The Ministry of Education issued a volunteer to fill in the warning, and the mysterious female rich man 560 million to buy European luxury homes!Moutai's cash dividends were 27.2 billion, and "Ning Wang" released a Kirin battery; net inflows in fo

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The Ministry of Education issued a volunteer to fill in the warning, and the mysterious female rich man 560 million to buy European luxury homes!Moutai's cash dividends were 27.2 billion, and "Ning Wang" released a Kirin battery; net inflows in fo

2022-06-24 12:35:46 5 ℃


On Thursday, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index reported at 3320.15 points, an increase of 1.62%, with a turnover of 474.200 billion. The Shenzhen Certificate Index was reported at 12514.73 points, an increase of 2.19%, and the turnover was 601.856 billion. The GEM refers to 2760.10 points, an increase of 3.09%, with a turnover of 21.086 billion. Overall stocks rose more, and over 3,900 stocks in the two cities rose, and the daily limit of over 100 shares may rise by more than 10%. The turnover of the two cities was 1076.1 billion yuan, which was 79.6 billion from the previous trading day. On the disk, the vehicle, automobile parts, aviation engines, unmanned driving and other sectors have risen, and the sectors such as pharmaceutical commerce, education, pork, and NFT concepts have fallen first. The northbound funds bought 1.2.033 billion yuan throughout the day; of which the Shanghai Stock Connect was 5.344 billion yuan, and the Shenzhen Stock Connect net purchase was 6.689 billion yuan.

Bai Ruiying pointed out that technically, the Shanghai Index walked out of Yangbaoyin and rebounded and pulled up by strong support near 3260 points. At present, the multi -head resistance is strong, making the index go out of the expected rebound, and the popularity of the market will re -condense. In the short term, there will be a momentum that will be further attacked. However, the rebound continues to pay attention to the pressure near the small height of 3358 points. The index is frequently blocked and the position is frequently.

In terms of peripherals, U.S. stocks collectively closed their collectives, the Dow rose by 0.64%, the Naqi index rose 1.62%, and the S & P 500 index rose 0.95%. Internet technology stocks, new energy vehicles, consumption and medical sectors have risen sharply. The major European stock index closed down, the German DAX index fell 1.72%, the French CAC index fell 0.56%, and the British FTSE index fell 1%. The European Stock 50 index fell 0.77%. International crude oil futures closed sharply, and WTI's August crude oil futures closed down 1.81%to $ 104.27/barrel. Brent in August closed 1.51%of crude oil futures to $ 110.05/barrel.

Important news:

1. Night overnight: ① Federal Reserve ’s director Bowman supports 75 basis points at the July meeting. After July, several meetings are suitable for 50 basis points to raise interest rates. ② Fed Chairman Powell reiterated that he will continue to raise interest rates to win the battle against prices, but it does not guarantee that it can avoid recession and emphasize that private stable coins cannot become digital dollars. ③ U.S. President Biden will continue to strive for suspension of gasoline tax and emphasize that it will deepen offshore wind power cooperation. ④ The Supreme Court of the United States overthrows New York State's gun restrictions, or relaxes the power of gun holdings of nearly a quarter of the population. ⑤ The President of the European Council Michelle announced that the EU approved Ukraine and Moldova as the EU candidate.

2. The State Council issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Digital Government", which clarified the seven key tasks of digital government construction. In terms of the development of digital government construction, the development of digitalization leads to the development of digitalization, through continuous enhancement of the effectiveness of digital government, better stimulate digital economic vitality, optimize the digital social environment, and create a good digital ecology.

3. On June 23, Chen Yulu, Vice President of the Central Bank, Xiao Yuan, Vice Chairman of the CBRC, Li Chao, Vice Chairman of the CSRC, and Wang Chunying, deputy director of the Foreign Exchange Bureau, attended the "China Ten Years" series of theme press conferences to introduce the party The reform and development of the financial sector since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Li Chao, vice chairman of the CSRC, said that after ten years of development reform, the capital market has shown six positive structural changes.

4. According to the website of the Ministry of Education, recently, the 2022 college entrance examination results will be released in various places, and volunteers of the college entrance examination will be launched. The Ministry of Education requires schools to actively provide candidates with public services such as volunteer reporting and consultation, and implement the "2022 High School Entrance Examination Action". The Ministry of Education solemnly reminds candidates and parents that when filling in volunteers, do not trust the so -called "high price" volunteer to fill in consulting services.

5. A spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, Shu Jingsing, said that China always believes that the cancellation of all tariffs on China and Canada is conducive to China, the United States, and the world. In the current high inflation situation, consumers and enterprises can benefit early. China and the United States should work together and work together to create an atmosphere and conditions for economic and trade cooperation, maintain the stable supply chain of the global industrial chain, and benefit the people of the two countries and the people of the world.

6. The National Development and Reform Commission and the Securities and Futures Commission jointly held a seminar on expanding investment and promoting employment in the afternoon of June 22. , Practice the responsibility of promoting employment society.

7. The six departments of the Shanghai Supervision Bureau and other six departments jointly issued a notice on the establishment of a working mechanism for the establishment of the "bailout financing" of small and medium -sized enterprises in Shanghai. Encourage the willingness and strong financial service foundation and risk control capabilities to actively participate in the financial institutions in Shanghai to actively participate in rescue financing. In principle, the amount of bailout financing of small and micro enterprises does not exceed 10 million yuan, and medium -sized enterprises can be relaxed appropriately, in principle, not more than 50 million yuan.

8. According to the First Financial, L'Unione Sarda, the local media of Sardinia, Italy, exposed a manor photo and trading check on June 18, calling a Chinese mysterious woman who paid 80 million euros at one time (about 5.63 RMB 100 million) bought a local super mansion. However, the Italian media did not know the specific identity of this mysterious female rich, but just called her background "Chinese e -commerce giant", 33 years old, born in Jiangsu Province, China.

Data observation:

1. The notice of implementing the implementation plan for the implementation plan of the State Council's solid and stable policies and measures for the economy of the State Council. The notice proposes to encourage the purchase of new energy vehicles and purchase new energy vehicles and new vehicles within the scope of the old -fashioned promotion models in the province before June 30, 2022, and give 8,000 yuan/vehicle subsidy. 2. According to the "Chinese Population Census Yearbook-20120", in 2020, the average first marriage age of the Chinese people rose to 28.67 years. Among them, the average first marriage age of men was 29.38 years old and 27.95 years old. Over the past 10 years, the average first marriage age is nearly 4 years old.

3. Bridge Water Fund: The short bet of European companies has almost doubled in the past week to reach 10.5 billion US dollars, and the output of the European stock market has reached the most in two years. The short position of the 28 companies was disclosed, of which the short scale of Asmire, Daedal Energy, Sanofi, and Sini Pu were all over 500 million US dollars.

4. CITIC Securities: The valuation of the securities sector is located 20%of the division since 2018, and there is still room for repair. ROE is the core driving factor of the valuation of the securities industry. It is expected that the ROE industry in 2022 is about 5.5%-6%, an increase of 63.2%from ROE in 2018, and a decrease of 22.7%from 2021. It is recommended to pay attention to a comprehensive brokerage company that benefits from the industry's supply -side reform and a high -quality company that has a wealth management track.

5. CCTV: The latest polls of the media and polls Yipuso Group show that the public support rate of US President Biden has fallen for the fourth consecutive week and has now fallen to 36%. The analysis believes that in the case where many interviewees believe that the economy is currently facing the most important issue in the United States, Biden's support is affected by the highest level of inflation in 40 years.

6. On June 23, the north -direction of funds bought 12.033 billion yuan in unilateral net purchase; of which, Shanghai Stock Connect net purchase was 5.344 billion yuan, and Shenzhen Stock Connect net purchase was 6.689 billion yuan. Among the top ten transaction stocks, Oriental Wealth, Huichuan Technology, and Ping An Pingjing Buying amount ranked among the top three. China is not sold at the top of the net, followed by rare earth and Gree Electric in the north.

7. In the Dragon Tiger List on June 23, a total of 35 stocks appeared in the institution. 16 stocks showed net purchase of the institution, and 19 stocks were sold for net sales. On the day, the top three stocks of the institution were Changan Automobile, Ke Lai Mechanical and Electrical, and Virgin. The top three stocks sold on the day were Shandong Heda, Sanquan Food, and Tali A.

8. Wind data shows that in March this year, the net outflow of the northbound capital was 45.083 billion yuan, and the net inflow was shown for three consecutive months. Especially since June, the northbound capital has been buying sharply in a row. In the first week of June, it has a significant net inflow of more than 35 billion yuan, setting the highest level of net inflows in a single week since this year. As of today, the net purchase amount has reached 53.12 billion yuan since June.

Company direct blow:

1. The semi -annual report of the listed company on the Shanghai Stock Exchange was released. Plums and biological will be disclosed on July 15th. The Jianmin Group disclosed on July 20 that the Nongfa Seed Industry disclosed on July 21.

2. Guizhou Moutai Announcement, the annual profit distribution plan of 2021 is a cash dividend of 21.675 yuan (including tax) per share, a total of 27.288 billion yuan in cash dividends, and the equity registration date is June 29, 2022. June 30, 2022.

3. Zhejiang Shibao (9 consecutive boards): Receive the letter of attention from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, which requires the changes in the market demand and production and operation of the main business products to check whether the stock price increases with the fundamental changes in production and operation in the near future. Based on the changes in operating performance and stock price, compared with the valuation of listed companies in the same industry, a full risk reminder was made on the abnormal fluctuations of stock transactions.

4. Shenma Electric (5 consecutive boards): Release the announcement of the change, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of products such as composite insulation, transmission and distribution line composite insulation, and rubber seals. In 2021, the revenue of UHV products accounted for 7.64%of operating income, which was relatively low and would not have a significant impact on the current operating performance.

5. Haiqi Group announced that the company's stock prices have recently increased significantly, and during the period, it has repeatedly touched stock transactions abnormally. The company checked the fluctuations in stock transactions. The company's shares started on June 24th and stopped trading.

6. Announcement of Sunshine City, as of the disclosure date of this announcement, the company's unpaid debts (including financial institutions borrowing, partner funds, open market -related products, etc.) have a total of 37.688 billion yuan, of which: open market, aspect, Overseas open market bonds have not paid a total of US $ 165 million in principal and interest on schedule, and domestic public market bonds have not paid a total of 13.391 billion yuan on schedule.

7. The third -generation CTP technology of Ningde Times -Kirin battery was officially released, with a battery life exceeding 1,000 kilometers and will be exchanged and listed in 2023. Subsequently, the founder, chairman and CEO of the ideal car, Li Xian, who reposted the relevant news on Weibo, and wrote "See you next year". The suspected of the pure tram model launched by the ideal car next year will be equipped with a Kirin battery. On the evening of the same day, the official Weibo of Ningde Times reposted Li Xiang's Weibo for interaction, saying that "Kirin has ideals" and further clarified the cooperation.

8. Weilai officially responded to the test of the car fall: According to the analysis of the scene, it can be preliminarily confirmed that this is an accident (caused by non -vehicle reasons). 9. Kexing Biological Announcement, the application for clinical trial registration of Shen26 Capsule of the new crown small molecule for accepting acceptance. Dynasties of clinical studies show that SHEN26 shows a significant anti-SARSCOV-2 role in the body and outside the body. It has a significant inhibitory activity on the new coronary virus and its mutant strains. It shows antiviral activity on the original strains and known variables.

10. Wanda Film: The shareholders' feedback event will be launched in 2022. During this event, eligible shareholders can get a copy of the movie viewing coupon package (the average market value of 200 yuan to 400 yuan) at a price of 1 yuan, and the purchase of a company of 400 yuan at a exclusive price of 200 yuan. Two activities can be participated at the same time, or one item can be selected.

Institutional point:

Regarding the current market trend, Genda believes that the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index fluctuated in the afternoon yesterday. This position should focus on the trend of financial stocks. Obviously, the strengthening of the afternoon has nothing to do with securities firms and insurance. In addition, the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 Index returns above the 5th line, and goes out of the stop falling stability form. After continuing to observe whether it can choose to break through. The motherboard is a time -to -yellow line leading to the white line, and the market's money -making effect is improved. In terms of operating strategy, the market emotions were significantly boosted in the afternoon this afternoon, and the weights and theme formation of the joint force driving the index volatile. At the same time, the turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen cities exceeded 1 trillion yuan again, and the market toughness remained. In the short term, the index trend is still maintained, and it is recommended to continue to maintain long -term thinking. In the operation direction, it is still recommended to focus on the continuous increase of policies, such as cars, photovoltaic, military industry, etc., but pay attention to rhythm.

Founder Securities said that the short -term market will rise to rise, high -tech growth stocks represented by the GEM, and the state -owned enterprise reform concept stocks in the motherboard will continue to lead the market to continue to move forward. In terms of operation, every discount on finance, energy, military, TMT, chemical, state -owned enterprise reform concepts and "three lows" stocks, the recent reduction of holdings of high stocks and high -level stocks.

Guosheng Securities pointed out that all indexes are currently suppressed by semi -annual threads, and the market has gradually interpreted the market that changes from rebound changes. A shares may have a high or low switch, and the market focus will gradually move up. The market outlook still needs to pay attention to the continuity of the high prosperity track stocks. If the track stocks continue to be adjusted, the market risks need to be cautious. In terms of operation, the broader market has been fully stronger. It is recommended that the midline pays attention to companies with good asset quality, especially new energy, photovoltaic, semiconductor, and military industry.

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