Humorous joke: The company is very afraid of her new women's leadership colleagues.

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Humorous joke: The company is very afraid of her new women's leadership colleagues.

2021-11-29 00:02:57 71 ℃

1. When you are a few days, when you have a high fever, you will have a few days. When you are discharged, your mother let me say goodbye to the aunt and doctor's uncle, I will be well-behaved at the stairway, and wave you, wave me. Just rolling from the stairs on the second floor ... Then my mother poured me up and continued to be hospitalized!

2. When I was a child, my mother taught me to learn things. I won't learn, my mom will hit me. After growing up, I teach my mother to learn things, my mother will not learn, she still hits me. . . Excuse me, what is this principle? ? Who can explain me?

3. It is a little thing to run a female colleague home that day. She opened up a naughty child after opening the door, and I watched me, and I still sat on the sofa, I would like to be my husband of the female colleague. I saw a few more words, then I said that this child is really like your husband, Tiger's brain. Female colleagues were stunned, and then smiled and said that this is a neighbor next door. After the man, I laughed and smiled. . .

4. Strive to the street, her son called her, she deliberately teasing her son: Hello! who are you! Who are you looking for? My son is on the phone, my milk is milk, my mother, I am your baby, I am looking for the most beautiful and cute mother in the world! The girlfriend smiled, I listened to the little milk, my heart was soft, pick up the mobile phone and gave my son, I was connected, I deliberately ask: Who are you! The son is impatient on the side: Mom, you shouldn't be a fool! Dudu. . .

5. On the train, a uncle sitting opposite my opposite is desperate feet. After half an hour, I feel very disgusting, so I can't help but ask him "Uncle, why do you want to deduct my feet?"

6. The company newly came to a beautiful woman, it looks a bit cold, everyone is afraid of her. I just touched her when I got off work, but also caught up, so I took the umbrella and suddenly came to the Xiaoqiao, I suddenly came to blow away her umbrella, fell to the river, then she just saw it Later, say: "You see, I am umbrella, you can't let me get a rain!" I was a Meng, scared me to throw umbrellas .....