What is so expensive?

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What is so expensive?

2022-06-24 00:37:22 7 ℃

"Don't take the ice cream you don't know if you don't know" "Ice Cream Assassin lurking in the freezing store freezer" "Who is paying for the ice cream of tens of yuan" ... The topic of high -priced ice cream recently appeared on hot search, expressing the consumer's " Cold drink anxiety ".

The Beijing News reporter recently visited the market and found that cold drinks below 5 yuan have been difficult to find in chain convenience stores, and products of more than 10 yuan have occupied half of the country. In traditional channels such as Shangchao, Cold Channel, community stores, and street stores, ice cream and ice cream priced at 2 yuan to 5 yuan are still mainstream, and the number of products below 1 yuan is significantly reduced, and there is a tendency to fade out of the market. Some people in the industry have calculated a account for reporters of the Beijing News. In order to ensure the gross profit space of each link, the expenditure plant price of 3 yuan will reach 8 yuan -10 yuan. Even if the price adjusts, some small and medium -sized cold drink companies are hovering on the edge of profit and loss under the condition of rising costs. Dealers and channel vendors have shifted from the past "thin -profit sales" to "thick and small sales", which played a role in "filtering" product prices. Now it is difficult for products to enter the chain convenience channel under 4 yuan. One of the main reasons for parity products below 3 yuan. "Ice Cream Assassin" stabbing consumers "'ice cream assassin' ambush in the freezer, ready to give those who take the checkout at any time." For the "ice cream assassin" recently discussed on the Internet When buying ice cream in a convenience store, there was no product of less than 4 yuan in the unit price. The most expensive Hagens Dazs was priced at 35 yuan, "at that time, the price was tingling." After tasteing a sauce -burning ice cream with a price of 9.9 yuan, she believes that no matter the taste and taste, it is not as good as the "worship of the cake" of 2 dollars in the northeast hometown, and decided not to buy it again.

There are more convenience stores in Beijing, and products under 5 yuan are relatively small. Guo Tie, the chief reporter of the Beijing News, from the Northeast Ice Cream "Fairy Price" last year, Zhong Xuegao's "66 yuan most expensive ice cream", this year's "ice cream assassin" and "who is paying for tens of yuan ice cream", ice cream price Repeatedly on the hot topic. Many netizens have emotions that ice cream and ice cream are getting more and more expensive, and some stores do not have a clear price. When paying, they have to pay for the high -priced ice cream of "picking up". Some consumers even said that it is difficult for first -tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai to buy affordable cold drinks below 3 yuan.

The Beijing News reporter visited a convenience bee in Fangshan in Beijing on June 21 and found that the price of ice cream and ice cream sold in the store ranging from 3 yuan to 27.8 yuan. Random statistics of 34 products, only one model for less than 5 yuan, 13 of 5 to 10 yuan, and 20 yuan or more. Among them, the most expensive unit price is "Little Seven Little Seven" original cow -cream ice box, priced at 27.8 yuan/box (250g). The price of BKK super -alloy deformation vehicle and Zhong Xue Gao rice wine also touched the 19 yuan range.

A convenient bee store in Beijing, the price of cold drinks above 10 yuan occupy half of the mountains. The Beijing News Chief Reporter Guo Tie Ai Media Consultation Consultation Data shows that it is difficult for the ice cream market to see the price of 5 cents and 1 yuan now, instead of products of more than 3 yuan, and most of the ice cream products of some net red attributes are mostly priced at the price More than 10 yuan, even more expensive. Among the 2022 research interviewed consumers, Super 60%believed that the high price premium of ice cream is too high today, which is "piled up in marketing costs"; 18%of the respondents believe that "it is worthwhile" because the cost of material cost is high, because the cost of material cost is high. Essence

From the perspective of price acceptance, in 2022, netizens' acceptance of a single ice cream is mostly 3 yuan -5 yuan, accounting for 37%; followed by 5 yuan -10 yuan, accounting for 33.9%; The total of the yuan is 16.3%; the price of 1 yuan to 3 yuan accounts for 11%; the acceptance of more than 20 yuan is only 1.8%. It is undeniable that the mainstream price band to 3 yuan to 5 yuan is that the price band of ice cream is indeed upward. According to Zhu Baowei, editor-in-chief of "China Ice Cream" magazine, the mainstream price of ice cream in 2021 is 2 yuan -3 yuan. The core product price belt of first-tier cities and major cities has exceeded 3 yuan, and the convenience store system is higher. By 2022, he found that the price band of ice cream was moving at 5 yuan, and the product of 3 yuan to 5 yuan has become the mainstream. The main factors affecting the price include consumption upgrades, rising costs, improved raw materials, marketing investment in starting brands, and sales radius of sales. Expand, channel grading, etc. "This year we pushed about 20 products, the price was 3 yuan to 5 yuan, which is a little higher than the price in the past few years." Liu Bo, the sales leader of a cold drink company in Northeast China, confirmed to the Beijing News reporter that since 2021 From half a year, the prices of the main raw materials of ice cream such as milk powder, coconut oil, and sugar began to rise, and the packaging materials rose 5%-8%. "Many enterprises have been unable to do it." Lin Haicheng, general manager of a cold drink company in Sichuan, told the Beijing News that the price of raw materials such as milk powder, edible oil, sugar, flavors and other raw materials has increased by 30%-40 compared with the beginning of this year. %, Labor and transportation costs are also rising. "There were previous products of 2 yuan in Sichuan, and now the entire line of products has raised 1 yuan. At present, cold drink products of 1 yuan to 3 yuan are in the absolute mainstream of channel terminals in the southwest. . "Lin Haicheng calculated a account for reporters from the Beijing News. A ice cream from the factory to the terminal, the manufacturer's gross profit margin was about 20%, the dealer's gross profit margin was about 30%, and the gross profit margin of the terminal was about 40%-60%. Essence This means that a one-expenditure factory price is 3 yuan ice cream, and the terminal price will reach 8 yuan to 10 yuan. "This is normal. If the price is reduced, it will lose money. At present, the price increase of first-tier brands can cover costs. The second-tier brand with annual revenue of 300 million to 500 million yuan is on the verge of profit and loss, and many small companies are at a loss." For high-end cultural and creative ice creams that have been popular in recent years, Lin Haicheng admits that a manufacturer of manufacturers can only earn 5 cents of ice cream, which is just labor cost, and a set of 3D milling tools cost 60,000 to 80,000 yuan , And it is easy to damage. "If you only have 100,000 foundries, there is no place for the cost." Ai Media Consultation research data shows that there are many reasons for ice cream to become more and more expensive, and the cost of raw materials is one of them. From 2008 to 2020, the cost of raw materials such as milk and radon increased by about 80%. In addition, from the use of product design, packaging, and raw materials, to the flavor of hunting and branding, ice cream manufacturers are strange. For example, matcha comes from Japan and Australia, cocoa powder comes from Ghana, and the era of traffic will inevitably have some merchants to harvest consumers' "IQ Taxes" through false propaganda and star endorsements. The unit price of ice cream is naturally rising. Liu Rui, Secretary -General of the Green Agriculture and Food Nutrition Professional Committee of the China Green Food Association, believes that in recent years, ice cream has changed from a traditional frozen freezing drink to a leisure food pursuing health, pleasure and high -quality lifestyle. Due to the rise in costs such as raw materials, artificial, transportation, and packaging materials, the selection of seasonality, regional, and high -quality raw materials has further increased costs, coupled with regional cultural collisions, IP joint names, cultural and creative ice cream and other costs. The price of ice cream is constantly rising. "This is the embodiment of the free competition and diversified development of the market. Ice cream products with different grades, different tastes, different quality, and different packaging meet the needs of different consumer groups, giving consumers more choices." The channel turns to "thick benefits and less sales" Among the many factors that push ice cream and ice cream prices, the "filtering" effect of channels cannot be ignored. The founder of Zhong Xue Gao, Lin Sheng, previously said in an interview with the Beijing News reporter that the high premium brought by the high quality of ice cream to leave a greater gross profit space for the channel and promote the channels to play a role in "holding people" in the market. Nowadays It is difficult to buy products under 3 yuan in Shanghai. "The logic behind this is that online brands have raised the upper limit of the Chinese ice cream market, and offline brands such as double yellow eggs have raised the lower limit of the market." The entire industry is upgraded, and the market cake is larger. An imported ice cream brand market staff told the Beijing News that there are two main reasons for the increase in ice cream prices in the past two years. One is the increase in logistics costs caused by the improvement of the quality of ingredients and the increase in product costs. Second, in recent years, convenience store channels have introduced a batch of low cost, high gross profit, and expensive price of online celebrities, which in turn drives the overall price. "But the repurchase rate of such products is not high. Consumers will not buy it once. "". The Beijing News reporter recently visited various channels and found that the price of ice cream and ice cream sold in the Beijing area chain convenience stores is generally more than 5 yuan, and products of more than 10 yuan occupy half of the rivers and mountains. Compared with convenience stores, parity products with a single price of less than 3 yuan have increased significantly in community stores, cold drink wholesale, and ordinary super channels, which are not "unable to buy" complained by netizens.

The owner of a community supermarket in Fangshan, Beijing told the Xinjing News that the price of ice products sold in the store ranges from 1 yuan to 10 yuan, but the most sold is a two-three yuan cheap product. , Menglong two brands. "Some people over 10 yuan have come to sell, but we have not wanted anymore after selling a few, because it is slow to sell." The boss also emphasized that the lowest ice product in the store is 1 yuan "old popsicles" "old popsicles "And" smoothie ", but the price of this price has become less and less in the past two years." A few cents are now gone. "High -end ice cream represents" Menglong ", and some products are priced at more than 9 yuan. Guo Tie, the chief reporter of the Beijing News, can also find "cheap" ice cream and ice cream in a Yonghui supermarket in Beijing, and many products are discounted. For example, Mengniu "Ice+" (70GX6) with the original price of 9.5 yuan, the price is only about 1.3 yuan after the discount; the "Very Panda" ice cream (65GX6) with the original price of 29.9 yuan, and the price is only about 3.3 yuan. In addition, there are "old popsicles" that are only priced at 1 yuan, and Dream Dragons with a price zone of 9 yuan. The only "inconvenience" is that most products can only be purchased in quarantine and indirectly raised the unit price. On June 21, two "affordable" cold drinks sold by Yonghui Supermarket. Photo by Guo Tie, Chief Reporter of Beijing News

"There are many channels for the cold drink industry, such as home batch channels, and products in any price section can be bought. If in convenient channels, products under 4 yuan are difficult to enter. More value is generated in the unit area, and low -cost products cannot meet his gross space needs. "Liu Bo told the Beijing News reporter that currently traditionally circulating channels such as Shang Chao, community supermarkets, couples, and street stores are occupied in ice cream sales More than 80%, but the chain convenience channels have maintained a high growth rate, and it also locks the high -quality group of ice cream consumption of "young people".