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2021-12-01 12:08:17 110 ℃

1. Teacher: "Xiao Ming, let's explain what is a gift."

Xiao Ming: "There are two people going to swear, there is a lady called the coming, it is not beautiful, so I will be modest, you come, you come back."

2, Abin and Achao drink a chat.

Abin: Super brother, if your girlfriend is squatting, will you forgive her?

A super grabbed wine glasses extended to him: Brother, this is your dedicated cup, now someone spits it, do you have a mouth?

Abin: ......

3, in order to get my son getting up early, I deliberately dial the alarm clock of his bedroom. One day, I accidentally heard that he boasted to his classmates in the phone: "Do you know how big my family? From my sleeping room to the gate, there is a 10-minute time difference."

4, the school organizes the spring tour, each person wants to pay one hundred yuan, the son returns to the home, "Mom, I don't go to the spring tour, it is simply a mess." After the mother listened, I felt that my son grew up, understanding.

The next day, my son just arrived at home, just called: "Mom, give me a hundred dollars, I want to go to spring tour."

Mom said: "Don't you say it? How to change your mind."

The son said: "The teacher changed his mind. It turned out that the students of the spring tour must write a travel notes. Today, the students who go to the spring tour will not write."

5, my husband shouted in the bathroom early in the morning: my son took my air purification equipment to me.

Son: Good

Said that I was ahead of the cigarette. . .