Early Reading Pickling (6.23) 丨 Shimao Service Released after the review 2021 Report Mu Si was listed today

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Early Reading Pickling (6.23) 丨 Shimao Service Released after the review 2021 Report Mu Si was listed today

2022-06-24 06:03:35 5 ℃

Corporate news

Murus Co., Ltd. is listed today and issued a price of 38.93 yuan/share

According to the exchange announcement, Mursey was listed on the main board of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange today. The company's securities code is 001323, the issuance price is 38.93 yuan/share, and the issuance price -earnings ratio is 22.99 times.

This year's interest payment plan has clearly clarified that Aoyuan Group applied for "21 Aoyuan Debt" to resume trading

Earlier, the interest payment plan for the current bonds of Aoyuan Group's current bonds was not clear. The application for the exchanges for the exchanges to suspend cards from June 14 (Tuesday).

Due to liquidity tension Fujian Sunshine Group has not paid the "19 Yang Collection 03" principal and interest on schedule

The above matters may trigger the relevant terms of other financing instruments of Sunshine Group. Fujian Sunshine Group will hold a holder meeting in accordance with relevant regulations, and continue to evaluate the impact of the above issues on the company's laws, finance and operations.

Xuhui 瓴 瓴 瓴 Jiuting Central Store was included in the first batch of affordable rental housing in Songjiang, Shanghai

The store opened in January 2020 and completed full rent for 2 months, and the leasing rate was stable at more than 96%. The follow -up rent rate of the epidemic in June this year was as high as 100%.

S & P rated Greenland Holdings to selective breach of contract

S & P believes that Greenland Holdings supports its available cash for its huge offshore debt that is about to expire in the next 12 months. According to S & P estimation, the total cash can be US $ 2.4 billion (equivalent to 16.4 billion yuan).

Jiayuan International has reached an application reconciliation agreement with each liquidation of the request

Jiayuan International received two copies of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Higher Law ("High Court") of the Law Court of Law on the Corporate Law of the Company. In this announcement date, the company has reached an application reconciliation agreement with the requests present by each liquidation.

Shimao Service Release After reviewing 2021 Reports have applied for resumption on June 23

Shimao's service has been submitted, and the company's shares will be recovered on sale on the Stock Exchange at 9 am on June 23, 2022.

Capital dynamic

China Electric Power Construction: No more than 15 billion yuan non -public issuance A -share shares issued by the State -owned Assets Supervision Commission approved

The State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council has agreed to the company's non -public offering of no more than 2,329,192,546 A shares of A shares, and the raising funds for not exceeding 15 billion yuan.

Xuhui Holdings: HK $ 2545 million in convertible bond conversion prices will be adjusted to HK $ 5.23 per share

According to the calculation of the total principal of 2.545 billion Hong Kong dollars in the date of this announcement, the number of shares converted to bond holders was up to 460 million shares (before adjustment) and 487 million shares (after adjustment).

Golden Ke's 1 billion yuan corporate bond will be paid on June 24, the interest rate of 6.3%

The bond is referred to as "21 Gold 04", and the issuance scale is RMB 1 billion. As of the date of this announcement, the balance of bonds is 1 billion yuan.

R & F Real Estate agreed to the consent of 10 US dollars notes and will take off on July 7

Agree to solicit matters began on June 17, 2022, and will end at 4:00 (London time) on July 7, 2022.

The first shares plan to adjust 1.68 billion yuan of corporate debt raised funds for debt repayment details

The raised funds that were originally planned to repay the "2020 Treasures Financing Plan" were adjusted to 750 million yuan, and adjusted to repay the "2020 secondary creditor financing plan".

Market hotspot

The upper and lower limit of the deposit base of Nanning Provident Fund intends to adjust the maximum monthly deposit limit of the individual 3090 yuan

According to the average salary of employees of non -private units in Nanning's urban non -private units published by the statistical department in 2021, the upper limit of the housing provident fund deposit base of 2022 was 25,753 yuan.

Shanghai 2022 Local government bond quota was 179.3 billion yuan for the construction of Lingang, old reforms, rail transit and other construction

Cao Jizhen, director of the Shanghai Finance Bureau, pointed out in the forty -one session of the Standing Committee of the Fifteenth National People's Congress that the state officially issued the city's 2022 local government bonds of 179.3 billion yuan.

Eight departments such as the Ministry of Housing and Urban -Rural Development: Promote the rents of the main housing of the market in the market

The notice is required to accelerate the implementation of rent reduction policies and measures. Those who are listed as a small and micro enterprise and individual industrial and commercial households in the county -level administrative region where the high -risk areas where the epidemic are in the epidemic are rented a state -owned house in 2022, and the rent is exempted by 3 months in other regions.

Zhengzhou introduced a package of stable economic policies and measures to take out 10 billion to carry out competitive storage

Since 2020, Zhengzhou Finance has issued a rent reduction policy every year. As of the end of May, the city has accumulated a total of 26.215 million yuan in rent and exemption.

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