Chen Yulu: Since the epidemic, China has supported the rapid economic recovery with relatively few new debt

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Chen Yulu: Since the epidemic, China has supported the rapid economic recovery with relatively few new debt

2022-06-24 00:37:40 15 ℃

The change in the macro leverage rate is an important indicator of the effect of measuring the effect of macroeconomic regulation and control policies. In recent years, the People's Bank of China has continuously improved the financial macro -control system, innovated and improved the method of macro -control. It has strongly supported the development of the real economy and effectively guarantees the operation of my country's national economy in a reasonable range.

"From a vertical perspective, China's macro leverage ratio was 272.5%at the end of 2021, an increase of 23.9 percentage points from the end of 2016, which means that the average annual increase in 5 years is 4.8 percentage points. From 2016 to 2021, China, China’s The average annual growth rate of GDP is about 6%, and the average annual increase of CPI has increased by about 2%, and an average of more than 13 million new urban employment is added each year. "On June 23, the deputy governor of the central bank Chen Yulu said at the press conference that China is gentle and gentle. The increase in the increase in macro leverage has supported the combination of higher growth, lower inflation and more employment, and macro -control has achieved good results.

Chen Yulu said that from the horizontal point of view, since the epidemic of new crown pneumonia, China has supported the rapid recovery of economy with relatively few new debt. The increase in macro leverage ratio is significantly lower than that of other major economies. Countries have generally adopted super loose stimulus policies to cope with decline, which has caused a sharp rise in macro leverage.

"The leverage of the country's leverage of all reports from the International Clearance Bank at the end of 2021 was an average of 264.4%, which is 18.3 percentage points higher than the end of 2019. In comparison, this data in China is 16.5 percentage points, which shows that we do not engage in we do Daishui is irrigation, does not exceed currency, and does not overdraw the future macro policy orientation. "Chen Yulu said that while stabilizing leverage, China's economic performance continued to lead, and inflation was generally controllable. From 2020 to 2021, the average growth rate of China's economy was 5.1%in two years, 4.1, 6.6 and 5.7 percentage points higher than the United States, Japan and the euro area, and the inflation level was significantly lower than that of major developed economies.

"So in general, China's macro -control policy in recent years has been strong and effective. The macro leverage rate has generally achieved stable words, ensuring that the national economy is operating in a reasonable range, and also made positive contributions to global economic growth. Become an important source and stabilizer of the global economy. "Chen Yulu said.