was in Shanghai Shangjia Center, the mother of He Yanjun's mother. The entry exploded on Weibo that day. Netizens commented that for the first time, I saw the supermodel wearing a pink princess skirt.

But for the first time, many people knew this mall.

▲ Guo Biting, Xiang Zuo

▲ Xi Mengyao, He Yanjun

Every time I talk about Xi Mengyao and Guo Biting, netizens will compare the demonstration that marriage is not perfect. These two people, one husband, a mother -in -law, who will be happier?

But in fact, the essence of these two pairs of marriage issues is that her husband has a very strong performance to "love you", one is that the mother -in -law does not allow you to say "not love".

Those who can only cooperate with happiness in marriage and dare not complain about unhappiness must be somewhat wronged.

Moreover, in the details of life, He Yanjun and Xiang Zuo have the same thing in common. The rich son is not tolerant and patience enough.

Xi Mengyao and He Yanjun played games in front of the camera. They were not very skilled. Her husband complained. Xi Mengyao said aggrieved, why do you always scold me?

Many netizens feel particularly embarrassing.

Xiang Zuo and Guo Biting traveled on their honeymoon. Due to the long -distance running, her husband wanted to go home early and drive fast on the road.

Guo Biting told him not to worry, just open it slowly, he was a little scared.

But in the end, the car hit the tree by the road, and Guo Biting was scared to cry.

Looking back at Guo Biting's interview, she has been frank and loves football more frank than painting. She is a girl who is rebellious. She does not want to be regarded as a doll and likes a clean opposite sex.

In contrast to Guo Biting's ideal type, his former gossip girlfriend is an unmarried first -first pregnancy, a divorced young woman, tender model, and a bikini beauty.

Because of the ex -girlfriend, Huang Wanpei and Wang Qiuzi, the wife is now Guo Biting, and was named the color scheme of the color.

Just because Xiang Tai liked Guo Biting, the twenty -four sons, Xiang Zuo, finally chose her to be a wife, and then rushed the duck to put on the shelves for honeymoon, wedding and other procedures.

Netizens look at their love variety shows directly. The mode of getting along is like a pair of unfamiliar but hard -working friends. Do you suspect that there is really love factor?

This made them "marriage" from time to time. Later, even Guo Biting's father had to come out to respond. He did not force his daughter to have a third child to the family.

Even if you are unhappy, you have to repeatedly explain that you always feel more hard.

The same is true of Xi Mengyao.

On May 13, 2019, she accepted her proposal. He Junjun announced the wedding in the second year. On October 24 of the same year, Changsun surrendered; in November 2021, she gave birth to her daughter again.

During this period, in June 2019, the elder sister He Yanjun got married and received 500 million houses and 100 million jewelry jewelry, and the gifts were piled up.

Four Too prepared for 3 days.

However, until now, after two years, the children of the children and daughters did not wait for her wedding.

That's it to marry the bitterness and secrets of the giants.

All in all, marrying into a giants must have a good material life, but money must not be a panacea.

Excessive fertility or pursuing the grandson blindly, even if they are top -level nursing, the body cannot be fully recovered.

What's more, only love and respect for marriage for long -lasting marriage.

Guo Biting dyed her hair at the beginning, and her mother -in -law left a message under Taipei.

Half a month later, she dyed back black hair and attended the birthday banquet of Xiang Huaqiang.

After integrating into the life of the giants, the female stars must give up their careers, no longer show up, but also cannot choose their own hairstyles. Even daily emotional expression will be interpreted as a kind of meaning.

Under the aura of rich money, no matter how pure and harmless temperament, how much money he can make, as long as he becomes a giants, he must also be identified as "gold worship".

It's really difficult.

This month is Guo Biting's second child feeding period. It can be expected that from the day she gave birth to her parents, her production, confinement life, body recovery, baby boy reward, etc., will continue to be exposed. Extending has become a precious corner material for the story of the wealthy family.

Although the bravery marrying into the giants must be "thirsty for salted fish", but at the beginning, they must not know that the taste of salted fish will be so salty.

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