Funny GIF pictures: Don't stop me, see I don't kill it.

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Funny GIF pictures: Don't stop me, see I don't kill it.

2021-11-25 00:13:37 12 ℃


Textbook test

Loosing my car, actually

I have diched myself.

How is this, suspended screwdriver

From the martial arts school??This shoulder break is a standard than I!There should be applause here!

An alarmatic goat, and the bumper


Dad, don't you have a little bit?

The aunt of the cafeteria is shaking!Go to the hospital

My computer is honest, what should I do?

Sweater seems to have a bit!

Do you have a young man?

1. On this day, the teacher should write a sense of teenage TV series at home at home at home.Xiao Ming did not watch TV series, the next day, he wrote a two-word composition: "Power out of power!" Said that he lied, it could not stop power, and called him at night and then wrote one.Xiao Ming still didn't look, wrote a five-word composition: "The TV is broken."

2. Patient lying on the operating table, said that the young doctor said: "I am very afraid, this is the knife in the head."

The doctor replied: "I also opened a knife in the head.