U.S. Chamber of Commerce White Paper Exposer Development Bottleneck: Energy Instantins, Lack of Talents, High Barriers ...

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U.S. Chamber of Commerce White Paper Exposer Development Bottleneck: Energy Instantins, Lack of Talents, High Barriers ...

2022-06-24 12:35:52 5 ℃

Reference News Network reported on June 24. According to multiple island media reports, the so -called "Taiwan American Chamber of Commerce" released the "2022 Taiwan White Paper", which exposed several bottlenecks in the economic development of Taiwan.

According to the Taiwan "Free Times" website reported on June 22, the US Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan officially released the "2022 Taiwan White Paper" on the 22nd, proposing the direction of the seven major initiatives, calling on the Taiwan authorities to grasp the "unprecedented international support", where the "golden timing time" is here. "Signed a multilateral and bilateral economic and trade agreement to improve the business environment and promote industrial transformation.

Wei Li'an, CEO of the "Taiwan -American Chamber of Commerce", pointed out that the "2022 Taiwan White Paper" covers the policy initiative of 26 industrial committees of the Taiwan -US Chamber of Commerce. "Ensuring stable energy supply", "promoting the future of sustainability", "strengthening digital transformation", "improving the labor market", "restarting the border safely" and "eliminating dual courses".

He also said that there are currently too many industrial specifications and standards in Taiwan, which are often stricter than international standards. Due to this phenomenon, it may make it difficult for Taiwan to be in line with international standards, and it is not easy to attract multinational enterprises to the expansion.

In response to the problem of urgency, Wu Wang Xiaozhen, vice president of the "Taiwan and American Chamber of Commerce", also declared that Taiwan must strive to eliminate trade barriers and improve its regulatory mechanism.

In response to the problems of the labor market in Taiwan, Wu Wang Xiaozhen said that the problem lies in "lack of work", not only lack of senior professional talents, but also lack of workers. Quickly promote effective measures.

Taiwan's "Economic Daily" also followed the "2022 Taiwan White Paper" released by the "Taiwan American Chamber of Commerce" on the 22nd. The report pointed out that Wu Wang Xiaozhen, vice chairman of the "Taiwan and American Chamber of Commerce", pointed out that stable energy supply, talent pool construction, and open border are the three major problems in Taiwan's most urgent need to solve. In response to the hidden concerns of power supply stability, Wu Wang Xiaozhen bluntly stated that it is already a member of "increasingly worried issue."

Wu Wang Xiaozhen pointed out that first of all, Taiwan should take fast and sustainable actions to ensure stable energy supply. On March 3 this year, large power outages on the island have been obvious. The stability of power supply is a problem that requires immediately. This has become a "increasingly worried issue" of member companies.

The "Taiwan -American Chamber of Commerce" released the "2022 Commercial Survey Survey" on January 19 this year. At that time, as many as 77.9%of members were worried about the stability of power supply, an increase of 15 percentage points from last year. In addition, in terms of voltage stability, power cost, and green energy progress, the worries also increased double -digit. At the same time, 70.9%of members expressed their worries about the toughness of the grid.

As for the outside world's high attention to the geopolitical risks of Taiwan and the tension between the two sides of the strait, the US Chamber of Commerce expressed that he hoped that the Taiwan Strait would maintain peace and stability, because this is in line with the interests of American businessmen. Wu Wang Xiaozhen said, "Everyone wants the world peace."