Funny gif Function: "Don't be ignorant, I have private money?"

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Funny gif Function: "Don't be ignorant, I have private money?"

2021-11-16 06:02:29 32 ℃

Funny gif Function: How do you know how to play games?

What should I do if I don't know how to play games?

Waiting for me to have money, I will walk like this

This pot is love!

What happened this snake

Trouble is not to sleep, this is the responsibility of the police dog!

Red Car Driver: No one saw it? I have a good face, hurry to go

How do you let such a rigorous sister laugh in this

Buddy you The car is good

Funny section

1. Go to the female colleague last night to eat, her mother is extremely enthusiastic, and has always praised his daughter more home. It is said that if you marry her daughter, I'm going to swear, ask me: "It's too late, do you want to stay here?" I listened to the "News Network" coming from the ear. Can't help but can't be caught in meditation. . .

2. Since the small scorpion uses the old man's ID, it has made 1.7 million online loans, and the whole person's temperament has changed. This day, the media in the town introduced a flight attendant to the little uncle. Before the blind date, the media was told Xiaojie: "The little girl can be water, a skin like a sheep fat white jade, blowing the bullets!" After the next day, the little scorpion was lost, and the media was asked: "What happens, no Satisfied? "Xiaojie shook his head:" I just got below, she left me. "Movie is very surprised:" Why? "Xiaoxiao:" In fact, I still blame me, I can't help but blow Let her, fall a layer of powder! "

3. The warm furnace of the mother's mother is broken, I will go to repair, there is a four square nik unless, I said that I want to use it The jaws are quad square clamps. The mother's mother seems to go to the balcony, saying that the old man who is pouring flowers: "Hello, take the quarter pliers out." The old man took the shower and shook the hand, then very serious, "Don't say:" Don't be ignorant Meng, I have private money? "

4. Friends come up with Huazi, I pivot: don't smoke." He lie on the sofa and self-smoking. At this time, there was a high-heeled shoes "噔噔" on the house, he put the smoke in his hand in my mouth. I saw his wife pushed the door, but he heard the full house smoke, could not help but frown: your husband, how do you smoke? My friend pointed at me in the moment, saying: It is Xiao Ming, not me! His wife walked nearly smell his nose, fox said: Can you have a smoke in your mouth? His eye beads are turned, open: Hey, just Xiao Ming must kiss me ... his wife looked at our two big masters, vomiting ...

5Today, I will reveal a big secret to you. In fact, there are many hidden occupations in the world. They have a dragon fruit, there are two talks in the telephone line, there is a bird stick, major occupationsIt's coming out, don't hide...I am stronger, I don't say it, I am going to give durian S....