Burma found nearly 200 tons of jade stone has 2 big house

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Burma found nearly 200 tons of jade stone has 2 big house

2016-10-14 22:58:06 2110 ℃

Burma state news October 14th, hpakant jade mining area of a town in the discovery of a 174.6 ton (174600 kg) jade stone.

To view the hpakant jade stone of the District People's assembly members Wu Dingsuo said that piece of jade stone is about 9 feet square (square with the number of words in the length of the table, said to the length of side of the square) that 2 houses, is the largest so far found a jade stone.

It is reported that this is a huge jade stone, dare town Joseph Mu Xiang Lin Yao Qiangyu mine found in PA, is Yedena company to cooperate with the government to guide Dan mining field. This type of jade stone known locally as "long jade stone department".

The picture is on the spot.

Burma jewelry management department deputy director said, temporarily unable to estimate the specific value of jade, but jade stone from the shell of observation, color is quite good, believe that jade texture will be very good.

One of the leaders of the NLD Central Committee Wu Wenteng said, has found a giant jade stone of the news, reported to the minister Aung San Suu Kyi. In addition, in 2000, hpakant jade mining area south of Mo Cun mine, once produced is known as the world's largest, weighing 3000 tons of jade stone.