Funny time and space we are solving this problem

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Funny time and space we are solving this problem

2021-11-26 06:05:12 7 ℃

A pastor of the Red Cross

Want to call on a pair of wealthy young couple donating.

I heard the movement of the young couple home,

He knocked the door extracted.

"A messy man makes him come in.

"what can I do for you?

He roared, it is obviously why it is angry.

The pastor said politely:

"I want to talk to the owner of the house,"

Men say loudly

"Then you have come,

"My wife is now solving this problem now!"

Read from right to left


A long time ago, a British went to China to explore.

I want to buy some gifts to his child.

He went to a store.

Found a beautiful antique toy. "

He asked the store, "What if this is broken?"

The owner didn't lick a sound, referred to the only Chinese brand.

British people members in China have some Chinese,

Seeing that "the package is not bad" above.

He relieved, paying the money of antique toys,

Then I went back to his hotel.

After returning to the room, he tried to use antique toys.

But it is directly broken by him.

He quickly returned to the store and asked for a refund or exchange.

When the owner refuses to provide a return,

The British pointed to the brand.

The owner said:

'in China. We read from right to left.