A shares rose sharply, more than a hundred shares rose daily, and the funds in the north bought 12 billion!BYD's turnover is the first of A shares. Under multiple favorable tire plates, the bottom of the tire section is reversed at the bottom

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A shares rose sharply, more than a hundred shares rose daily, and the funds in the north bought 12 billion!BYD's turnover is the first of A shares. Under multiple favorable tire plates, the bottom of the tire section is reversed at the bottom

2022-06-24 00:36:44 3 ℃

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Today's tire plates have risen.

The broader market index fluctuated throughout the day, and the Shanghai index rose over 1.5%in the afternoon, and returned above 3300 points. The GEM index rose by more than 3%. The automotive industry chain is strong throughout the day. The financial sector such as securities firms and insurance rushes in the afternoon. The semiconductor chip stocks and photovoltaic sectors are active. , A -share transactions today exceeded trillion. The north -facing funds were in a net inflow today, and the net purchase was 12.033 billion yuan throughout the day.

During the Ningde era and BYD, BYD rose sharply today, of which BYD's turnover today is 11.3 billion yuan, ranking first in A shares.

The full -line outbreak of the automotive sector is mainly the executive meeting of the State Council held yesterday that it is necessary to further release the potential of car consumption: First, the active used car market and promote the renewal of automobile renewal. For small non -operating second -hand cars, the restrictions on the movement of migration will be completely canceled from August 1st. From October 1st, the transfer registration is transferred to implement separate endorsements and issued temporary numbers. The second is to support new energy vehicle consumption. The car purchase tax should be mainly used for highway construction. Considering the current actual research on the exemption of new energy vehicle purchase tax policies. The third is to improve parallel import policies and support parking lot construction. Policy implementation predictions will increase car and related consumption of about 200 billion yuan this year.

Under multiple favorable tire plates to the bottom reverse

Today, the tire sector's individual stocks rose almost across the board. Giant Wheel Smart 3, Linglong tires, and soft control shares rose daily limit. Multi -stocks such as the wheel tires and Mori Kirin rose more than 5%.

The current A -share market sector is frequently switched, and some bottom plates have ushered in a chance to rebound. From the perspective of the research and judgment views of the tire sector's back market, the overall logic is that the valuation and performance of the tire plate are in a trough. The stock price is underway after the previous digestion. Factors to boost the sector together:

First, the demand for domestic passenger cars is recovered, which is good for supporting tires. 39%, an increase of 19%month -on -month; the national passenger car market in the first three weeks of June was 935,000, an increase of 24%year -on -year and 43%month -on -month.

The second is the decline in marine freight and raw materials, which is favorable. The current exports of sea freight are showing a downward trend. The shipping costs from China to Europe, West, and East America have decreased by about 30%from the beginning of the year. In addition, tires such as charcoal black and rubber have maintained weaknesses in the near future, and the tire industry is expected to obtain a significant downward hedge.

Third, the performance recovers, and it is expected to usher in Davis double kill. At present, the tire industry is at a low performance, and EPS and valuation are double -kill. In the future, with the restrictions such as raw materials and shipping, the performance of listed companies is heating back. The sector is expected to welcome Davis.

Statistics of Securities Times · Data Bao, there are 15 concept stocks in A shares, and the relative market value of Linglong tires and racing tires is relatively large, respectively, 38.694 billion yuan and 37.558 billion yuan, respectively. Linglong tires are one of the largest and best -benefit tire professional manufacturers in China. Linglong tires have a stock price of 60 days today.

Judging from the recent market performance, since June, Giant Wheel Intelligence, S*ST Jiatong, soft control shares, and exquisite tires have risen by more than 20%. However, according to the overlook, the latest stock price of tire concept stocks fell by 32.06%from last year. The super declines of Linglong tires, Huayi Group, Haili, and soft control shares exceeded 40%.

The tire industry is at a low performance. In the first quarter, only the performance of soft control shares, Huayi Group, Mori Kirin, and Haili achieved profitability and showed a year -on -year growth. However, the institution gives eight tire listed companies' performance prediction. Among them, the net profit of GM's net profit of this year and next year's net profit of GM, Mori Kirin, Linglong tires, racing tires, and triangular tires exceeds 20%. The performance is expected to continue to grow.

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Data treasure

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