[Wiled by the neck 20211128] If life is not the same as you want, you have the courage to come again.

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[Wiled by the neck 20211128] If life is not the same as you want, you have the courage to come again.

2021-11-28 18:05:37 66 ℃

[Decoction 1] is that I am not wrong, the weekend is always all night

[Decoction 2] Obviously, I didn't want to rework or I was dragged to work.

[Wedge section 3] leaders, guess, I just opened it.

[Decoction 4] super high levels of fish

[Decoction 5] Real Touch Fish

[Sex 6] Some tattoo really not

[Sex 7] This is also too hell, is there anyone to buy?

[Decoction 8] Guardian Angel Buy Orange Muck

[Decoction 9] The natural god of compassion decided to simultaneously San in the keyboard

[Sex 10] This exporter, too ...

[Decoction 11] The appearance of the gorgeous buttocks is full of black silk Frei!

[Decoction 12] This taste, really ...

[Decoction 13] opened a cheat, did not win simple computers

[Decoction 14] Scorpio, I have to endure it in my life.

[Decoction 15] I am different, the second figure shows "you Lose"

[Decoction 16] More than Baby, can also serve as a tired air tube

[Sex 17] What are you shrimping?

[Decoction 18] However, fat cells will not die, they are only hungry, wait until you recover, they will be fat back.

[Decoction 19] "If life is different from you, I hope you have the courage to come again."

"It is worth a good life, every day, there is no exception today."

There is hope to have a hind.

- Village spring tree

I hope you can get through these most difficult days.

[Decoction 20] I didn't taste the taste of success, I didn't know the feeling of failure, just a day a day. I also have a dream, but I have accepted the reality that I have not realized the desire. All my self-condemnation is just talking about it. It doesn't bring me what practical pain.

- Julian. Barnes

99.99% of anxiety comes from the virtual time and not doing well.

So the only solution is to act, do things seriously, defeat anxiety, and overcome the empty moments of the heart.

- a can

Life road is so long because of something

A person lost his kindness

To be a person who does not forget the warmth of warmth

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