Add a little urea, and the vegetable leaves will become thick after 3 days. Talking with the effect

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Add a little urea, and the vegetable leaves will become thick after 3 days. Talking with the effect

2022-06-23 18:07:33 7 ℃

With the advancement of science and technology, agricultural technology is constantly developing. If only traditional watering and fertilization will be used, the increase in production of crops will be more limited. It is almost impossible to obtain higher planting benefits.

Today, I will share with you a good way to grow vegetables. After 3 days of application, the leaves of the crops can be significantly thick and green. The plants are strong and strong. Various crops such as flowers, food, etc. can increase the yield of crops by more than 30%, and the effect of increasing production is extremely significant (this article is very practical).

Today, the method of breeding for everyone is to spray the leaf surface "urea+amine fresh ester" or "potassium dihydrogen phosphate+amine fresh ester" of the leaves. Urea is the largest amount of nitrogen fertilizer, which can promote the development of the stems and leaves of the plant. When the plant nitrogen is insufficient, it will become short and weak. It is the high -efficiency compound fertilizer of phosphorus and potassium. It can promote the synthesis of carbohydrates in plants, prevent plants from falling into flowers and fruits, and improve the production and quality of crops.

Freshyl is a "high -energy wide -spectrum plant growth regulator" that does not have any toxicity for humans and animals, which will not remain in nature. When it comes to plant growth regulators, many people may think of bad things such as hormones, chemicals, etc., but we must believe in science. Amine fresh esters are internationally recognized green plant growth regulators. High fertilizer.

So what are the magical effects of amine fresh ester?

1. Improve photosynthetic efficiency and increase production significantly. Fresh ester can increase the content of plant leaves chlorophyll, the photosynthesis of the plant will be greatly improved, the more organic substances that are synthesized by plant photosynthesis. Growth agent.

2. Can improve the resistance of plants. The so -called anti -inverse ability is the ability to resist the abnormal environment of the outside world. After applying amine fresh esters for crops, the crop will be more anti -disease and insect pests, more drought resistance, heat resistance, and colder resistance. The ability to adapt to the environment will greatly improve the environment.

3. Can delay premature plant aging. Freshylin can promote the development of crop root system, promote the division and elongation of cells, promote the increase in production and increase the production of crops, and effectively delay premature plant aging.

4. Can improve the quality of crops. Fresh ester can greatly improve the quality of agricultural products, make the fruit type positive, prevent fruits from malformation, can increase the sugar content of the fruit, and increase the oil output rate of oil crops.

How to apply amine freshness?

Fresh ester can be sprayed separately (8%amine fresh ester soluble powder dilute 3000 times for leaf surface spray), but it is recommended to mix spray with "leaf surface fertilizer", which can achieve the effect of "1+1> 2".

Mixed spraying of amine fresh ester and leaf surface fertilizer can also improve fertilizer efficiency by more than 30%, and the effect of increased quality and quality will further improve.

1. Fresh ester+potassium dihydrogen phosphate

"Fresh ester+potassium dihydrogen phosphate" mixed spraying can prevent falling flowers and fruits, promote the fullness of grains, promote fruit expansion, promote the development of the tuber, promote fruit transposition, and increase the sugar content and protein content of crops. , Oil output.

After the grain crops are applied, the strong rate and thousands of grains can be increased; soybeans can increase the pods after spraying, and the grains of soybeans will be fuller; after spraying of radish and carrots, the meat root will be thicker, and the skin of radish and carrots will be smoother; Pepper, eggplant, and tomato will be more precocious and high after spraying, which can increase production by 30%to 60%. After the melon and fruits are sprayed, it can not only increase the fruiting rate, but also make the fruit uniform and increase the sugar content of the fruit.

How to use: During the pregnancy period of grain crops, the beginning of the soybean, the expansion period of the fruits and vegetables, the formation period of potato or sweet potato tuber, after the fruit is saturated, we can use 8%amine fresh ester soluble powder 10 per acre. 10 90 grams of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 30 kg of water, mix well, and then spray leaf surface spray, spray every 7 to 10 days, and spray 2 to 3 times in a row.

Second, amine fresh ester+urea

For leafy vegetables such as coriander, water, cabbage, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, we sprayed "amine fresh ester+urea" to promote the growth of plant nutrients. The leaves of the vegetables will be thicker and greener The results will be greatly improved.

How to use: In the leafy seedlings or after planting, we can use 10 grams of 8%amine fresh ester per acre, 120 grams of urea, 30 kg of water, and mix well after the leaf surface spray, every 7 to 7 ~ Spray once every 10 days and spray 2 to 3 times in a row.

Special attention: In addition to non -toxic amine and livestock, amine fresh ester is also very safe to crops during application. It will not work as low as other growth agents. If the concentration is high, it will inhibit crop growth. Very wide, we can add water to dilute 1000 to 5000 times. In addition, amine fresh ester can adapt to low temperature and can be widely used in winter greenhouse crops.

"Fresh ester+potassium dihydrogen phosphate" and "amine fresh ester+urea" should be performed on a cloudy or sunny morning and evening when applying it, which can improve the efficacy.

In summary, science is the first productive forces. If crops want high yield and high quality, we must change the traditional ideas and learn to use new technologies. Planting benefits.

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