Funny GIF: small spoof, wait for him to sleep well!

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Funny GIF: small spoof, wait for him to sleep well!

2021-11-22 16:04:35 25 ℃

The dog is moving, this is a dog!

One knife is not enough, you make another knife?

The first time and she read the private cinema, they were sleeping

Where is the evil wind [ 123]

From small to domineering!

I would rather fat, don't lose weight!

1. I am single oriented. I have a colleague introduced a girl, I like it very much, but my sister said that I didn't feel it. After two years, another party introduced this girl. After meeting, the girl said, I like me, but I didn't feel it. The girl has been here: "Are you coming to revenge?"

2. Take a car to work, come on a stop, a little Loli is talking to her father, just sit down, Little Loli is a sentence : "Barnas, why neighbors say that I am long as my father, and not to say like you?" Dad came to: "Wait until your pupi is growing, there will be a long saying like Dad ..."

3. One day I smoke on the road. There is a less fourteen or five children who come over with me: "Uncle, can I pumped me?" I was shocked, more than ten The age of children is so polite!

4. The son is old and bullied. One night, I came over to gave them a gang, and I found that the three-year-old daughter sat down in the dark and looked down at me! "Why don't you sleep?" I asked. My sister said: "Hey! Little Sound, I will wait for him to sleep well!"

5. When I was young, I didn't understand why men like Lin Daiyu, seeing her weakness, sick Disease, cry, cry, what can be like it. Until my girlfriend, I was lying on the bed of the orthopedic hospital. I suddenly understood why men like Lin Daiyu

6. Female colleague B birthday, at night, she invited me and several colleagues She will celebrate the birthday. Cut the cake link, some good candles, everyone sangs the birthday song, then quietly waiting for her wish. At this time, I suddenly wanted to fart, I couldn't help it. I put it on it. I was in the beginning, I was not awkward, but it was very stinking; it turned into a serial burden, very loud, a little stinking; whole process Continued for twenty seconds. This group of people, ten, there are men and women, they have smells, hear the fart. Everyone is surprised to see me, do not have a nose, go outside, go to the window, breathe fresh air. I shouldn't be here, I want to disappear in place ...