"My wife gave me a photo of my girlfriends, I always feel unsatisfactory!" Hahaha ...

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"My wife gave me a photo of my girlfriends, I always feel unsatisfactory!" Hahaha ...

2021-11-26 00:03:24 5 ℃


"Wife said in the evening, I didn't come back, I didn't come back, I let her send me a photo, and she sent this one, how can you always don't look at it? Can you help me see?"

If you come to Xiaobian, there is nothing wrong with it. You have a lot of money, no PS traces, have a brother, do you like to wear a hat?


This is the first time that Xiaobian believes that a game can not pay attention to the results of the game, as long as the process can be, this process is simply enjoying the explosion, brothers, feel that he has arrived in the peak of life .... ..


Brother, have you already found out? It's too investment, waiting for the guru.


From the name, I want the child's life, but I can't use such a complicated name. If the courier doesn't know the two words behind, you can be long, hahaha


Don't really do this? Xiaobian can't help but think of the girl who branch onion in his boyfriend in front of the year, you should use this, this killing power is better than the onion.


Many people dream you have a daughter, you can give her a scorpion, wear a good-looking clothes, but the daughter is too small, it is too slow, I can't wait to give her a lot? In fact, there is hair that can be tied, look at the braids of the three children below, is it very cute? Ha ha ha ha


Young man: I have been taking each time, hurry to give me out!


In front of the small car, when this is, it should be a state of being a state, it is really unpredictable, hahahaha, I have said, cherish life, stay away from big trucks.