Liu Qiangdong reduced its holdings of Jingdong stocks 1.8 billion, and has resigned as a major JD company company's position

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Liu Qiangdong reduced its holdings of Jingdong stocks 1.8 billion, and has resigned as a major JD company company's position

2022-06-24 00:33:53 13 ℃

Radar finance produced | Meng Shuai editor | Shenhai

Since the CEO of JD Group in April, Liu Qiangdong, who has been very low -key in recent years, has also made new actions. Recently, it has reduced its holdings of about $ 279 million in stocks. However, even if's stock is reduced, Liu Qiangdong still firmly controls the company's control. At the same time, Tianyancha shows that Liu Qiangdong currently has 944 companies with actual control.

In addition, Liu Qiangdong's "Three Son", which was reduced twice a month ago, was "trembling" because the company was "trembling" because the company "prohibited third -party platforms from directly participating in drug network sales".

Radar Finance has noticed that in recent years, Liu Qiangdong has continuously faded the mutual bundling of himself and, and withdrawn from the positions of multiple companies, such as the corporate representatives, chairman or other highs of JD Group,, JD Logistics and other companies. After giving up the president of Jiangdong Group in September last year, in April of this year, he once again gave up the position of Jingdong Group CEO.

Liu Qiangdong gradually retired to the second line and Xu Lei took over the CEO of 618. handed over 379.3 billion cumulative orders this year. It is not perfect, but very satisfied. "However, the rapid development of live e -commerce companies has made players such as Douyin and Kuaishou emerge. JD, as a traditional e -commerce platform, also faces new challenges.

Liu Qiangdong's reduction of JD Group is about 1.8 billion yuan in stock

According to media reports, on June 17, Liu Qiangdong reduced its holding of's value of about $ 279 million (about RMB 1.871 billion). It is reported that Liu Qiangdong held more than 12%of before the reduction of his holdings and had more than 70%of JD.

In fact, this is not the first time that Liu Qiangdong has recently reduced its holdings of As early as February of this year, Liu Qiangdong announced to the outside world that the donation of stocks worth nearly 15 billion yuan for charity. On April 29th and May 3rd this year, Liu Qiangdong twice reduced its holdings of Jingdong's healthy stocks twice. At that time, Liu Qiangdong reduced its holdings of about 8.84 million shares of to set up about 440 million Hong Kong dollars.

After continuous reducing holdings, Liu Qiangdong will gradually abandon to "graduate" from JD? In fact, although Liu Qiangdong reduced its holdings of about 1.8 billion yuan in stocks, this did not affect his control over the company. Earlier, Liu Qiangdong said when he talked about the control of, "If I lose the control of, I will not hesitate to sell No matter what difficulties I encounter, I will not accompany investors to play games! "

Radar Finance has noticed that in recent years, Liu Qiangdong has continuously faded the mutual bundling of himself and, and withdrawn from the positions of multiple companies, such as the corporate representatives, chairman or other highs of JD Group,, JD Logistics and other companies. After giving up the president of JD Group in September last year, he gave up the position of Jingdong Group CEO again in April this year, but he was still the chairman of the board of directors of Jingdong Group.

At that time, Liu Qiangdong explained his "abdication to Xian" that he would put more energy into long -term strategic design, major strategic decision -making deployment, young leader training, and rural revitalization. However, some people in the industry analyzed that Liu Qiangdong's series of actions intended to change the impression of the outside world's affiliated with, so that is more corporate and regular, instead of playing Liu Qiangdong's personal IP, improving Jingdong's suffering Anti -risk ability affects personal factors.

It is worth noting that, in addition to Liu Qiangdong, the helm, Liu Qiangdong reduced its holdings of Jingdong's stock, Jingdong's "Good Friends" Tencent has previously reduced its holdings. In December last year, Tencent announced that it would issue about 460 million Jingdong equity to shareholders in the mid -term dividend method. After this operation, Tencent's holding of has dropped from 17%to 2.3%, and is no longer the largest shareholder of JD. At the same time, Liu Chiping, president of Tencent, also pulled away from Jingdong's board of directors.

At that time, some analysts pointed out that Tencent reduced its holdings of JD stocks through dividends or policies to respond to antitrust supervision. However, there are also sounds that the honeymoon period of Tencent and JD may end, and will gradually lose WeChat traffic and entry support. Radar Finance noticed that in the WeChat "service" channel, the entrance to "Jingdong Shopping" can still be found.

Xu Lei's first 618: imperfect, but very satisfied

After the big brothers retreated, they chose to push the successor to the stage. At present, Zhang Yong and Xu Lei, the number one character in JD, and Liu Qiangdong, are the behind -the -scenes players of the two major shopping festivals of Double Eleven and 618. place.

On November 11, 2009, Ali launched a network promotion. At that time, the number of merchants involved at the time and the promotion of activities were limited, but the promotion event received far exceeding the expected turnover. Since then, Ali has successfully made Double Elements into a shopping festival in the e -commerce industry. The day of ridicule to "Singles Day" also became the chopping day of the nation's carnival. is unwilling to show weakness. June 18, 1998 was the day when Liu Qiangdong started his business in Zhongguancun. This day was also the celebration of Jingdong. With the birth of the concept of the shopping festival, this day was also made into a shopping festival with the same momentum as Double Elements.

The 618 shopping festival that opened early this year has finally come to an end not long ago. "This is the most difficult 618 in in 19 years. It is not perfect, but very satisfied." Xu Lei officially took over the post of Jingdong CEO from Liu Qiangdong. The Tao, "Do our efforts, bear every love!" The data shows that since 20:00 on May 31st to 23:59 on June 18,'s accumulated order exceeded 379.3 billion, of which 26 were The store's order amount exceeds 1 billion magnitude. It is understood that 618's accumulated order was 343.8 billion yuan last year.

Although shouted this year's transcript "another new high", the growth rate of 10.3%has slowed significantly compared to the 27.7%growth rate of the previous year. In fact, in recent years, the shopping festival of the e -commerce platform has become longer and longer. A large number of consumers have begun to feel tired while participating in chopping hands, and affected by the epidemic, consumers' shopping needs have also shifted more.

"Jingdong has been prepared to welcome the full opening of the" first year of the supply chain "." In this war report, emphasized its supply chain. Data show that realized 94%of districts and counties this year, 84%of townships and villages on the day or the next day, purchased and provided "full category hours" services for more than 1,700 counties and cities, and purchased orders through JD hours. The number of users increased by more than 400%year -on -year.

At present, the supply chain has become the most solid moat in Jingdong, and the CEO of Jingdong Retail Singli also said that this year's 618 will first align the true existence of the supply chain value and social cognition. The chain industry will achieve better development.

However, even if they have the advantages of supply chain and logistics, still cannot ignore the rapid offensive live e -commerce. The rivers and lakes of e -commerce are changing rapidly. Although the "Four Heavenly Kings" Wei Ya, Li Jiaqi, Simba, and Luo Yonghao have retired for various reasons, the live broadcast of the e -commerce industry has become deeper and deeper for various reasons.

According to Star Map data, during the 618 period of this year, the sales of the entire network reached 695.9 billion yuan, of which the total sales of comprehensive e -commerce reached 582.6 billion yuan. The proportion of the proportion was increased to 21%, which shows that live broadcast e -commerce is launched a violent impact on traditional e -commerce.

But for JD, has not held enough influential head anchors. At the moment when the live broadcast and short video harvested users, Jingdong does not have sufficient advantages. Faced with the continuous efforts of interest e -commerce, the e -commerce pattern may change further, so still has a long way to go.

Jingdong Health has not reached Liu Qiangdong's expectation

"Health is done well, which is equivalent to building a Jingdong." Liu Qiangdong had previously had high hopes for Jingdong's health. On December 8, 2020, landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and became the third listed company in Liu Qiangdong. On the first day of listing,'s market value exceeded 340 billion Hong Kong dollars. Now about a year and a half, the market value of Liu Qiangdong's "three sons" has shrunk significantly. As of the closing of June 23, JD Health closed at HK $ 56.5/share, and the latest market value was HK $ 179.58 billion, shrinking by nearly half.

However, even if Liu Qiangdong is very optimistic about the health of, he still reduced its holdings of's health in April and May this year.

It is worth noting that it was reported that the state plans to ban third -party platforms from participating in drug network sales directly. According to the "Regulations on Implementation of the Pharmaceutical Management Law of the People's Republic of China (Draft for Revised Draft Consultation)" issued by the State Drug Administration, Article 83 of them stipulates that third -party platform providers shall not directly participate in drug network sales activities Essence In fact, the "Draft for Soliciting Opinions" has been released to the society more than a month ago, and the collection of opinions will be collected on June 9.

As soon as the news came out, the related topics immediately rushed to the hot search, and the stock price of many Internet pharmaceutical companies also fell. As of the close of June 22,'s stock price fell 14.83%, Ali's health stock price on the same track also fell 13.85%, and Ping An Good Doctor's stock price also fell 5.95%.

According to the financial report, the drug network sales are one of the important sources of revenue of Jingdong's health. Last year, Jingdong's health revenue reached 30.68 billion yuan, a year -on -year increase of 58.3%. Increased by 56.1%, accounting for 85.34%of the total revenue.

Analysis of industry insiders pointed out that with the continuous and regular development of the Internet pharmaceutical industry, rigorous supervision will reduce irregular operations in the industry to a certain extent. The policy is currently in the stage of opinion, and there is still the possibility of modification and adjustment in the future. If the boots of the aforementioned regulations really land,'s main business may be greatly affected. At that time, JD health may need to make a choice in a platform or a merchant. In the future,'s health should be adjusted, and it is necessary to depend on the specific details of the policy after the policy.

It is worth mentioning that the layoffs set off in in March this year have also been exposed to Jingdong's health.At that time, according to's employees, it was revealed to the media that the size of the Ministry of Medicine, which belongs to the core department of, was about 20%of the layoffs, and the company's layoffs that the company vigorously invested in development may reach 60%to 70%.In addition,'s healthy monthly living indicators are not optimistic.According to the data of Easy -to -October, from December last year to May this year,'s healthy monthly work has been declining, from 431,100 to 254,100 from the peak.The monthly decreased 11.36%.

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