How does Shenzhen with gold and gold cultivate more "specialized new" enterprises?Wang Yanmei, a representative of Shenzhen People's Congress: Shangtian enters the earth, and the state -owned assets exert your strength

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How does Shenzhen with gold and gold cultivate more "specialized new" enterprises?Wang Yanmei, a representative of Shenzhen People's Congress: Shangtian enters the earth, and the state -owned assets exert your strength

2022-06-24 12:36:24 5 ℃

Shi Enze, a reporter from Southern Finance and Economics, reported that this year, the Shenzhen Government Work Report proposed that "adhere to the foundation of the manufacturing industry". Among them Essence

A few days ago, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of 2,928 municipal "specialized new" SMEs at the 2021, which is intended to guide SMEs to also promote it towards the main line of "manufacturing industry".

The Shenzhen Government Work Report proposes to add 100 new "Little Giant" enterprises in 2022 to add a new national specialized "little giant"; by 2025, the specialized new "little giant" enterprise is expected to exceed 600. On May 26, the "30 Articles of Industrial Economy" released by Shenzhen further proposed the establishment of a national, provincial, and municipal specialized new enterprise cultivation echelon, and provided accurate support for research and development innovation, brand quality, and listing financing for specialized new enterprises.

Not only does the city attach importance to the city, but the districts are also intensively deployed. In May of this year, 12 representatives of the Shenzhen People's Congress, the member of the Standing Committee of Nanshan District, and the director of the Shenzhen Nanshan Science and Technology Office, Wang Yanmei, jointly proposed the "Nanshan District cultivation and support the high -quality development of small and medium -sized enterprises in Nanshan District to support the" specialized new "SMEs. Suggestion.

In an interview with Nancai reporters, Wang Yanmei said that under the background of epidemic prevention this year, the "specialty new" is not only an important support for the national level to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing and high -quality development, but also the important starting point for boosting digestion and employment. "Compared with the service industry that needs to be completed by manpower, the manufacturing industry can be standardized and mass -produced, and has the advantages of marginal effects."

Crack the difficulties of industrial land

Among the first -tier cities, Shenzhen has the smallest land area, with an area of ​​about 1/3 of Shanghai, 1/4 of Guangzhou, and 1/8 of Beijing. Insufficient land space has always been the biggest bottleneck restricting Shenzhen's development.

However, in this land of less than 2,000 square kilometers, Shenzhen created 3.07 trillion yuan of GDP and 1.1 trillion yuan in financial revenue.

Among them, Shenzhen Nanshan District, as a national economic region and a strong science and technology area. As of 2021, a total of 182 domestic and overseas listed companies have been cultivated. (County) First, there are about 390,000 commercial subjects. In 2018, Sino -U.S. Trade friction made Nanshan District's Yuehai Street Office's reputation, becoming the "Most Best Street Office" that sounded throughout the country.

However, Nanshan District also faces many challenges in the development process. Especially on the issue of industrial land, Nanshan District needs to think about how to make good use of its limited land resources.

Among the land area of ​​187.5 square kilometers in Nanshan District, its two or three yields in 2021 were 29:71. Among them, the modern service industry accounts for 86.6%of the tertiary industry, while information transmission, software and information technology services account for 41.6%of its regional GDP.

In this regard, Wang Yanmei pointed out, "In recent years, Nanshan District has always hoped to keep his own industrial manufacturing bottom line. At present, it is nearly 29%of the second industry ratio, but the goal is more than 30%."

In addition, industrial manufacturing requires scale benefits. When planning industrial manufacturing land, Nanshan District is still thinking about how to make a piece of manufacturing base.

"In order to lay out the manufacturing base of the connection, Nanshan District specially left a space in the north." Wang Yanmei said. Nankai reporter inspected the announcement issued by the Nanshan District Urban Renewal Bureau and found that Nanshan District will be awarded Baiwangxin Industrial Park, Fuli Farm and Dajima Miankeng Pittering Factory, Honghuoling Industrial Park South District, Sunshine Industrial Park and Yicheng Industry The garden will be transformed and upgraded, and then a high -end manufacturing base with a total scale exceeds 2 million square meters will be formed.

For the Nanshan District, which is gold, the land of 2 million square meters is extremely luxurious. In order to ensure the maximum utilization rate of industrial land in the north, the base adopts the method of "industrial upstairs" in construction. Wang Yanmei said, "Nanshan District‘ Shangtian Enter the Earth ’, exploring the path of vertical development to the air (building) and underground (construction pipe gallery).”

But there is a higher cost behind the "heaven and earth" model. Wang Yanmei pointed out, "The daily construction area cost is 2000-3,000 yuan/square meter per square meter, and the cost after the industry will be 9,000 yuan/square meter, especially the investment in the underground pipe gallery, which is more than repairing a subway more subway. Expensive. The cost of Jian'an cannot be collected in 20-25 years. "

If the cost of Jian'an is transferred to an enterprise in a market -oriented manner, it is likely that the phenomenon of forced SMEs to be squeezed out.

In this regard, the idea given by Nanshan District is "government -led, state -owned assets, and overall interests." Wang Yanmei proposed, "The government cannot just look at the short -term returns, but to make a long -term investment for 30 years. And this must rely on policy guidance, that is, state -owned assets bear government responsibilities. At the same time Property, retain high -quality SMEs at a market price of 30 %. "

In addition, Wang Yanmei also proposed that "Shenzhen's 'Bureau' is in the perspective of the whole province, it is very easy to break. But if it is placed in Shenzhen's own angle, it is 'going to heaven to enter the ground'. The deeper. "

Therefore, she believes that the establishment of Shenzhen as the core of the city is necessary and urgent.

Many experts and scholars have made similar suggestions before proposed by Wang Yanmei. In the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" outline, Shenzhen has also clearly proposed that the development plan of the Shenzhen metropolitan area is formulated. Form the development pattern of central leadership, shaft zone support, and circle linkage. The collaborative ecology of large and medium -sized enterprises

Specialized, specialized in the new "little giant", unicorn, super star enterprise, and the advanced road of manufacturing companies.

However, the company has a long waiting period from the development of small and large development. Wang Yanmei proposed that 7 years is a life and death for SMEs. It takes at least 10 years of observation to see if a company can develop.

In this development process, small and medium -sized enterprises are the most dynamic and growing fast, but they also need resources most. Therefore, the government especially needs policy guidance and support.

To this end, Shenzhen and Nanshan District have set up a guidance fund in 2015 to try to solve the problem of difficulty in financing and financing of SMEs through market -oriented means. According to Wang Yanmei, as of the end of last year, there were approximately 167.3 billion yuan of parent funds in the urban area, of which there were 143 sub -funds in Shenzhen and 47 sub -funds in Nanshan District.

"According to the reason, the plate of the entire funds is large enough, which is enough to leverage the capital of banks and insurance. But according to our investigation, it is found that SMEs still have difficulty in financing and expensive financing. It is a market -oriented fund rather than a policy fund. In the end, it still needs to consider income according to the standards of marketization. This also causes some entrepreneurs to think that the government's policies are not warm enough. "Wang Yanmei said.

In order to effectively solve the above problems, Nanshan District will set the government to set up a wholly state -owned company, Huitong Financial Control Fund, one by one. Part of the guidance fund for Huitong Financial Holdings, and the other part is transformed into a strategic emerging industry investment in Nanshan District (referred to as "Nanshan War Shinkou").

"The reason for the need to be split is because the government guidance of the fund cannot invest directly, so it can only be directly voted and acquired through the establishment of a sub -fund." Wang Yanmei explained.

Nancai reporter consulted the official website of the Nanshan District Government and found that Huitong Financial Holdings Fund was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 12.25 billion yuan; Nanshan War was established in 2022, with a registered capital of RMB 10.45 billion. Direct investment platform.

The investment focus of Nanshan Zhanzhi's investment is strategic emerging industries and future industries, focusing on the new generation of information technology, high -end equipment manufacturing, biomedicine and digital economy, and other Nanshan advantageous industries.

In addition, the Nanshan District, where the digital industry gather, seems to be particularly fierce in the grabbing of resources, but if it can be guided, it will have a natural advantage in helping SMEs to develop "specialized new" in the future.

The key is how to make good use of large enterprises. Wang Yanmei pointed out that "SMEs have low anti -risk capabilities, especially the problem of obstructing logistics this year. If state -owned enterprises and large enterprises are willing to cooperate with SMEs, they can enhance their ability to resist risk."

Among the 192 listed companies in Nanshan District, the leaders of the manufacturing industry include ZTE, Ha Nengda Communications, DJI, Great Laser, etc. The software industry is convinced of old service providers such as services and Kingdee. "If the coordinated ecosystem of large enterprises to drive small enterprises and small enterprises, it can complete the" feeding 'of resources and funds. This will help SMEs to find the way of survival in limited resources this year. " Wang Yanmei said.