Wuliangye: Shouzheng Gu Ben takes a high -quality development and rush to test

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Wuliangye: Shouzheng Gu Ben takes a high -quality development and rush to test

2022-06-24 12:35:11 5 ℃

The epidemic affects the downward pressure of macroeconomics, and the production of the liquor industry declined year -on -year in 2021. According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, the domestic liquor output of domestic liquor in 2021 was 7.156 million liters, a year -on -year decrease of 0.59%.

However, on the other hand, the overall income of the liquor industry is still steadily growth. Data show that the average revenue of the liquor industry (Shenwan 2nd industry) in 2021 was 27.06%, and the sales gross profit margin of liquor companies in the top five in the industry revenue exceeded that the gross profit margin of the liquor company exceeded exceeding exceeding exceeding the industry. 70%, showing the capabilities of the industry, especially the heads of the industry through the economic cycle.

As a typical representative of the fragrant white wine, Wuliangye performed especially. This can be seen through its beautiful "transcript". The annual report shows that Wuliangye achieved operating income of 66.209 billion yuan in 2021, an increase of 15.51%year -on -year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 23.377 billion yuan, an increase of 17.15%year -on -year. At the same time, in the first quarter of 2022, operating income was 27.548 billion yuan, an increase of 13.25%year -on -year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 10.823 billion yuan, an increase of 16.08%year -on -year.

High -quality and sustainable growth undoubtedly gave the market a strong agent. Data from Flush Shun shows that in the past 180 days, 18 brokerage agencies have given Wuliangye "buy" or "increase holdings" rating. What's more clearly stated that Wuliangye may be one of the strongest liquor companies in the future.

This is not based on this argument. In recent years, Wuliangye has completed the depth of the national market, and in the face of a new stage of the industry structure, Wuliangye has continuously optimized the product structure and adherence to the positive quality. Based on the cultural heritage, the brand's potential energy has continued to strengthen Development foundation.

Just as the party committee secretary and chairman of Wuliangye Group (shares) have said at the 11th Chinese liquor T8 summit from the 11th Chinese liquor T8 summit, in the face of changing new situations, new challenges, and new issues, Dangerous and accurate knowledge changes, adopt righteousness, scientific response, take the initiative, take the initiative to change, strive to do your own affairs, firmly grasp the development of development initiative, and strengthen the road of high -quality development in the new era of high -quality development of Chinese liquor in the new era.

Stable and far away, stable performance increase

In the face of a new stage of structural development, Qin also stated that "must be in peace of mind, grasp the relationship between 'crisis' and 'machine', and turn crisis into opportunities and find opportunities." Among them, there are three signs and trend contradictions that need to be paid attention to: first, while the industry concentration is further enhanced, the changes in the number of alcoholic people will challenge the consumption capacity of liquor. The influx of foreign capital constitutes a certain challenge for the orderly development of liquor; the third is that the reputation of the famous wine has further increased, and the contradiction between the supply and demand of high -quality liquor in the liquor market constitutes a certain challenge.

In recent years, Wuliangye has continued to optimize product structure, deepen reforms, and continuously optimizes the company's governance structure. The level of high -quality development has been significantly improved. Compared with 2016, in 2016, revenue increased by 2.7 times, and net profit attributable to the mother increased 3.5 times. In the first quarter of this year, a new breakthrough was achieved again, and after the net profit was listed, it exceeded the tens of billions of yuan for the first time.

In recent years, the high -quality development of Wuliangye has always benefited from the original intention of "brewing good wine". From this point of view, the high -quality growth of Wuliangye will continue. "During the" Fourteenth Five -Year Plan "period, Wuliangye will continue to maintain the sustainable and steady growth of double digits, and achieve the goal of 100 billion development at the end of the" 14th Five -Year Plan "." Zeng Qin once said at the investor communication meeting.

The growth of high performance corresponds to high returns, which is undoubtedly reflected in Wuliangye. According to the 2021 profit distribution plan, 30.23 yuan (including tax) per 10 shares, with a total cash dividend of 11.734 billion yuan (including tax), while the A -share market has only more than 20 listed companies with a dividend of over 100 billion yuan in 2021.

Of course, the "Hao" of Wuliangye Dividement has long been existed. In 2020, Wuliangye took out a cash dividend of 1,015 billion yuan. In the past seven years, the proportion of dividends in Wuliangye remained at about 50%, with a total of 48.386 billion yuan; in 2021, the total amount of dividends in Wuliangye had exceeded the total dividend of the total dividend of the listed companies in Sichuan Province. 40%.

The steady growth and high -scorching of high -definitability and high -scorching in the capital market have harvested investors in the capital market for a long time. Data from Flush Shun shows that as of March 21, the total number of Wuliangye shareholders was 672,000, an increase of nearly 80,000 households from December 31, 2021. Its latest market value is also nearly 700 billion yuan, ranking first in Sichuan listed companies.

The industry "rushing test", Wuliangye's "thinking and gain"

In the context of consumption upgrade, the price of liquor is no longer the leading consumer factor. When choosing liquor products, consumers pay more attention to the cultural heritage and quality of the product. Faced with new changes in the industry, Wuliangye's steady forward has become the star of the high -quality development of Chinese liquor in Chinese liquor.

1. Keep positive solidity, abide by quality, brand,

Regarding the quality of Wuliangye's quality and brand, he once said: "Wuliangye must keep the quality of quality, and at any time, we must adhere to the original intention of" brewing good wine "; . To keep the product, we are sincere, and strive to create sunny governance, sunshine cooperation, and sunshine team. "

Brand is the combination of quality and quality. For corporate brands, the core value of the brand is the inherent value accumulated by business operations for many years. It is the idea and mission that the enterprise adheres to, and it is also the business image that the enterprise is trying to maintain. Strong foundation, keep positive innovation! As traditional wine culture stories continue to be enriched, Wuliangye's brand value is constantly prominent. Create an excellent cultural IP such as "Forbidden City", China International West Lake Love Rose Wedding Ceremony, and "Delivery", and use the Boao Forum for Asia, World Expo, Expo, APEC Industry and Commerce Leader China Forum and other international high -end platforms to spread China Liquor culture, telling the story of Wuliangye liquor, reflects the charm of national brand, and enhances the international influence of the brand.

Quality is the soul of the product. Behind the continuous improvement of the brand image is Wuliangye's protection of product quality and the protection of the product. In terms of quality, the quality control of the entire process of Wuliangye's "from one seed to a drop of wine" is the only company in the industry to obtain the highest honor in the national quality management field in the industry.

Products are the guarantee of the product. In terms of corporate governance, Wuliangye products are positive, focusing on creating sunshine cooperation and sunshine teams, building a "Sunshine Wuliangye" operating mechanism, and establishing a benchmark for modern governance in the Chinese liquor industry.

2. Look at the big place, start with a small place! Build ecological development

The development of an enterprise must be closely combined with the times. Only "the same frequency" with the times can achieve "resonance".

Highlights, start with a small place! Facing the changes in the times, Zeng Qin proposed: "Overing the relationship between" big "and" small ", so as to achieve long -term and current combination, macro and micro -micro, the integration of overall and local, to cultivate the industry through the economic volatility cycle Ability to achieve a steady growth of high -definitivity under long dimensions, and build a new ecosystem of high -quality development industry. "

In the macro of the "big place", the development of Wuliangye is closely integrated with China's green and sustainable economic model, adheres to the principle of "the standard of brewing of wine, trying to protect the water source and ecology of the production area", and put the concept of green development concept Perception throughout the entire process of enterprise production, environmental protection responsibilities are implemented to all aspects of the enterprise.

In the industry's ecological development, in the face of the current construction of the liquor industry standard system is still irregular and urgent to improve, Wuliangye takes the theme of promoting high -quality development, with reform and innovation as the fundamental driving force, seize new development opportunities, and strive to create "ecology ecology , Quality, Culture, Number, and Sunshine, the world -class enterprises that are continuously stable and high -quality.

In the production of "small places" products, Wuliangye adheres to the inheritance of pure grains and solid -state fermentation technology, practice the concept of green product design supply, vigorously create ecological parks, adhere to providing ecological products, comprehensively realize ecological production, and create "ecological Wuliangye". Establish a benchmark for the ecological development of China's liquor industry.

Looking up in the big place, the small place was buried! Facing the continuous changes in the industry, the pace of the development of Wuliangye has also continued to adjust. On the road of "rushing" in the industry, the "residence, righteousness, and deeds" proposed by Qin have changed both and.