Use science to make tea small cans of tea chose to become the "most difficult shortcut" of global tea brands

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Use science to make tea small cans of tea chose to become the "most difficult shortcut" of global tea brands

2022-06-24 00:34:20 14 ℃

China is the world's largest tea country and the birthplace of the world's tea. Among the three major beverages in the world, Chinese tea monopolizes. However, since the tea species has been stolen from China, China's tea has always been weak in the world over the years. The status, even the situation of "10,000 Chinese tea companies is not comparable to Lidon", how should the road to the Chinese tea industry go? Is there any hope for the scientific tea of ​​small cans of tea?

1. From the Chinese tea industry crisis to scientific tea

As we all know, China is the hometown of tea, and China's tea production and sales have always occupied an important share of the world market.

According to the Economic Daily, my country is the world's largest tea country, the tea garden area accounts for 60 % of the world, the output of wool tea accounts for half of the world, tea consumption is 40 % of the world, and the export value is the world's number one. Data from the China Tea Circulation Association show that the total domestic sales of tea in 2021 are expected to exceed 2.3 million tons, and the total domestic sales are expected to jump to 300 billion yuan.

These data look beautiful, but in fact there is a significant problem. This is that the Chinese tea industry seems to be large -scale, but the industrial concentration is low, and there are many business entities, small, weak, and many workshops. The chain is short; the processing level is not high, and the deep -processed products such as quick -dissolving tea, tea and food, and the lack of functional components such as tea polyphenols and tea pigments are insufficient.

There are more than 50,000 tea trademarks in my country, but most of them lack market influence; they have the best tea in the world, but Wanjia tea companies are not as good as a "Lidon".

Under such circumstances, there is a phrase in the market that "China is a big tea culture country, but it is a small country of tea." Behind this sigh is how helplessness is the Chinese tea industry?

However, according to the Blue Whale Finance report, on June 20, at the 10th anniversary of the small pot of tea, Du Guoyi, the founder of the small can of tea, stated that the Huangshan Super Factory was officially completed and put into operation.

At the report meeting, Du Guozhen's "scientific tea" concept is most worthy of market attention. What exactly is "scientific tea"? Is it really feasible to use scientific and digital transformation tea industry?

2. Can small cans of tea really become a global tea brand?

On the world's tea market, although China is the origin of tea, after the tea species is introduced to the West, a set of logic of tea production has gradually formed. Based on the Chinese craftsmanship, it is continuously promoted, so that tea can adapt to the Western world under the transformation of the industrial revolution. It is precisely with the full -scale industrial production and standardization manufacturing of tea. The leading position of the tea industry, Chinese tea has gradually reduced from high -end luxury goods to the market's raw materials. This is the short process of the tea industry under the industrial revolution.

From this history, we will find that the Chinese tea industry is not without good tea, but lacks enough technology, industrialization, and even industrialization. This may be the crux of the current tea industry.

However, this conference of small cans of tea let us see a company trying to change the current status of the Chinese tea industry. From the conference of small cans of tea, what kind of different tea industries do we see?

First of all, use digital and intelligent to reshape the full process of the upper, middle and downstream of the tea industry to achieve the process of reconstruction of the tea industry.

Through the introduction of Du Guozhen and factories in Fengqing and Huangshan, we saw a series of processes of scientific tea, and gradually discovered the core logic of scientific tea from the process. The main feature is:

In the upper reaches of the industry, small cans of tea use the standardization of China's millennium tea.

Among the tea gardens in the industry, the production of tea gardens has introduced more tea production technology in recent years. However, most Chinese tea gardens are carried out in small production methods of one household. Although a certain scientific tea is introduced, the method of small production has actually failed to completely change the planting model of tea.

The logic of small cans of tea is to use satellite remote sensing, Internet of Things, modern agricultural machinery and other science and technology through the restoration of the tea garden ecology, fertility cultivation, safety control, and soil and water conservation. The regulation of growth and development has allowed the tea garden to implement the full intelligent management of planting management through technology.

Through the standardized and intelligent tea planting and management methods, the traditional small agricultural fresh leaves production model has been changed, allowing the tea industry to have industrial standardized mechanized large -scale production model from the agricultural link of fresh leaves. The agricultural planting and production of China's tea industry is of great significance.

In the middle of the industry, use digitalization to completely break the production of small workshops made by traditional tea.

China is a large country of tea. We have the history of industrial planting, production, and drinking for thousands of years, but the traditional tea -making process pays attention to "inheritance of teachers and apprentices and granting". Especially famous tea in different production areas often has unique tea making tea making The craftsmanship, even in the same place, the production process of different tea factories is different. These unique crafts have formed a colorful industry variety in the Chinese tea industry.

However, the problem is that the model of this master and apprentice inheritance is a standard small farmer production method, which is a more closed production logic. The tea produced in this production may taste good, but once the apprentice fails to learn the essence of the master, the essence of the master, Or the master fails to find a suitable apprentice, it is easy to make the production of tea appear faults, and there are even greater losses. At the same time, because everyone's techniques are different, it actually leads to the low standardization level of tea, and it is difficult to form effective market competitiveness. However, the logic of the small can of tea intelligent factories is not this kind. Through the cooperation with the inheritance of non -heritage tea technology, small cans of tea have learned from artificial intelligence. A whole system gradually forms a production standard with completely flowing. According to this standard, even if there is no tea making master, it can still be produced through industrialized to solidify the tea making experience for many years through digital technology into a copy of digital tea -making capabilities that can be replicated and optimized, thereby forming formation to form formation, so as to form formed A whole set of tea -making standards.

It can be said that standardization has gradually evolved from the original "broom" workshop production method to the intelligent and large -scale replication of intelligent and technological factory production processes that can be mechanized, which truly realizes the liberation of people.

In the lower reaches of the industry, the large -scale intelligent and digital production is achieved with the super factory of Industry 4.0.

After experiencing standardization of fresh leaf production of raw materials and digital production technology, the production of tea of ​​small cans of tea can truly realize the large -scale mechanized production of factory.

The specific operation logic is that the small can of tea fully introduced the production method of industrialization 4.0 into the production process of tea through cooperation with Siemens, and then introduced artificial intelligence into the production link of tea through cooperation with IBM and Baidu AI, further further Optimize the process of tea production and re -enable the process of tea production.

Fresh -ray leaves were sent to the Huangshan Super Factory for further refining processing after the upstream factory was processed: first of all, the AI ​​removal of the mixed -processing tea raw materials after the first processing , Dust removal, filling, detection, nitrogen supply, sealing, packing, and plastic sealing; after that, the finished product is entrusted into the library by using the ABB four -axis robot; The system realizes the automation of warehousing logistics.

In this whole set of production process, unmanned factories or few people factories have been gradually realized, and tea production has become the intelligent production process of the entire process. It truly realizes the transition from tradition to modern to modernity.

It can be said that small cans of tea have gradually become standardized, replicated, and inherited by the digitalization and intelligent reshaping of the industrial upstream and downstream. Production, thereby truly realizing the comprehensive upgrade of the tea industry.

This model that brings traditional tea agricultural production into a standardized, digital, and intelligent industrial production model. This model has not been designed before that, and no enterprises have tried it, but now all this has become it. Reality, this is the greatest value of the production model of the super intelligent factory for the innovation and development of the millennium tea industry.

Secondly, the comprehensive innovation of products with large production technology has really returned tea to standardized consumer goods that everyone can understand.

With the development of the Chinese economy in recent years, the Chinese tea industry has actually grown rapidly. However, due to the special attributes and historical accumulation of the tea industry, some special changes have caused the tea industry. Among them The characteristics are very obvious. Many people treat tea as collectibles or even financial investment products. For most ordinary people, the problem of tea "can't understand" and "can't afford to drink" has always troubled the further expansion of tea consumption.

However, as Du Guozhen said, "tea is actually a thorough consumer product", and consumer attributes or use attributes are the biggest value of tea. Due to the lack of standardization, the consumer market of tea is always in a state of "black box dilemma". However, through digital and intelligent production, the state of the tea market can also be broken.

First, small cans of tea can also have cheap tea. In the early days of the development of small cans of tea, due to the particularity of the tea industry itself, the price of small cans of tea remained high, and even caused a lot of market discussions. Fast reduction, under such circumstances, the small can of tea also launched its own coffee table flavor national life tea brand, becoming the first sub -brand of small cans of tea, which uses small cans of tea to industrialize and standardize production. Methods, the price of good tea has been really reduced to the level that most people can afford. This is actually the biggest value of industrialized production.

Second, let tea can also be measured by standards. After so many years of development, small cans of tea have actually gradually formed their own tea standardization system. Currently, small cans of tea have both the main cost -effective sub -brand coffee table taste and the main high -end small cans. Tea's sub -brand annual traces are very distinctive in each grade of all grades in this system. You can identify different tea through a standardized system without needing too much tea tasting ability. Can return to consumer goods attributes.

Third, it is possible to make intelligent tea. At present, in addition to the lack of standardization, tea is also difficult to meet the fast -paced living conditions of today's society. Many workers do tea due to lack of time, either soak the tea to lose the original flavor, or forced to force it to force it I chose other refreshing drinks such as coffee. The C.TEA.O smart tea machine launched by the small can of tea this time makes the tea make tea more intelligent. You do not need to learn complex tea ceremony. You can drink a cup of good tea as long as you need it. Tea drinking needs.

In fact, the design of the scientific tea and even tea products of small cans of tea is actually a fundamental subversion of the traditional Chinese tea industry. Let the tea industry get rid of the previous restrictions and embark on the development direction of truly science and technology, digitalization, and consumption. This standardized, industrialized, and intelligent scientific tea model allows enterprises to truly have the production process from agriculture to advanced industries.

Perhaps the current small pot of tea is difficult to reach the scale of global brands in a short time, but once this scientific tea and tea product design model is popularized, it may bring comprehensive changes to the Chinese tea industry. The tea industry will be possible. The era of scientific and technological innovation is officially coming. If this day is true, will the global brand of Chinese tea be far away?