Honey Xue Bingcheng opened the store crazy, but was spit out and did not make money. Why not make money for hundreds of cups a day?

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Honey Xue Bingcheng opened the store crazy, but was spit out and did not make money. Why not make money for hundreds of cups a day?

2022-06-23 18:06:30 5 ℃

In China's real -time tea market, Mixue Bingcheng is undoubtedly a very special company. Although its own products do not look high -end, it is not high -end milk tea like Xixue tea, but with a high cost -effectiveness And the continuous marketing marketing help Mixue Bingcheng has achieved continuous business growth, but recently, Mixue Bingcheng has appeared crazy opening a store while being spit out. Still don't make money?

1. Honey Snow Ice City, who is crazy to open a store but does not make money

According to the report of the Finance and Economics Weekly, in the past two days, with a seemingly common "blackization" stalk, "Marketing veteran" Mi Xue Bingcheng once again lapped.

According to common sense, the "blackening" in the traditional sense should be manifested in the character or mental state, but since to play stalks, the meaning of "blackening" must be changed -Mixue Ice City door logo logo The image of "Snow King" realizes all the "black" in the physical sense. On June 19, Mi Xue Bingcheng Blacium hung up on Weibo for a day, and won over 500 million reading volume.

At the moment when the new tea drink is collective, the opening speed of Mixue Bingcheng is staggering. The monitoring data of the Gehai brand focusing on chain stores shows that in the past 90 days, Mixue Bingcheng has opened 1792 stores. As of June 20, the latest number of stores in the camp is 20,848, which is the second book. 2.85 times, 3.52 times the third place.

what is this concept? Among the 50 new tea brands monitored by the Jihai brand, only 10 stores have more than 1,000 stores. The stores opened by Mixue Bingcheng to the total number of stores in the remaining 9 brands.

Do you make money to make Honey Snow Ice City franchisees? Feng Ting told the "Finance and Economics" weekly magazine that for the time being, regardless of the regional and location, just from the vertical time axis, the answer is that there is no money before, and it is going downhill. A franchisee appealed on the Internet that Mixue Bingcheng had a prosperous business during the day, and the turnover was only 3,000 yuan at night, because the unit price was too low.

2. Why don't you make money for hundreds of cups a day?

Seeing Mixue Bingcheng currently open the store crazy, but it is surprised by the incident of opening a shop to open a shop. Many people will be surprised. The sales of Mi Xue Bingcheng are so good. Why is there a phenomenon of not making money when opening a store? What should we think of the current state of the current honey snow ice city?

First of all, objectively speaking, the continuous high -speed growth of Honey Snow Ice City actually created a record of the recording of the milk tea industry's growth rate. Under the background, this high growth of Mixue Bingcheng is indeed a thing that is very admirable. After all, for a milk tea company, it is still very difficult to achieve such a high -speed growth. And the overall cost is still relatively high. Although the franchise model can help Mixue Bingcheng reduce most of the cost, this high growth is far from that the franchise model can solve the problem. After all, other companies also use joining joining joining. Model, but the speed of dense growth is far inferior to Honey Snow Ice City.

Secondly, it is a normal phenomenon that Miyuki Bingcheng is relatively not making money. This is the main reason that the current entire Honey Snow Bingcheng is actually in the low price competition. On the valuable track of Honey Snow Ice City, it is actually in a relatively competitive advantage. After all, other milk tea companies are more or less price of milk tea more than ten yuan or even tens of yuan, but Mixue Ice City milk tea The price is single digits. For consumers with price -sensitive consumers, this strategy of Mixue Bingcheng is undoubtedly very successful. He has gradually established a heel in the market through his high cost -effective gameplay, and forms formation. A group of fans belonging to themselves, for these fans, the cost -effective advantage of Mixue Bingcheng has become a strong user stickiness, allowing Miyuki Bingcheng to surpass other competitors on the entire market. However, the lower price represents the entire Honey Xue Bingcheng franchise enterprise. In fact, the profit level is relatively high. As long as the franchise stores of Miyuki Bingcheng are slightly weak in cost control, it is likely to enter without making money. state.

Third, for the current Honey Snow Ice City, it may really be necessary to consider it. After all, the growth model of this franchise store does not make money may be okay in the short term, but it is difficult to condense people's hearts in the long run. It is Mi Xue. The key to the expansion of Bingcheng is difficult to make money and profitability if franchise stores are difficult to make money or can support themselves, how to expect these franchisees to continue to provide profits to Mixue Bingcheng? Therefore, for the current Mixue Bingcheng, on the one hand, it is very important to pursue further capital expansion. But on the other hand, it is necessary to consider how to make the profit level of franchise stores to a certain extent. At least to let franchise stores live, this may be the most critical.