Crystal Lords | With smart aquaculture technology, promote a new upgrade of aquaculture of aquaculture

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Crystal Lords | With smart aquaculture technology, promote a new upgrade of aquaculture of aquaculture

2022-06-24 12:35:24 4 ℃

On May 20, the world's first 100,000 -ton breeding ship "Guoxin No. 1" was delivered to Qingdao. Take the lead in exploring marine fishery farming from close to the sea to far -reaching sea, from traditional agricultural business models to large -scale modern industrial production methods and paths. The "Guoxin No. 1" first "ship carrier -carried" model pushed the breeding area from near the shore to the farce of the sea. "Guoxin No. 1" also innovated the production method of marine fishery, combined the integration and innovation of the entire industrial chain such as seedling breeding, industrialized breeding, ship equipment, artificial intelligence, and information technology, and represents the latest production methods of marine fisheries.

Smart aquaculture background

The market demand is large. Aquatic products are already indispensable products for people's lives. Aquatic products have greatly met the consumer groups that have different regions, eating habits and nutrients, and enriched the vegetable baskets of urban and rural people.

The scale of aquaculture has been increasing, and the requirements for information processing during aquaculture are also getting higher and higher.

my country has become the world's largest aquaculture country, and its natural resources are abundant. According to the needs of the international market, the industrial structure and variety structure are rationally adjusted.

The support of national policies and local policies, "Digital Agriculture and Rural Development Plan (2019-2025)", "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Promotion of Aquatic Products Under the Strategy of Rural Revitalization", November 2019 "On accelerating the green development of the aquaculture industry The promulgation of documents such as "Implementation Opinions promotes the high -quality development of the aquaculture industry, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of the fishery industry.

Five new type of smart aquaculture model

1. Planting mode: Comprehensive rice and fishing comprehensive

This model is a model of combination. Comprehensive rice and fishing breeding is a new type of rice field breeding technical model developed after 2000. This model makes full use of the principle of biological symbiosis and promotes planting and breeding. Under the premise of ensuring that rice is not reduced, it can significantly increase the comprehensive benefits of rice fields.

In addition, in 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs also began to promote the work of national -level rice and fishing comprehensive breeding demonstration zones, and gave these demonstration zones policy tendencies and support.

Second, smart fishery model: smart fishing ground

It is understood that in 2018, my country's aquaculture output exceeded 50 million tons, accounting for more than 78%of my country's total aquatic products. It is the only main fisheries country in the world with total aquaculture products exceeding the total fishing. The far -reaching green farming will become an important direction for my country's aquaculture. For example; Hainan launched the first far -reaching waters' intelligent breeding fishing ground project! Each fishing ground is 6,000 tons of fish, which can resist 17 typhoons.

Third, fusion fishery model: leisure and fisheries

Leisure and fisheries are the iconic representatives of the three industries of aquaculture. The report shows that in 2017, the national leisure and fishery output value was 70.842 billion yuan, accounting for 2.86%of the total output value of the fishery economy, and 10.45%of the output value of fishery in the tertiary industry. In the future, leisure and fisheries have huge market prospects and good development opportunities. It is understood that my country plans to promote the integration and coordinated development of the primary and tertiary industries such as breeding, processing, circulation, and leisure services.

Fourth, new business model: fish and vegetable symbiosis

"Fish and vegetable symbiosis" is an ecosystem that integrates vegetable cultivation and high -density fish breeding. The excretion of waste produced by fish provides rich nutrition for crop growth. The water that is absorbed by crops can be returned as a breeding water. Harmony and symbiosis between species and ecological mutual benefit relationship between the two sides are a sustainable circular low -carbon production model.

5. Cross -border fishery model: complementary fishing light

"Fishing light complement" refers to the combination of fishery farming and photovoltaic power generation. The photovoltaic plate array is set up above the fish pond water surface. The water and shrimp breeding can be performed under the water below the photovoltaic board. New model of power generation can be generated by power generation and fish raising ".

Smart aquaculture solution

my country's country is not only a large aquatic country, but also a power of aquaculture. In recent years, with the vigorous development of socio -economic development, the continuous progress of science and technology, the construction of intelligent breeding models, the digitalization and network development characteristics of aquaculture industry have become increasingly prominent. The application of artificial intelligence technology in aquaculture has effectively improved the problem of difficulty in breeding efficiency and low technical level.

Jinghe Smart Aquatic Solution is to provide high -yield, efficient, ecological, and safe development needs for aquaculture farmers. Based on wireless sensing, intelligent communication, intelligent processing and other IoT technologies, online collection, wireless transmission, and early warning information release of water quality environment are collecting water quality environment. , Remote automatic control and other functions of functions of aquaculture Internet system.

Important part of smart aquaculture

1. Intelligent monitoring system of aquaculture

Using monitoring sensors with self -recognition functions, water quality, water environment information (temperature, light, residual chlorine, pH value, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, salinity, ammonia nitrogen content, etc.), real -time monitoring of breeding environment information, early warning Increase, take measures in time to reduce losses.

2. Smart aquaculture intelligent management system

Based on the length and weight of the aquaculture in each breeding stage, the database is established to establish a database to absorb the absorption capacity of the bait and the relationship between the nutrients of the bait. Refined breeding and reducing costs.

3. Aquaculture video surveillance system

Set up mobile monitoring equipment in the breeding area, which can be achieved:

1) View the live environment in real time;

2) Remote real -time monitoring;

3) Video information can be seen, transmitted, and stored, and timely find problems encountered in the breeding process, find the cause of the analysis, and ensure safety production.4. Mobile phone remote management system

Mobile phone control is another convenient control method of the Internet of Things control system. Users can download the IoT system on the smartphone in advance. Through the client on the mobile phone, users can remotely view the facility environmental data and equipment operation., Convenient and flexible management.