Funny GIF: Big Brother has been doing the prodigal son before, or it will not be so cool!

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Funny GIF: Big Brother has been doing the prodigal son before, or it will not be so cool!

2021-11-25 00:13:30 7 ℃

How to do beautiful and beasts

A meal is like a tiger, look at ...

One day, I didn't have a set, too pit!

I am going, I am inertia is too big to die the old lady.

Big Brother has been sure before, or it will not be so cool!

Selected connotation segment

1. A boyfriend, a woodwork, and work while smoking. It is used to holding the nails. When the nail is nail today, take it out of the mouth, just nail it ... then, there is no then ...

3. Crabs that are rampant, non-squid is resolute. Someone ask it? Why? It replied: For the next generation of stomachs can have a little ink.

4. I have a little petty, but I can eat it. Go to a ramenfather to eat noodles, bouting a bowl of bowls in a bowl. The boss recommended that I want a small bowl, based on the awake understanding of my own meals, I insist on the big bowl, the boss saw that I was particularly amazed. The second time I went to eat, the boss came to see me "to a big bowl?" The people who gave a lot of people to see me, I took the pressure whisper to answer "a big bowl, a small bowl, last time Eat ... "

5. The whole school goes to the seaside spring tour, and the campfire party will play the truth! I lost, I was asked to buy a bunch of sugar gourd to give the most beautiful girls next door! Almost have been killed by people with their own gods. Continue to play, lose, Nima, this is no humanity, I will ask me to come back!

6. When I dinner, I asked who borrowed five hundred dollars. When I saved the salary, I still have six hundred, my father's mother brother, only take care of the squatting on the mouth, no one is angry! Little niece: "Borrow you five hundred waiting for you to have money, can you still have seven hundred?" I: Yes! The little niece turned to the sofa to take out her small bag and handed it to me: "Give it, this is five hair, remember that you have money and give me seven hair!" I: ......