Happy jokes: I took my wife to participate in friends' gatherings.

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Happy jokes: I took my wife to participate in friends' gatherings.

2021-11-25 00:13:15 6 ℃

I took my wife to participate in friends' gatherings. During the seat, I gave my wife. When I suddenly had a husband's arm: "I learned people, I also give my wife a pick-up ..." My wife quickly added: "My husband, every time I eat, I will give me a pickle ... ... "So immediately reacted:" I know, he must be afraid of poisoning in the dish, let you try to ink ... "

One day to the bank withdrawal, the salesperson took my ID card to say: Mr. Please take off your hat, I will first take a HU, I will pick the glasses, then I just take it away, I'm looking away. Salesperson laughed.

A duck and a chicken and rice, the duck is very chest, "Well, people say that the mouth is full of four squares, you are good, I will not eat and drink in the future", this chicken is not happy, "哟, you Norry yourself, I will cry for a lifetime, I'm still awkward. "The cat laughed aside" "You have two dead mouths are hard"

One person opened the store, go to Taobao to buy leaflets, and wanted to promote its store by giving passers-by. Go to Taobao to buy 500 sheets to find 130 yuan, 1000 pieces take 180 yuan, and 10,000 pieces take 900 yuan, after comparison between price and quantity, finally found 10,000 average price, the highest price ratio, so buy 10,000. A few days later, I received a leaflet sent by Taobao. After a few tossed, I finally gave the seller, this evaluation quite a Ray: I am 100,000, I have passed, honest seller, praise one! ! !

I am a big new life, the floor is old, I will have someone, I will ask someone, I am used to this kind of voice, I went to the toilet one day, it is in the inside, she is very polite; someone inside? I'm tired of hearing this voice, and said no one, she pushed open the door to enter, see me inside, his face black line, gone, later found we were both stupid

Tanabata Day, and I feel especially depressed, a person go to the park to relax. Suddenly next to a beautiful woman patted me on the shoulder, smiled and said: "handsome, you are not single ah?" Sudden sweet so I know what to do, I blushed, stammered and said: Yes, ah ! "What could I trouble you to help me take a picture with her boyfriend, remember to open beauty oh