ET7 rushed out of the building, Weilai Automobile is now "murder"

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ET7 rushed out of the building, Weilai Automobile is now "murder"

2022-06-24 00:33:54 13 ℃

Radar Finance | Zhang Kaijing Edited | Deep Sea

On June 22, a Weilai test car fell from a high place and fell to the ground on the third floor of Building 8 of Shanghai Automobile Innovation Port. After being sent to the hospital after 120, a tester died of ineffective rescue, and the other person was not effective after surgery. He also announced his death in the early morning of the 23rd.

The netizens have been on Weibo, and netizens have puzzled the incident.

Some media asked Weilai Automobile customer service staff to verify, and the reply was: There is a matter, suspected ET7, and the current situation is still under investigation, and the cause of the accident is unclear. The subsequent investigation will be announced to the outside world. The owner We can use the car with confidence. "In this regard, Weilai said that the incident was an accident and had nothing to do with the vehicle itself.

Radar Finance noticed that the ET7 involved was the first sedan product delivered by Weilai offline. The price before the subsidy was 448,000 to 526,000 yuan. On March 28, 2022, the car had just started delivery.

According to Weilai Automobile's official introduction, Weilai ET7 is equipped with NAD (NIO Autonomous Driving) autonomous driving technology, based on NIO Aquila Weilai Super Senior System, NIO ADAM Weilai Supercomputing Platform. The new system has greatly improved whether it is from the hardware sensor configuration and controller configuration.

Among them, Weilai Super Sensorship has 7 8 million high -definition cameras, 4 3 million pixel high -sensitive environmental cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a world's first large -scale mass -produced 1550nm super far away Follow high -precision lidar.

At a analysis and communication meeting on the ET7 lidar held on June 22, Bai Jian, vice president of Weilai Smart Hardware, used "seeing far", "see clear", "steadily" to describe ET7 The observation tower -type lidar is called under the condition that the same 10%reflectivity, the farthest of ET7's lidar can detect objects other than 250m, and the industry is generally 200m or 150m.

In the past May, the delivery volume of Weilai ET7 has reached 1707 units, accounting for 24.30%of the total brand sales.

It is worth mentioning that Weilai has also been trapped in the "murder case" storm.

On August 12, 2021, Lin Wenqin, a well -known dining chain brand such as "Yizi Hong Kong -style afternoon tea", "Da Xixi Spicy Mix", and "Armor Flowers", drove the autonomous driving function of Weilai ES8 Automobile ( After NOP leading the status), a traffic accident occurred in the Hanjiang section of Shen Hai's high -speed speed, and died unfortunately at the age of 31.

Tracing back, less than half a month ago, on July 30, a Weilai EC6 burst into fire after hitting the stone pier at a high speed at Pudong in Shanghai. The driver was killed in time because he failed to escape.

It was also during that time that Weilai lost the sales champion of the new forces of the car, and even the first three of the killing back became difficult. Data show that by May of this year, Weilai has been at the bottom of Wei Xiao Li for seven consecutive months. In the first five months of this year, the total delivery volume of Weilai new cars was 37,866, which not only fell behind Xiaopeng, Nezha, ideal, zero -run, but also increased by more than 100%year -on -year ideas and Xiaopeng's year -on -year increase. It only increased by 11.8%year -on -year.

Although Weilai Automobile repeatedly stated that the company's challenges have been related to the supply chain fluctuations caused by the epidemic, but analysts in the industry believe that Weilai's sales continue to be sluggish. "It is also an important reason to step on the wrong rhythm.

It is understood that after the delivery of ES8 from ES8 and ES6 in June 2019 in June 2018, the "financial crisis" in 2019 slowed down, which slowed down ET7, which was originally planned to launch a new platform in 2020. Instead, the EC6 developed on the original platform was launched.

In 2021, Weilai Automobile did not launch a new car, and still attracted the market by the previous three models. However, during the same period, Xiaopeng continuously launched the G3i of P7, P5, and the modified model, and the ideal one of the ideal car's explosive items also conducted a mid -term revision in May 2021.

In this context, Weilai has greatly accelerated the delivery rhythm this year. Its originally planned to push three new cars during the year, including ET7, which has been listed, and the upcoming ET5 and the recent release. Comfortable, fastest, most intelligent "ES7.

But the ET7 of the head of the head is not smooth after delivery. Boldwill, an analyst in the new energy vehicle field, believes that because ET7 is a bit uncomfortable because of the delivery, "as soon as the delivery, the Yangtze River Delta epidemic is tested. Small bugs are constantly, and there are too many problems in workmanship and software. There are many negative feedback from car owners and Weilai APPs. "

Specifically, Radar Finance noticed that two car power off "lie" incidents have occurred in just a few months. "Without any precursor, suddenly the vehicle was turned off and the brakes were failed. They could only stop slowly by inertia. All electrical equipment failed, and the double flash could not be turned on, let alone the triangle of the trunk."

But ET7 is crucial to Weilai. Boldwill said: "This is a model of Weilai to challenge the traditional 56E. If you can't stand it, it will definitely hit Weilai."

Based on this, no matter from the perspective of the recent falling incident, it is obviously one of the most unwilling things Weilai.

"I dare not buy it,", "I think, the car design and manufacturing starts from sixty or seventy, and then debug it to 80 or 90 points. ... Some netizens said.

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